… Night Shinohara and this just white pigeons get all quivering with anger, turn around and go home without buying anything.

Cha … Why don’t they share the same channel …
And this has happened more than once. On another occasion, they went to the shopping mall on weekends. After two turns in Shinohara’s shopping mall, Jin Dongsheng’s clothes changed, not to mention that after dressing up at night, this yuppie style completely suppressed his arrogance. I didn’t know that people really thought he was a small whitecollar worker, but after such a big turn, my legs were tired and I bought something. However, Jin Dongsheng took care of his beautiful night. Shinohara went to a jewelry counter and just launched a new Tiffany bracelet. Because it was pure silver, it would not feel gaudy at night. Shinohara liked it.
However, Jin Dongsheng said, Don’t buy a bunch at home and I haven’t seen you wear it.
Shinohara’s nose almost didn’t tilt this guy on an angry night!
Seeing that it’s getting cold, many students who live on campus don’t even want to go home on weekends, and they don’t know who they came from. Many women spend their spare time knitting sweaters or scarves in the dormitory, saying that Liu Miao is too busy to watch the annual Christmas coming here. On the night of getting ready for bed, Shinohara heard the words of Liu Miao in the opposite bed.
What are you going to do for Christmas? With Brother Jin?
We’ll see. We haven’t thought about it yet. Liu Miao, wrapped in watching hands and dancing with needles, said with no interest.
Obviously, Liu Miao is not going to end this topic so soon. He picked up the sweater that he knitted for most of his body and looked at Xiao Xi, who was wrapped tightly across the street. You don’t even have a gift, do you?
a gift? Night Xiao Yuxi thought about it as if to prepare or it would be a bit ridiculous, right?
However, Christmas is Thursday, and she has to attend class until the end of the term. Later, Xiao Yuxi took two days off under the title of being a good student.
Sudden largescale cooling in Kyoto made Xiao Yuxi afraid of the cold night. She wore a sweater and covered with a duvet, but it was not warm after lying for a long time. She took a water bag from the side and put it in her arms. It was hot and her legs moved a little. I don’t know what she was doing.
Liu Miao sat on the bed and knitted under the covers to see her smile like this. This quipped, What are you doing at night? Touch yourself?
At night, Shinohara is moving the water bag. Hearing this, it is easy to say, Touch yourself how boring it is to touch, let it be … When it comes to this, it will be yellow.
Liu Miao adamantly said, Come on, tell me who you want to touch?
Since the second incident, Shinohara has stopped hiding her association with Jin Dongsheng from Liu Miao. Because of Liu Miao, Shinohara sometimes talks about her troubles. Although she doesn’t expect her to solve them for herself, she still feels less uncomfortable in the end, and that kind of feeling of being open to the sun also makes each other sweeter. But when she is ripe, talking in private is also taboo. Shinohara looks at it with malicious intentions. Liu Miao simply admits it generously.
Who do you want to touch? Of course it’s my man!
Liu Miao laughed night shinohara and little shame you just how old? Are you an adult? If Jin Dongsheng dares, it is a crime!
Night shinohara’s mouth is not bad or bad replied, gnome male… you don’t want to? Then who are you knitting for recently?
When Shinohara enjoyed Liu Miao’s big blush at night, his mobile phone rang and it turned out to be Jin Dongsheng’s number.
I will come to your building!
Dong Dongsheng? At night, Shinohara was pleasantly surprised that the company was very busy in recent years, and he didn’t see each other in the week. Although Xu Rui came twice, he also sent a lot of things. After careful calculation, the two of them haven’t seen each other for more than ten days. Suddenly, he said that his heart would beat as soon as he hung up, and he would rush to the building.
Hey, change shoes! Liu Miao big wake way
At night, Shinohara looked down and didn’t wear down trousers and cotton pajamas. I couldn’t see it myself. I found a sweater, down and boots in the cupboard. I grabbed a red scarf that Liu Miao had just knitted. I turned around in front of the mirror. It was beautiful. I dressed up beautifully and then picked up my bag and went to the sweet house
At the entrance of Lou Jindong’s girls’ dormitory, there was a big poplar tree with one hand in his pocket and one hand in his mobile phone. When Shinohara ran to him at night, he turned like an induction and hit him with a street lamp halo. He wore a sheepskin collar jacket she bought and built a ginger cashmere sweater with black casual trousers. Although he could not be handsome, he was in a mess.
Why are you here? At night, Shinohara’s voice trembled slightly. At the moment, the mood was a little complicated and familiar, but I just felt a little flustered. I couldn’t say it. It felt strange. I wanted to get close and escape. I was a little nervous to hold hands together.
Jin Dongsheng suddenly smiled when he saw her dodge her eyes and slightly red cheeks. He put the mobile phone in his pocket and grabbed her hand with his big hand. Before he saw it, he was careless with his personality. But after getting along for a long time, the more he could find that night Shinohara and some small moving faces were cute. This girl must be shy when she didn’t watch it. She put her hand out and gently kneaded it, but she ignored her question and asked a rhetorical question.
Caught a cold?
No, I’m fine. My sudden sense of distance disappeared with this man’s thick hand, and I lost all my nervousness and shyness
Night Shinohara looked around, although many people who study at night won’t come back at this time, but this girl’s dormitory gate is so different, especially because she is still a high school student.
Come on, let’s go out and talk.
Jin Dongsheng noncommittally also worried that although he loosened his hand, he walked side by side closely.
Well, how do you say you called in sick?
Night Shinohara naturally didn’t have the nerve to say that he was watching Liu Miao not go to class to knit, so he followed the lazy brain and pulled a kind and sweet lie. It’s Christmas, and I want to spend Christmas Eve with you. Who knows you’re only here now? Then he glanced at him lightly chastising.
Obviously, whether it’s a lie or an expression is pleasant. When Jin Dongsheng saw that his eyes were dark, he naturally didn’t dare to make too many immoral behaviors on campus. He pinched Xiao Yuxi’s palm heavily at night. After telling me in advance, when Xu Rui told me, it scared me.
Night Shinohara nodded suddenly don’t know what happened. She looked at Jin Dongsheng and grabbed his arm. Dongsheng, I miss you, but I’m worried about looking for you to distract you. What about you? Did you miss me?
桑拿网Jin Dongsheng didn’t answer. He took her hand and stepped up.
At night, Shinohara held back her smile and looked at someone who was embarrassed and forced to ask, You don’t miss me. You must miss me.
Out of the school gate at night, Shinohara was stuffed into the copilot position by Jin Dongsheng, and then started the car and drove in his own direction, but before he got halfway, Jin Dongsheng stepped on the brake with one foot on the accelerator and parked the car at a place where no one dropped the lights by the roadside.
For a moment, I was pressed by a pair of hands hugging the seat from behind and facing his warm lips, with a hint of depression for a long time.
Shinohara smiles at night. It’s really pretentious. It’s really forbearing …
It was a long time before I let go of her lips, but her lips lingered in a mute voice and said, All I can think about is that if you hadn’t restrained me just now, I really wanted to kiss you and hug you and kiss you like this!
Biting the night, Shinohara’s lips gently and shallowly sucked I dare not say that word and I am afraid I can’t help it, just like this
Night shinohara and cooperate with him to kiss JinDongSheng when did you become man show? You didn’t seem like this before?
Jin Dongsheng put his hands around her waist and sat down with his legs approaching from her legs. Girl, what did I look like before? Is it good now or before? Huh?
Night Xiao Xixi put his hands around his neck, and his whole waist clung to his body. Hehe smiled and said, It’s all good if you and I like it. Then he lowered his voice and smiled seductively. What kind of coquettish is it!
Jin Dongsheng pinched her waist, listened to her cry and said with a low smile, Then be coquettish!
Then kissing her lips is another round of passionate * extremely touching kiss …
At this time, the two people in the car were bored to death, and Liu Miao, who was just a darling dormitory, also took a message and ran out with the deputy armed forces.
I was a little shy when I saw Xiao Liu Miao, but I liked it in my heart and overcame everything. I looked at him with affectionate eyes and said, Happy Christmas Eve!

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