At this moment, Dr. Robert said, "Madam, I think you’d better go home and rest first, and then I’ll give you a specific examination!"

Mrs Yao nodded and turned to look at Tao Zhi Ling. "Tao, thank you for coming to accompany me today. I’m sorry that I didn’t come to have dinner with you when I asked you out today. I’ll invite you again when I have a chance."
Tao Zhiling said with a smile, "Aunt Yao, it’s very kind of you. If you still want someone to chat later, please call me at any time. I’m willing to be your audience!"
What an understanding girl! If only she were her own daughter!
Mrs Yao nodded, and finally a group of terrans left the restaurant!
☆ Chapter 1 Future Home Visit
After leaving Jia Shuilian, Tao Zhiling’s mood is still heavy. She doesn’t know what this Jia Siying and Mrs. Yao are, and she doesn’t know where this Gu Ruoqian is now. What makes her wonder most is why Mrs. Yao wants to talk so much to herself? It seems that she and she have a few encounters!
I wandered along the road for a long time without thinking of anything. When she looked up, she found herself back in the courtyard.
Mom still hasn’t come back? I remember seeing Lao Qi here once before, when he was looking for his mother, and Mrs. Yao said so much to herself today. Is that a hint?
The more I think about it, the heavier I feel. The more I think about it, the more I feel that there are many unknown secrets in it. At this time, a cold voice suddenly came behind me, "Miss Tao!"
She looked back and felt that the beautiful weather had suddenly become cloudy.
It’s a Guo Hao!
Wonder how he got here? That suit and leather look out of place in this shabby quadrangle.
"Find me something? Master Xiang? " Tao Zhi Ling turned her face slightly.
A Guo Hao no eyes glanced at the courtyard messy chapter environment after the face is full of disdain!
This kind of eyes is just like when they first met in the old house, so he looked at himself.
"I know that Miss Tao is a generous person, and she never likes to beat around the bush, so I might as well say it directly."
Usually this situation will never be a good thing to say! Tao zhi ling heart hung in the middle.
"Since you admit that you are Shao Feng’s girlfriend, you can say that you love him too! That’s right! "
Tao Zhi Ling didn’t take it as the default.
Then Guo Hao (turn "but I can’t see what you love him".
"I" Tao Zhi ghatpot dumb words never expected a Guo Hao to come to find his mouth is such a topic.
"Have you ever paid for him? Have you ever thought about him? What do you do when you see that his company is so busy? “
Yes, when they come together, they really haven’t paid anything, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been heartless.
Even if he wants to help himself, he doesn’t know where to help!
Seeing that she didn’t say a word for a long time, Guo Hao casually threw out a newspaper saying, "Do you know how much influence you have had on the company when you made headlines with Cai Tianqi for three days? Cai You’re engaged from the beginning, because your appearance not only broke up the marriage between Cai Tianqi and You Qiulian, but also affected the Tianhuang group here because you are Xiang Shaofeng’s girlfriend. Now the whole company’s stock is still falling sharply. Shao Feng has to clean up your basket day and night. Is this what you call love?"
What? Because of your own business, Tianhuang has come to this point? But what did Xiang Shaofeng never tell himself about it?
The heartbeat seems to be missing a beat. Tao Zhi Ling suddenly felt very bad.
Trembling to pick up the newspaper he handed me, a few big characters flashed into her eyes.
Extra! Extra! Yesterday, the blue jays group of multinational industry was engaged to the daughter of You’s group. Unexpectedly, the hero disappeared. What is even more unexpected is that the only heir of this blue jays group turned out to be the big star Cai Tianqi.
According to yesterday’s follow-up reporter, Cai Tianqi didn’t show up for the wedding banquet because she accompanied a girl named Tao Zhiling to the amusement park. They loved each other all the way. Cai Tianqi also carried the girl from the park to her love nest. Afterwards, it was proved that this girl named Tao Zhiling was the public girlfriend of the president of Tianhuang Group.
After the title, there are several close-ups attached to the photo. The picture of Cai Tianqi carrying Tao Zhi Ling around the park is the clearest!
Holding a newspaper, Tao Zhi Ling felt cold sweat coming up behind her. She never expected that things would progress to this point, and she never thought that Cai Tianqi’s true identity would be the sole heir of the Blue Jays.
The world seems to have changed instantly!
"Miss Tao really loves a person from the heart. You can ask yourself a question: Do you think about him in your mind every time you are separated from Shao Feng for so long? Do you want him more often or do you want other men more often? "
Other men? A Guo Hao mouth don’t men don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t know who it is.
For Xiang Shaofeng, I don’t miss him so much, but his figure occasionally jumps into my mind.
Taking a deep breath, she reorganized her mood and said, "So the purpose of your coming to see me this time is to let me leave him?"
"That’s right!" Guo Hao did not hesitate to say, "Do you still have the nerve to stay if you push Cai Xiangyou’s three families to the news?"
Cai Xiangyou’s three families are at the forefront now, yes, but you can’t blame yourself! Didn’t Cai Tianqi honestly marry Miss Youjia’s wife if she didn’t show up? Will Xiang Shaofeng not be noticed by the media?
Sipping her lips, she said, "Even if I agree, do you think Shao Feng will agree?"
Guo Hao slowly turned his body and his eyes bloomed with strange cold light. "If Miss Tao agrees, I will surely have a way to say that Miss Tao is afraid that I will force you to leave without giving you a penny?" Don’t worry, I never mistreat people when I do things in Guo Hao. If you promise to leave, I will definitely give you a considerable sum so that you won’t have any worries for half a generation. Just consider it as your contribution to getting close to Shaofeng! "
Credit? Tao Zhi Ling frowned involuntarily. If you never hesitate to pick up the fried ticket before, you will run away, regardless of your dignity. Those things have already fallen to the ground. Let’s wait until we get the money.
But now the thought that if you do this, you may not see Xiang Shaofeng, and her heart can’t help but ache.
What’s even worse is when did you deliberately approach Xiang Shaofeng? Even if he wants to throw dirty water on himself, he can’t impose the charges like this!
Taking a deep breath, she said angrily, "I appreciate your kindness, sir, but I’m sorry I didn’t mean to leave Shaofeng."
☆ Chapter 19 Betting
"You" suddenly turned red in Xiang Guo’s face and stared at her for a moment as if she were going to be eaten alive. "You refused to leave because you wanted to take the position of the president’s wife so that you could get more money, but you can’t step in after I told you that Xiang Jia wanted me!"
"Come on, less there is your spooky haunted house who wants to live? I’ve only lived for a day and I’ve made an animal corpse. If I live again, I don’t know if it will be a human corpse. "
"You" item Guo Hao’s face turned purple and her mouth muscles trembled slightly. "Miss Tao, don’t talk too much. A vain woman like you, I can guarantee that you will definitely step into our home in ten days!"
"Then we want to make a bet? If I don’t set foot in Xiang’s house these ten days, then give me one million! "
"What if you step in?"
"Then I’ll give you one million!" Tao Zhi didn’t want to take the baggage and take the journey. His eyes have already started to see red suns rushing into his pocket. This bet will win him!
A Guo Hao laughed coldly "good words but you say! I didn’t force you to keep your word. One more thing, I think I need to wake you up. A month or three ago, we agreed that you would make yourself noble and generous for three months. Otherwise, don’t blame me for beating mandarin ducks. But are you noble now? Are you generous in your words and deeds? In the past three months, you have not changed at all, but have intensified your efforts to pester Shao Feng, which has brought all kinds of negative news. Now do you think you promise us to believe it? "
"I" Tao Zhi Ling’s eyes were so angry that she couldn’t say a word for a long time. It can be denied that what he said was not unreasonable. In the beginning, she shouldn’t have accepted his challenge. Now it is painful to be caught.
Taking a deep breath, she finally said, "Yes, I did say that I didn’t mind you beating Yuanyang, because I believe that my feelings with Shao Feng will not be separated because of you?"
"Are you? Do you really think so? " Xiang Guo Hao laughed coldly like a big idiot. "Do you really believe that Shao Feng loves you so much?"
品茶"What do you mean by that?"
A Guo Hao turned and took a few steps forward "salt maple is my son, I know his personality like to argue with people at an early age! And everything has to be won, but once something is won or no one fights with him, it is not attractive to him, just like toys when he was a child, and everything will be thrown aside after he fights for it! Is it really that important in your heart? Without Cai Tianqi, he might not even look at you. "
When I heard that, Tao Zhi Ling fell down involuntarily in her heart.
Is it? Is this really the case? I don’t believe Shao Feng is such a person, but his kindness to himself for no reason really makes people doubt it.
See her there motionless? Guo Hao knew that she had touched the pain point in her heart, so she smiled and laughed. "Miss Shi Tao wants to know if it’s really important in her eyes. There are many things to do. Since ancient times, heroes are sad and beauty depends on whether you are willing to test."
Speaking of this Guo Hao, he stopped talking and turned away from this depressed quadrangle, while Tao Zhi Ling still stood there stupidly and didn’t know what to do.

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