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"You flatter me." I rushed to Zhao Siying. "Then I’ll lend you the money first. I’ll definitely pay you back when I find out later."

"No return"
"No, it doesn’t have to be returned."
Ning Xiaoyue saw that we refused to discuss. "You two are my business. Can you decide your financial problems privately?"
Zhao Siying said angrily, "I’ll pay. It’s settled. Don’t talk to me or don’t check."
I am depressed and can nod with her.
"Since I’m an old acquaintance, I’m welcome. I’ll help you find out the evidence of cheating at a price of 30 thousand."
"Twenty-three thousand is too much."
"Twenty thousand, my labor is not enough to add twenty thousand."
"twenty-five thousand"
Section 174
"clinch a deal and sign a contract"
I took the contract and looked at it. There was no problem. I showed it to Zhao Siying again. She also said that there was no problem, so I signed an appointment.
Sign an appointment Ning Xiaoyue handed me a business card, "Please ask Mr. Sun to take care of our business."
I took the business card, recorded her contact information, and then threw it into the trash can, which made her face coagulate.
"throw away Andrew and take it home. Your wife found out that it affected your investigation."
Ning Xiaoyue Zheng smiled again. "I didn’t think that Mr. Sun was so thoughtful that I was thoughtless and should fight."
"Don’t call, don’t you want to check your mobile phone? Check it quickly."
"Good" Ning Xiaoyue connected the phone and then the brain began to copy all the files in my room.
"What do you mean, what do you want to copy my file?"
"Mr. Sun, please rest assured that according to our many years of experience, people who cheat are usually around us. We just want to do a screening and we will delete the personnel information."
Ning Xiaoyue couldn’t help admiring the photos of my wife while she was busy. "Mr. Sun, your wife is so beautiful that she looks like a big star."
I don’t recognize the teasing in her words. I don’t like it.
"Mr. Sun, it has been confirmed that your mobile phone has not been hit by a Trojan horse and has not been monitored, so you can rest assured."
"By the way, when can I go to your house? I want to see the style of that bug, hoping to find some clues from the surface."
"You wait for my words."
"Well, my words are …"
"Thirteen, right?"
Ning Xiaoyue looked at me in surprise. "Mr. Sun, how do you know my number?"
I pointed to the trash can and Ning Xiaoyue smiled. "You are so smart. It’s much more convenient to deal with you."
I really don’t like detective Zhao Siying pulling me away when he sees me with a face of unhappiness.
Zhao Siying couldn’t help but say to me, "What’s wrong with you today? You can’t hold your breath at all."
"I don’t like her stealing my privacy."
"That’s an occupational disease. You can’t help it. How did you hide the Baihua Club?"
I paused and explained, "Sister Siying, I always feel that Baihua Club is a small private detective who can’t handle it. What if she knows that Baihua Club is afraid to check it out? Or what should I do if I ask for the sky? "
"It seems that she was right when she praised your cleverness. The greater the probability of tracing a clue, but the Baihua Club is not simple. You didn’t say it was correct. You have a small conscience and saved me tens of thousands of dollars."
"I’ll pay you back this 25 thousand later."
"Let’s go. It’s too late for me to take you home. Your wife should suspect you of cheating."
桑拿会所  title=When it came to cheating, I had the attitude of the first wife for a while, thinking that I cheated.
When I came home, my wife took a bath and put on a mask. When she saw me, she immediately rushed to get my bag. "Is my husband full enough to eat more?"
I shook my head and asked, "Wife, you seem very happy."
"I’m wearing a mask. Can you tell?"
I just casually said that I didn’t expect my wife to be really happy. "What is worth your happiness?"
Text Chapter 1 [Two Possibilities]
"I can’t guess" has been upset recently. Where is the leisure to accompany his wife to guess?
"Husband, you are so boring, just guess."
My wife insisted that I guess I used my brain and asked, "Did you get a promotion and a raise? It’s impossible for you to get a promotion and a raise. "
"Husband, I’m really promoted."
"Ah?" I was dumbfounded when my wife was promoted. It didn’t take long for this deputy section chief to sit still. How did she get promoted again?
"I knew you’d look like this." My wife pointed at my nose.
"Why did you suddenly get promoted again?"
"I stabbed out Chen Zheyu’s collusion with Zhao Haibo to steal clothes and help the company. How can I say this?"

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