That store really needs a few steps and Kangda is just separated by a wall and an aisle, but there is no simple fast food.

I think that the number of tickets in my pocket seems to be enough to pay for three people. Since it is a treat, it is only kind to let everyone enjoy themselves. Well, I’m too lazy to leave. Today we will go for a little fun!
You haven’t officially got your salary yet, so it’s cheaper to change your home! Shen Xing didn’t follow them in situ. He didn’t want to be under pressure.
Shen Dagui won’t help me save the tickets, so I will be generous. There will never be a second time before I pay my salary! Miao took Shen Xing’s arm and walked over to the western restaurant. I am very sincere, so you can rest assured that you will eat in the sea!
Shen Xingnai followed Miao into the western restaurant and Mo Ran was already waiting in the store.
I don’t know if this is the case, but the weather has made everyone lazy. Looking around, most people in the store are familiar, and some of them just really know each other.
Not far from the hall, ink and wash, Shen Li and Zhuo Muran sat together and were interested in talking about what ink and wash faces and smiles always attracted all the attention of Shen Li and Zhuo Muran.
I can’t deny that there must be position and status considerations, but I still feel a little down in my heart.
These two men and one woman are much more complicated than our two women and one man! Mo Ran noticed the following eyes and began his habitual divination.
Don’t talk nonsense! Although I don’t know Shen Xing and Shen Li, I am sure that I don’t want things to happen from my mouth, and Mo Ran will stop it when it happens.
After paying three people, Mo Ran went into the selfhelp area and began to choose their favorite food.
I don’t know whether I am concerned about Shen Li or worried that his colleagues misunderstood Shen Xing and Mo Ran, and their distance gradually widened.
See Shen Xing didn’t follow Mo Ran hexagrams cells began to swell up close to the following, and bit his ear. Do you know that Shen Li and Shui Lan were classmates in middle school, and they had a crush on the ink boss long ago? Our director Zhuo has been drooling over the handsome general manager of ink for a long time, and they have always been rivals in love with Shen Li!
Is it so complicated? Ink painting has no interest for both men and women!
I don’t know whether I questioned the little expression to stimulate Mo Ran’s next words, but also vowed, Don’t believe it! Do you know that when Mr. Shui works overtime, he must be accompanied by Zhuo Muran if he is not accompanied by Shen Li? He will never walk out of the ladder alone!
I was choked by my own saliva when I thought of meeting in the ladder last night.
The picture of the little woman beating her chest and coughing violently took hold of the ink line of sight. Shen Li and Zhuo Muran also swept to the following as the ink line of sight.
Are you all right? Mo Ran felt the line of sight, paid attention to the embarrassment, bowed their heads and helped to caress the back.
Have some juice! At this time, in the distance, Shen Xing strode up with juice, and his eyes were full of cuts.
well! Thank you! Miao took the juice and gulped it down, hoping to swallow all the embarrassment, confusion and fantasies into her stomach.
You’re such a poor kid that you can make such a big noise in this matter. You almost killed you! Mo Ran was a little annoyed and cast a glance at Miao, so he chose some food.
Better? Shen Xing took the cup from the following hand with a face of heart.
Nothing, thank you! Miao smiled sweetly at Shen Xing and began to get food. After all, we should hold on tight at noon.
This intentional interaction has different ideas in different people’s eyes, and the ink face smile has completely faded away, and there is a kind of inexplicable upset in my heart.
Zhuo Muran’s mouth radian is beautiful, and he has a strong taste interest. The deep eyes are even more obvious to ordinary people.
Sitting on the opposite side of Zhuo Muran’s ink painting, Shen Li didn’t smile and looked at the following eyes. Many of them are really vicious. I don’t know if she is ink painting or because Shen Xing is so vicious. No one will notice it naturally and no one will explore it.
I didn’t even feel comfortable eating an expensive lunch, and my heart was always blocked.
ZhuoMuRan you arrange work for assistant is a bit much? It is not appropriate for people to work overtime until late at night on the first day of work! Seeing Shen Xing’s care for ink painting, I couldn’t help but think of the scene where the two men entered the ladder together last night, and I felt uncomfortable.
ZhuoMuran charm with a smile or always hold ink always do you want her to become a success or want her to become firewood? You should know better than me!
It seems that Director Zhuo should focus on cultivating this assistant? Shen Li leered at the two men with different expressions, and asked HuaLiYouHua lightly.
manager Shen really cares about our department a! Zhuomuran not light not light replied, there is no article.
Ink secretly sighed. Zhuo Muran must be able to withstand torture if she wants to cultivate people, so it is necessary for her to read whether it is a blessing or a curse. It is necessary to step on a brilliant road and talk about easy training and suffering.
Gentle eyes unconsciously drifted to the distance, and the tall and beautiful shadow body ink believed that the aura in the bones would bloom perfectly, and it would also belong to him.
☆, Chapter 22 The rainstorm is coming ()
The afternoon meeting was held as usual. For the first time, I recognized my colleagues in Department A and told Shen Xing that Qin Hao, Sun Yi and Sean had made key observations and memories, which was really famous!
This regular meeting is not as intense as Mo Ran’s rendering, and everyone’s performance is still relatively restrained, and the new ones have been implemented. It will be accepted on Black Friday, and it is not easy for anyone to work.
Half an afternoon meeting, half an afternoon meeting minutes sorting, and the second working day will end like this.
Di Rinrin
The early warning of the desk line rang and looked up at Zhuo Muran in the opposite office. He looked at him with the receiver in his hand and knew that it was impossible to work on time today.
Hello, Assistant Director of Department A! Do you know if it was the director of Zhuo Da who called Miao or sent out polite words according to the regular route?
You go to the production department and talk to a dozen teachers later. My suits will be sent to the propaganda department early. Zhuomuran’s characteristic voice floated up from the microphone.
Yes! Miao took a pen and made a simple record while seriously replying.
As early as you left the propaganda department to contact an endorsement model, let me know if there is any problem!
I know!
ZhuoMuRan very natural and unrestrained hangs up the words following took a deep breath and angrily put the receiver in his hand.
Should I say goodbye? Do you want to drag like this!
The sudden beep in the receiver really makes people feel very uncomfortable. It’s a shame to feel despised after not being equal!
I can’t help it. Who makes her a newcomer? Who let her be his assistant? Who made her not strong enough? Struggle, grit your teeth, and persist in studying hard to get equal treatment in the workplacecome on!
I refueled myself and strode to the manufacturing department. It’s a new challenge and there will be new growth. Isn’t that what youth is for?
I’m Miao, assistant director of design department A. Who is his teacher? Miao walked into the workshop and introduced herself with a smiling face.
here! A man with uncle Hu waved to Miao Zhao.
Oh! Miao smiled and nodded at him and walked quickly over. Hello, Director Zhuo, I hope he can get those sets to the propaganda department a few days ago. What can I do for you?
Uncle lazy glanced at following sneered, what will you do? It’s just a dry eye!
I glanced at my uncle’s chest job listing and saw that the name was Zhao Pufan. I still smiled sweetly. I can help you prepare dinner. I can help you. Although I have no practical experience, I have practiced some basic techniques. I will be an apprentice for you as soon as you are involved today!
Hey, the mouth is quite sweet. It’s much more talkative than your director! Zhao Pufan had a friendly smile on his face. Ok, I will definitely help you finish this today and never let your director find you trouble!
桑拿会所well! Thank you, Zhao Ge! Zhao Pufan sat down next to him and began to learn the process of playing practical exercises.
Little by little, the night finally falls, and I don’t know how long it has been working overtime.
When Miao came back with a box lunch, it was a sign of thunder and lightning. Speaking of summer rainstorm, it came, mixed with thick hot and dry heat. air billow attacked the earth crazily. I’m glad Miao has stepped into Kangda Hall to avoid getting wet.
Are you going to work overtime again tonight? Looking at the rainstorm, I was in a daze. Suddenly I heard the ink sound and my heart trembled from behind.
hmm! Miao turned to the ink and smiled softly, and became a lot shy. I’m going to take a photo with the teacher and a director today.
When the ink looked at it, I have a business party today and I can’t see you off. You should pay attention to yourself!
As soon as my heart lit up, I looked at the ink painting leaving my back and blushed shyly. What about two men and one woman? What is the difference between her ink painting and them?
Holding a box lunch, I went back to the working room happily. Now I feel that working overtime is a very happy thing, and I can encounter ink and wash that belongs to her memory every day.
Little comrade, what are you happy about? Say it to make Zhao Ge happy, too? Zhao Pufan’s voice brought the daze back to reality

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