Bochum team, though learning from Bayern and Schalke 4, sent two defenders to guard Lu Wenbin personally, but Lu Wenbin scored two goals at half time, and one of them was forbidden for two defenders in the area to guard against forced kicking and shooting.

Lu Wenbin was replaced by Ralph at halftime because it was a friendly match. He didn’t finish the game, and finally Hoffenheim won the friendly match with a score of 3.
Lu Wenbin scored twice in 45 minutes. He is still the frightening super shooter.
Even if the opponent sends two people, it is impossible to stare at Lu Wenbin completely, which can only reduce his chances of shooting at most.
Of course, football can’t completely freeze a super shooter tactic, which can only be done with killing tactics.
No one can predict that the injury is really creeping towards the thriving Hoffenheim.
Chapter 225 Monthly ticket for season reimbursement
Although Bochum is a Bundesliga team, friendly match and official match are two different things.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin got two goals, four wins, four total points of experience reward, and the experience increased by 15 levels, 441,000. Note: The protagonist’s current game is based on thousands of experience rewards, and then 10,000 units are reserved to a decimal point, and his experience value is ignored.
Three days after Bochum’s friendly match, on January 14, 2009, Hoffenheim visited Hamburg’s training ground and Hamburg played a friendly match.
No one knows that this game has brought such a big blow to Hoffenheim and Ibisevic.
Not long after the game started, Lu Wenbin hadn’t scored yet. Ibisevic was injured and fell to the ground in a collision.
Eduardo rushed to prepare to hit the opponent. The fouler was stopped by Hamburg team Olic and pushed. Eduardo and Olic fought and both were sent off by the referee.
The expression was painful. Ibisevic was carried on a stretcher and went to the team doctor for a preliminary diagnosis of right knee injury.
Ibisevic’s injury touched the hearts of all players and made Hoffenheim players in no mood to play.
The match ended in a hurry when Hoffenheim lost to Hamburg 2, and then Ibisevic was taken to a local Spanish hospital for examination.
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However, at this time, everyone has not realized the seriousness of the matter. The media reporter also noted that Eduardo and Olic had a big fight in the game and criticized them for their bad temper and professional ethics, and suggested that the German Football Association give them heavy penalties.
As a result, a series of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was performed in Ibisevic on the shocking news when the media criticized Eduardo and Olic, and it was judged that the cruciate ligament of the knee was probably torn
The news attracted reporters to the hospital as soon as it came, and then got the exact news from Ralph, head coach of Hoffenheim.
Ralph’s face is heavy, indicating that Ibisevic’s injury is not optimistic. The team will send him back to the more advanced Heidelberg Medical University for further examination and diagnosis.
The media and fans who supported Hoffenheim suddenly cast a shadow over their hearts.
桑拿Ibisevic is the absolute main force of Hoffenheim, although he doesn’t score many goals, he is also the second shooter of Lu Wenbin’s foreign team, and his tactics are quite obvious.
Without center Ibisevic nailing the opponent’s defense line in the forbidden area, Lu Wenbin might not be facing one or two people but three or four people from the other side.
In that case, even if Lu Wenbin’s ability goes against the sky again, I’m afraid it will be difficult to make achievements in the professional league.
Even if Lu Wenbin is better than Diego Maradona, it is impossible for him to score five goals in a row in every game, even if his speed and dribbling increase to 22.
At present, he doesn’t have that attribute.
Therefore, even Lu Wenbin was worried about Ibisevic’s injury. When interviewed, he told reporters that he hoped that Ibisevic would be slightly injured and return to the team as soon as possible.
Hildebrand, the goalkeeper who just joined, also expressed his shock and sadness and prayed that Ibisevic’s injury would not be too serious.
However, it backfired
Despite the blessings and prayers of several people in Ibisevic, in the end things went in the direction that all the supporters of Hoffenheim did not want to see.
On January 16th, Rothhaus, the general manager of Hoffenheim Club, announced that Ibisevic, who was injured in the warm-up match on January 14th, has been diagnosed with cruciate ligament tear and will rest for half a year.
This means that Ibisevic completely reimbursed Hoffenheim for half a season and lost an important main center on the Bundesliga Champion Road.
Rotherhouse has ordered the boss Hope to start searching for the starting center position that can beat Hoffenheim all over the world.
However, there won’t be any very good players coming out during the winter transfer period, and it’s already mid-month, and it’s already half a month before the winter transfer window closes, so it’s time to talk about improvement.
It is very difficult for Hoffenheim to find a replacement for Ibisevic in such a short time and negotiate a successful transfer.
The warm-up match brought a blow not only to Eduardo and Olic, but also to the German Football Association after the game.
Eduardo was banned for two games in the Bundesliga and Olic was banned for all competitions, including the warm-up match. The punishment was almost the same.
This means that in the second half of the winter break, in the first two Bundesliga games, Hoffenheim’s main player, Eduardo, will play in the stands and watch his teammates play.
On January 17th, Hoffenheim’s friendly match in Zurich, Switzerland, Eduardo vented his depression. Two shots helped Hoffenheim beat Zurich 31 in this game.
Eduardo scored two assists by Lu Wenbin.
The Swiss team’s warm-up match is naturally lower than the Bundesliga team’s warm-up match.
After the game, Lu Wenbin scored 2 goals, 1 won, 1 had 2 points of experience in total, and the reward level increased by 15 levels, 4.42 million and 10,000.
After the warm-up match, Hoffenheim returned to Germany after the Spanish winter training, and then the team went to Heidelberg Hospital to visit Ibisevic.
Ibisevic is in low spirits.
Before joining Hoffenheim, his career was lackluster.

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