Luo Saidi nodded.

The storm caused by Rome’s goal has passed.
Rome may think that since they can all score firstthough it’s a primary goalthen they can definitely take the initiative to win the game, but they are not pestering.
But they will soon be disappointed. They will want to know that we protested with Luo Saidi just now!
Lazio scored seven minutes after Rome’s goal!
First, Leigh vilani was violated again, and then Luo Saidi gave Lazio a catch 30 meters from the goal.
While the Roman players were waiting for the queue to find Luo Saidi’s theory, Melo suddenly served the ball quickly. He put the football on the ground and jerked it forward before lifting it!
And the Roma players are still with Luo Saidi at this time.
When they found out that Luo Saidi suddenly ran out, they realized that Yi Shida was in a wrong situation!
Have turned back or retreated.
But it is too late!
The football fell to Lee vilani.
Although it was a quick penalty on the spur of the moment, Lazio players didn’t show panic, which is different from many teams. Those teams often show more tension and urgency than the defensive side when they serve the ball quickly.
As a result, it fell short and completely squandered such an excellent opportunity.
On the contrary, Lazio is very calm and composed.
Leigh vilani didn’t rush to shoot after receiving the ball. Although he made a fake shot, it was after all a fake shot that tricked the Roman defender. He pushed the football aside and chose a breakthrough!
At this time, the Roman players saw that Leigh vilani actually took the ball to the penalty area to kill it, which was even more panic and panic.
Leigh vilani calmly divided the football to the side.
品茶论坛David silva ran to meet the football and directly kicked it!
The football drew an arc around the goalkeeper Doni’s fingers and then hit the far post and flew into the goal!
People in the Olympic stadium in Rome were stunned for a while before all kinds of stereos started.
Lazio fans were the least responsive, and they gave a great cheer.
But soon they were drowned by the storm of Roman fans hissing.
This is unreasonable! It’s against the rules !” Roman fans stand and shout at the players celebrating Lazio.
The celebration was not interrupted because Luo Saidi turned around and pointed to the middle circlethe goal was valid!
It’s a goal. It works!
No problem!
So Luo Saidi was once again surrounded by angry Roma players.
You haven’t blown the whistle yet. This ball can’t be counted!
It’s not fair. We’re not ready yet! They can’t do this! This is against the rules!
Luo Saidi shrugged. Gentlemen, you don’t need to listen to the whistle to catch the ball. They didn’t signal to them that I had to whistle to kick when they were preparing for the penalty. I think you all saw it …
The players in Rome were very excited. If it was a goal, it would be fine. As soon as they thought of it, their own goals were blown out by Luo Saidi. Unexpectedly, Lazio scored a goal in Luo Saidi, but they were indifferent!
They think the referee must have taken money from Lazio!
So they must pick on Luo Saidi.
Luo Saidi’s warning is effective and the cards are being dealt.
Tommasi got a yellow card and panucci got a yellow card.
This only temporarily suppressed the anger of the Roman players.
However, the Roman players were afraid to take it out on the referee, so they vented their anger on their opponent Lazio.
They firmly believe that Lazio stole the lead in a disgraceful way.
Since Heaven doesn’t punish them, we will do justice for heaven!
The bleachers went on. Lazio players have finished celebrating and returned to their own half.
Changsheng gave them a thumbsup and praised their performance.
This Italian ball tactic was practiced, but Chang Sheng didn’t tell himself when the players wanted it.
I didn’t expect Melo to play it by ear. When all the players in Rome were bothering the referee, an Italian ball came quickly and directly hit Rome by surprise.
This is not his explanation before the game, but the players make a choice according to the actual situation
It’s no big deal to score a goal ahead of Rome, but it’s a pleasure for Changsheng that the players can perform like this.
This progress means that his team has become stronger and their understanding of their tactics has deepened.
With such a team, even if he is booed and scolded by tens of thousands of people, so what?
This is our own team. With this team, everything is possible.
Create the future, realize your dream, and make yourself the top head coach in the world …
These things have a foundation for realization.
Chapter 41 Accelerate
After the start of the game, the fight between the two sides became more intense, and it happened from time to time.
Physical contact is a common occurrence on the court.
But if you look carefully, you will find that the young Lazio disease is not in the wind in physical confrontation.
Some of them are equally fiftyfifty, and both sides try their best to win in the end, often Lazio.

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