I don’t know if there is really a saying that mother is connected to heart. Liang Mincai called when he left Liang Rui. Li Ping got angry as soon as he left.
You and Mom are going to play duet with me! Pick up the words directly with a sharp tone.
Huh? Liang Rui didn’t understand the situation and didn’t know how to pull his mother out.
You don’t, um, I don’t have time to get involved in these messy things with you. From today on, don’t come to me again. I don’t want to buckle any shit basin! Ping Li said and hung up directly. I really don’t want to listen to the explanation. It’s too chat!
As soon as I left my desk, I rang desperately. I was upset when I saw Liang Rui’s name. The trend of starting a prairie fire was spreading in my heart, and then I quickly pulled Liang Rui’s words into the blacklist. She just didn’t want to contact again!
Call her sexual or she is childish. She just hates this man named Liang Rui at the moment. Why should she bear such a bad name? Why should his mother be so sour? She has gone too far! It’s unkind that he comes to harass her life from time to time and ends up taking the blame for her! Scum!
Ping Li spent more than half an hour attacking Liang Rui, but she didn’t know that Liang Rui had arrived at her company at this time.
Knock, knock
Mr. Li Zongliang is looking for you! With knocking at the door, the secret came in
No! Li Ping lost her temper without looking up.
What? But she didn’t know that Liang Rui had followed the secret and came in. It was polite to report.
Hearing Liang Ruiyin, Ping Li was very depressed and raised his head. You go! This is a secret. Liang Rui has never had a problem when he came here. I didn’t expect that Ping Li’s answer today would be’ no’. That’s weird!
Because I have promised Ms. Liang to avoid meeting you as much as possible, I don’t want to make any farce in front of the widow! Ping Li’s attitude can be said to be a bad attitude towards class enemies. I have explained it clearly enough. I also hope that you can have a formal girlfriend as soon as possible to reassure Aunt Liang that I don’t want to be blamed for no reason.
My mother came to see you? Liang Rui was hurt and frowned.
Yes, just one second before you called. Are you satisfied? Ping Li continued to be hostile.
I’m sorry, I didn’t know she would be like this! Liang Ruixin is a little confused.
What do you mean, mother and son? One door came crying and said a lot of inexplicable things, and the other door came with a sad face to apologize. Do you really think I am sometimes? Li Pingteng got up from his chair and looked at Liang Rui with indignation.
I know very well that I’m Ping Li. I’ve never thought that an old cow eats young grass, and I’ve never thought that my husband would remarry if he left here without integrity! I don’t want to take part in your mother’s confrontation and I don’t want to be pointed at by others. I hope you can understand me!
I’m sorry! Liang Rui struggled to say three words, and his lips twitched for a long time without making any noise.
Forget it. I wish you could understand me. Bye! Ping Li’s heart seems to be almost vented. It’s a little weak
Goodbye! Liang Rui gave Ping Li a deep look and left Ping Li’s office with complicated eyes. I really didn’t give another explanation.
As soon as the office was quiet, it seemed that you could hear yourself and stabilize your heartbeat. Ping Li sat down on the armrest of the chair. She couldn’t remember what she had said. She felt a real sense of collapse and seized all her feelings.
She doesn’t know why she is so angry because she accepts such misunderstanding from others. But it seems that there has never been a lack of such misunderstanding in my life. Is it true that I have become a big card? Leaning back against the chair, she really felt tired.
Martha has left France smoothly and Shen Li’s mood has returned to stability. Facing the situation that the trial will be held in court, Miao really has no patience to wait. Now she is worried about the puzzle. Shen Li always figured it out and expressed her understanding of Miao. Before the trial, Miao and Feng Ximei finally returned to Kyoto with their children.
Mom, did someone send a box of puzzles for Yangyang’s birthday? As soon as the airport saw Yuan Qing, it began to ask.
It seems that there is such a thing. We have also discussed it for a long time and we have not made a fuss about who sent it! Yuan Qing frowned. What’s the problem?
I don’t know if I have to look at what I spelled out! Miao doesn’t want to talk too much fantasy with Yuan Qing.
Those things are all in your bedroom! Yuan Qing’s arms Liu Xiaoyang is willing to rub against the body, obviously trying to be spoiled with her mother.
Come on, mom, do you miss your mom? I really can’t refuse my enthusiasm. Although I am already a pregnant woman, I still hope to give my children more love.
You’ve had a hard journey. Don’t hold the baby! Let’s wake up next to Yuan Mei, but Shuiche was held in her arms early in the morning.
It’s a comfort not to hug for a while! I never feel that I belong to a delicate family. It’s a blessing to be intimate with my children.
Luo Luo—
Liu Xiaoyang ran to Miao’s arms and laughed. Miao is also a smiling face. She likes Miao’s cheeks and neck and always drools, but that kind of happiness can’t be replaced by anyone.
When I got home, I went back to my room with my child in my arms. Yuanqing helped me find out which box of puzzles had been disassembled.
Mom, please play with Yangyang. I want to put this picture together! Miao gave the son to Yuan Qing.
You don’t want to spell it all at once! Yuan Qing looked at the number of small pieces and knew it was a portrait of how tall one person was.
I’ll take it easy! Miao yuan cleared his face and took a sip. But don’t call me for dinner. Send it directly to my room!
That’s not good. Why don’t you say hello to your parentsinlaw when you come back? Yuan Qing felt that statecraft was indispensable.
good! The following nodded, also don’t feel too sexual.
I am full of hope. Looking at the jigsaw puzzle in front of me and thinking about the jigsaw puzzle in lucky chance Pavilion warms my heart. This must be a sign from God or the root is sent by the man. She thinks the answer will be known soon.
Put the puzzle directly on the room table, and began to rummage through each piece in detail. Usually, the puzzle has a readymade pattern for reference. People can find the block according to the pattern, but this time it is not finished. It depends on their own imagination and careful judgment.
桑拿论坛To tell the truth, most people really don’t have the patience. They don’t know what they want to spell or where each piece should be. It’s strange that it’s not annoying!
According to my own jigsaw puzzle experience, I locked all the tiles on the four sides first, and it took me a long time to complete this. It should be a very simple thing to say, mainly because the map is too big, and all the circles are not two things.
Knock, knock
Why did Miao put himself into the bedroom as soon as he came back? As the knocking at the door rang, Yuan Jiu held Yangyang and came in.
Oh! Miao looked up and smiled at her motherinlaw. I sorted out Yangyang’s birthday presents!
It’s still the puzzle! Yuan Jiu couldn’t help frowning. We all think it’s a bad play. Which puzzle doesn’t match the pattern? It’s too cheat people!
I can spell without a pattern, but I still have confidence in paying attention to some methods! Miao has been piecing together the whole framework for a week.
Hey, you are a pregnant woman now or you can’t be too tired! Yuan Jiu really disapproves of Miao’s doing this. I just took a plane and went back. I need to have a good rest and put together a puzzle. Just take it easy there!
hmm! I don’t want to be the object of everyone’s memory, so I still nodded very well. I’ll put the surrounding frame together today and put it together once or twice a day to ensure that it won’t affect normal rest and exercise!
Then eat first! Yuan Jiu felt that it was necessary to supervise.
All right! After thinking about it, I still put the block in my hand. My motherinlaw is also kind, so it’s better to follow it.
It is rare for Lu Da to go home for dinner now. It seems that he came back here on purpose today to express his welcome to Miao Lai and took the initiative to say, You must take good care of yourself when you come back from this hard work!
Fortunately, Ximei took care of me all the way, and the time base of the plane came to sleep! Miao walked with his waist and sat down at the table. Liu Xiaoyang was still in a freerange state. Nai sighed in his heart and finally saw what a distant relative was.
This year, we are going to the grassroots to offer condolences. I don’t think we can go home. I suggest that you arrange a tourist project to relax in a comfortable place for a few days! Lu da is very considerate and arranged.
Or arrange it in Hainan, where the weather is more comfortable! Yuan Jiu took the initiative to consider it.
We certainly have no opinion! Sun Yuanmei, who was cared for by her family, was the first to respond.
Hainan is fine, and there are readymade houses that are also worryfree! Yuan Qing also expressed his opinions as a representative.
Dad, is the situation going well in your side recently? The following insipid asked 1
Ma is about to celebrate the Spring Festival, and I still have a good idea of many things. Some time ago, my motherinlaw said that the form was very unfavorable, so I transferred the group shares to someone else’s name. Although her name has been reunited now, I still worry about the situation of the old people.
hmm! Lu Da nodded with certainty. Finally, it’s a real help from God!
Huh? I didn’t understand the second half of Lu Da’s sentence. My fatherinlaw really doesn’t look like a theist.
It’s strange to think about it. At first, there was no sign at all. Almost overnight, those who had problems were exposed to the public. The details of the report were detailed, so I stopped investigating and all my crises were lifted! Lu Da’s face can still see incredible expressions.

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