Her lip corner evoked a touch of coldness. Gu Qingshuang robbed her of all her happiness!

Gu Qingshuang and Bo Xiao are going to get married, so naturally we can’t forget to inform Yin Anran and Meng Yichen.
Yin Anran is also very happy with Gu Qingshuang. Qingshuang has finally made a positive result with Bo Xiao!
Later, Gu Qingshuang looked at the wedding dress with a flat plate in her arms.
"Which one do you like?"
"Every one looks good."
Bo Xiaoxiao "That’s all!"
! !
Gu Qingshuang raised her head. "So many are expensive, I’d better pick one or two."
Gu Qingshuang carefully selected the time when her neck suddenly cooled and she bowed her head and saw a necklace hanging on her neck.
"Night this is …"
"Do you like it?"
Gu Qingshuang stroked the necklace pendant and nodded "Yes, I like it very much"
With everything getting better, Gu Qingshuang was so happy. She stroked her belly and smiled warmly. She looked at her hands and checked that everything was all right for the single baby!
Not long after she left the hospital, she met Wen Chuling. "Does Miss Gu sometimes talk?"
Gu Qingshuang took one look at the fashion and agreed to follow Wenchuling out of the car.
Who knows that she was knocked unconscious as soon as she got on the bus!
When she woke up again, it was already a strange place.
"Miss Wen? !” Her hands are tied!
WenChuLing pulled her up "Gu Qingshuang do you know how much I hate you? If you don’t show up to get married with Xiao, it will be me and him! "
Gu Qingshuang raised her eyebrows. She knew that WenChuLing liked Bo Xiao, and the two of them had an engagement before Bo Xiao. She once felt sorry for breaking off her engagement with WenChuLing.
But … Night doesn’t love her.
"Miss Wen, I’m sorry, but emotional things can’t be forced."
WenChuLing smile "ah can’t force? If you didn’t show up, if you didn’t seduce Xiao Xiao by your sycophantic means, how could you ignore me! "
Gu Qingshuang bit his lip and looked at Wenchuling Wenchuling. It should be more than just saying these words to her. What does she really want to do?
When she was wondering, she saw that Wen Chuling had an extra sharp knife in his hand!
Gu Qingshuang pupil eyes suddenly shrink!
The cold back of the knife brushed her white cheek to the neck and then to her chest all the way to "Gu Qingshuang, didn’t you get grandpa’s favor by relying on this little bitch in your stomach?" You are really capable. "
Her whole body froze when the back of the cold knife stuck to her abdomen!
Baby …
Her baby must not be hurt.
"Miss Wen, calm down. Can we have something to talk about?"
She didn’t dare to confront WenChuLing.
"Gu Qingshuang, you shouldn’t live," she said with a smile. "Oh, you shouldn’t say that neither you nor you should live!"
夜生活"If you die … it’s all mine!"
Gu Qingshuang is really afraid that Wen Chuling will do something terrible now. She looks at Wen Chuling and laughs so that Wen Chuling sees a far cry in peace. Now Wen Chuling is like a madman!
Suddenly, WenChuLing eyes rested on Gu Qingshuang neck necklace! Her eyes shrank! Caught the necklace "this is … night for you? !”
Gu Qingshuang dare not say anything at the moment. She is worried that if she says it, it will stimulate this WenChuLing more!
"Ah …" WenChuLing suddenly laughed. "I have seen this necklace painted by Xiao Xiao. This is his own style! At that time, I he was going to give it to me! Unexpectedly! " Her eyes light more cold gloomy staring at Gu Qingshuang.
"Miss Wen … Wen … er …"
Her words haven’t finished listening to the snow. The sharp knife directly sank into her abdomen. She was weak and blinked. I can’t believe that Wenchuling actually … "Baby …"
Wen Chuling looked at her viciously. "Go to hell with you and your baby!" She jerked the knife out.
Just then the door slammed open.
When Xiao Xiao saw the scene in front of him, her eyes suddenly became red! "Frost! !”
And this time WenChuLing second knife stabbed into Gu Qingshuang abdomen again!
Thin night quickly rushed forward to kick WenChuLing fly.
WenChuLing body hit the wall and whined, and then was controlled by Kang.
Gu Qingshuang’s body is like fallen leaves falling slowly. Xiao Xiao hurriedly hugged her and her weak lips "Xiao … we … our baby … save …"
"Frost frost! I’ll take you to the doctor! You must hold on! "
Gu Qingshuang went through a long operation, and Xiao Xiao was about to collapse during this time!
He was clutching the necklace that Gu Qingshuang had dropped. His eyes were glazed and he looked at the necklace in his hand. If he hadn’t worried that she would do something like Ji Gude again, he wouldn’t have found her so soon today!
But even faster, she still …
The operation lasted for more than ten hours before it finally ended. Without exception, the baby was gone.
Xiao Xiao is teetering.
But at the same time, he was glad that she was well! If she is safe, everything will be fine!
Thin night with Gu Qingshuang she slept for a long time before waking up.
As soon as she woke up, she knew that the baby was crying like a tearful person. That crying almost tore the snack in half!
"Frost, if you don’t cry, we will have a baby." He comforted her.

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