Night ling looked cold and couldn’t believe it. He looked at this moment in early summer and early autumn and he saw Yang Xiaoning’s shadow.

You are like someone I know, said Ye Ling slowly. Yang Xiaoning, right? Early summer and autumn eyes flashed and asked with a smile. Yes Ye Ling ordered a head. I said it’s not the appearance, but the way of doing things, the habit of speaking and some small habits. You are all very similar. […]

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Chapter 1142 Dream of planting seedlings! Laugh with a kind of pleasure. Road flyover Fabao Road flyover Faxuan looks at each other with a smile on his face. He turns to Li Ling and bends over to start the new Bi Bi Qi Chinese website. Thank you for being a friend. Road flyover Xu Fei, […]

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Mrs. Gao, they are very reluctant to talk to Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan. Fu Qianfan has only lived in Gaojia for three days. Mrs. Gao thinks that time is too short. If only she could stay here all the time, it would be great if someone would accompany her to play Tai Chi and chat with her every morning. What can she usually go out to go shopping?

Jian is that she didn’t even have a chance to take Fu Qianfan out to show off and meet her old friends and her old neighbors, so that they can also see how beautiful her granddaughter is and how filial she is. When Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan left, the old lady Gao and all […]

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What are you thinking?

I’m thinking … Kunka, what will happen if you lose what you love most? That depends on what I lost my favorite thing? I love many things, such as … this one! Have a drink. Cuenca took out two bottles of his beloved rum and handed them to Zhao Yi. Zhao Yi was bright and […]

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Bochum team, though learning from Bayern and Schalke 4, sent two defenders to guard Lu Wenbin personally, but Lu Wenbin scored two goals at half time, and one of them was forbidden for two defenders in the area to guard against forced kicking and shooting.

Lu Wenbin was replaced by Ralph at halftime because it was a friendly match. He didn’t finish the game, and finally Hoffenheim won the friendly match with a score of 3. Lu Wenbin scored twice in 45 minutes. He is still the frightening super shooter. Even if the opponent sends two people, it is impossible […]

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At this moment, Dr. Robert said, "Madam, I think you’d better go home and rest first, and then I’ll give you a specific examination!"

Mrs Yao nodded and turned to look at Tao Zhi Ling. "Tao, thank you for coming to accompany me today. I’m sorry that I didn’t come to have dinner with you when I asked you out today. I’ll invite you again when I have a chance." Tao Zhiling said with a smile, "Aunt Yao, it’s […]

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Leng Shijun frowned. "Didn’t Mom just have lunch?"

"I suddenly want to drink porridge. Go and buy me a bowl," Xu Meizu insisted. Leng Jingyan then came out of the small room and volunteered, "Shijun will accompany Minzhi, so I’ll buy it for you." "Don’t you shout pain? Let Shijun go back to your house to rest." Xu Meizu said strongly. “……” In […]

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There is Qin Zuo.

She doesn’t know how dark she is looking at Xie Right’s back. It’s like every time he turns away. Straight to the side, it is as light as a clean and comfortable voice. "You don’t really mean that." Yi Xi one leng somehow tilted to the next leaf. I don’t know when the person next […]

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There is no place for soft and hard ink Sina some anxiety in the heart with a sigh. Good hand took Wen Ya and held her in his arms. His right hand put Wen Ya’s brain and followed with a sigh. "Wen Ya, what should I do with you? How did you become as smelly as a stone in the toilet … "

Wen Ya was so wronged when I heard that "I’m not …" Will this person speak or not? Wen Ya tears didn’t hold back and fell. Ink Sina froze and stared at Wen Ya crying, and the tone of pain in my heart softened a lot. "I’m not scolding you … Don’t cry." See Wen […]

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"No, I want to say I’m afraid I’ll never get another chance." When the bullet went through her body, her insides twisted together with pain. She watched the blood flow from her chest and knew that she had no chance.

Lin Mo-chen didn’t speak to interrupt her, and there was no sorrow from Lu or Olson’s cold face. "I don’t want to die and I don’t want to save you. If you die, I will suffer and she will suffer. I can’t get you and she can’t get it! This is fair! " Tang poetry […]

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Meng Yichen eyes moved back to her body light opening "no"

This is the truth. He has no feelings for Chuting, and of course he doesn’t hate it. A word of no makes ChuTing heart have a kind of joy. In fact, what she fears most is that he will hate himself. He has made her very happy by not hating her. "Meng less I think […]

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Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban! What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments! Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go! Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, […]

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