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Lu Wenbin once again played the big four in the Champions League.

In the end, Inter Milan’s home 61 bloodbath of Tottenham Hotspur made the second leg of the game lose suspense.
After the game, Lu Wenbin’s big four happiness and Tottenham’s tactical failure became the focus of media discussion.
It seems that if Lu Wenbin is restricted, it is still a worldwide problem in football.
Chapter 459 Champions League semi-finals
Only four days after the first leg of the Champions League 14 final 61 bloodbath of Tottenham Hotspur, it will be the 32 nd round of Serie A.
From now until the end of the season, if the Champions League and the Italian Cup can advance to the final, Inter Milan will face a situation of double matches and three battles a week.
Therefore, on April 9, Inter Milan played against Chievo in the 32nd round of Serie A, Mourinho rotated most of the players, and full-back yuto nagatomo got the first chance to start.
However, Lu Wenbin, who is physically worried, is still the main force.
Although the rotation of some players has led to a decline in the strength of both offensive and defensive ends of the team, if there is Lu Wenbin, Inter Milan will not lack goals.
In this game, Chievo paid great attention to the foul place and easily refused to give Inter Milan the ball at the front of the forbidden area.
Lu Wenbin also had some bad luck. It was not until the 42nd minute of the half-time that he got the chance to get a ball with a good distance.
As a result, the penalty ball was slightly higher than the range where the beam missed the door frame.
Later, when his skill cooled down, he got two chances to kick the ball. Lu Wenbin took the penalty himself and was thrown out by the goalkeeper once.
Lu Wenbin didn’t score an Italian goal in this game.
However, for Lu Wenbin, the team Chievo’s ability to break through the defense against Lu Wenbin also dropped.
It is more difficult to defend Lu Wenbin’s full physique, dribbling and speed if he doesn’t dare to foul easily.
In the 22nd minute of the half-time, Lu Wenbin retreated himself, got the ball past three people, and then shot it from the far corner.
Inter Milan 1
In the 37th minute, Lu Wenbin took Chievo’s midfielder and two defenders, Coutinho, and broke through the middle of the road. Milito went into the forbidden area from the side and shot at a small angle.
Inter Milan 2 Chievo
In the 53rd minute of half-time, Lu Wenbin’s continuous breakthrough in the frontcourt attracted four defenders from Chievo to surround him, but Lu Wenbin threw the ball out of the arc top of Coutinho Middle Road to catch the ball and make a long shot.
Inter Milan 3 Chievo
In the 74th minute, Inter Milan got a corner kick. Lu Wenbin ran away from the forbidden area through the agile ball, and the players who were watching him grabbed the landing point and threw their heads at the door.
The ball got into the goal from the goalkeeper’s arm.
Lu Wenbin played two shots and one shot to help Inter Milan lead Chievo 4.
After leading, Lu Wenbin was also replaced by Mourinho.
A game Inter Milan will visit Tottenham Hotspur in England for the second leg of the Champions League 14 final.
Although it is no problem to win the first leg by 61, Mourinho will not let the team lose to the opponent easily.
Four days later, on April 13, London White Hart Lane Stadium, with the whistle of the referee, the second leg of the 21211 Champions League quarter-final officially began.
Despite losing a 16-point promotion prospect in the first round, Tottenham fans still worked very hard to cheer for the home team, and Tottenham players launched a fierce attack at home from the first minute.
They are fighting for dignity.
In the 6th minute, Tottenham Hotspur really helped Inter Milan score a goal based on uncertain timing. modric scored a beautiful long-range shot outside the forbidden area.
However, the experienced Inter Milan defence soon stabilized and did not give Tottenham any decent opportunities.
On the offensive end, although the main players such as Sid, Eto ‘o and Milito did not partner with Lu Wenbin, Coutinho and substitute striker Pandev were the partners.
But it is as threatening to have Lu Wenbin attack Inter Milan.
Especially Lu Wenbin’s Italian ball is simply desperate.
Less than a minute after Tottenham scored, in the 14th minute, Lu Wenbin got a good chance to kick the ball because of his own breakthrough.
Then thousands of visiting Inter fans cheered and kicked the ball into Tottenham’s goal with Lu Wenbin, a special skill of opening the system.
Lu Wenbin scored another Italian goal, and Inter Milan’s opening record equalized the score, with the score of 11.
Later, Lu Wenbin not only often broke through with the ball himself, but also helped the defender Tottenham Hotspur with his full vision and constant ball.
In the 29th minute, Lu Wenbin picked the forbidden zone. As a result, Pandev punched Lu Wenbin for a second.
In the 41st minute, Lu Wenbin started to break through after taking the ball in midfield, which attracted the attention of many Tottenham defenders.
As a result, Lu Wenbin suddenly caught all the players of his opponent off guard during the breakthrough.
Mai Kong plugged into Lu Wenbin’s oblique straight plug from the side.
Segmented reading 21
After cutting the rib of the big forbidden area, the door was hit successfully.
Inter Milan overtook the score before the half-time and Tottenham were 12 behind Inter Milan and entered the halftime.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
A lot of players have been rotated, and the Inter Milan defense has indeed lost some strength.
In the 57th minute, Bell broke through Mai Kong’s defensive bottom through the speed flank, and pavlyuchenko’s middle road fought for the top and Tottenham equalized the score.
Bell’s assist and pavlyuchenko’s goal once again ignited the White Hart Lane, and the fans shouted at the team to cheer for the victory over Inter Milan.
Even if you know that you have advanced, but you can beat your opponent at home, it is also a victory.
But it wasn’t long before Lu Wenbin scored again to help Inter Milan take the lead.
品茶论坛  title=In the 65th minute, Lu Wenbin’s breakthrough in the frontcourt was surrounded by three opponents, but Coutinho was not far away.
So Lu Wenbin first passed the ball to distract the Tottenham defenders, and then put the ball forward to temporarily get rid of the defenders and point his finger in front of him.
Coutinho is not the main player and he is not very familiar with Lu Wenbin, but his ball ability is still good.
Seeing Lu Wenbin forward and pointing to himself, Coutinho pushed the ball directly to Lu Wenbin’s running route without stopping the ball, which was a collision with the wall.
Lu Wenbin and Coutinho broke through the Tottenham defence through a collision with the wall to face the last central defender Dawson Lu Wenbin, and another unexpected Marseille turned him off.
After Dawson, Lu Wenbin has crossed the forbidden zone line, and there is only goalkeeper Gomez left in front of him.

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