So far, most people support berezovsky’s acquisition. Some Sampdoria boss, mantovani Jr., who is under siege, is still deliberately procrastinating and is extremely greedy. He seems to want to see if there will be another person who is stupid and rich, and this bad asset in his hand will cost more.

At the same time, mantovani Jr. didn’t stop selling Montera. He thought that he was stupid, rich and knew nothing about football, and the Russians would never notice his little move because he was separated from Italy by Qian Shan.
If Zhuang Ge could know at this time that mantovani was going to laugh his teeth off by the naive idea of the other partyif berezovsky was so easily fooled, he would have never known how many times he had been secretly killed by his sworn enemies.
Except for these three directly relegated teams, Lecce, who ranked fourth from the bottom, needs to play two rounds of playoffs with pescara, who finished fourth in Serie B last season. The winner will get the qualification to participate in Serie A last season, and the loser will face the reality of playing in Serie B next season.
Having finished the final ranking of the standings, let’s take a look at another list, that is, the league scorer list that fans are most concerned about besides the team ranking.
In the league top scorer list, Serie A Golden Boot and German Golden Head bierhoff still maintained a good goal efficiency after moving to AC Milan this season. Twenty league goals can be regarded as worthy of Berlusconi’s transfer of tens of millions of dollars.
However, just 20 goals is obviously not enough for the German center to complete the goal against batistuta, the defending Argentine god of war in Serie A, which is one more than Erlhoff’s singleseason 21 goals data and ranks fifth in the scorer list.
In Florence, Ronaldo and Inzaghi scored more than 20 goals in the league. The former and Houdusse striker Amoruso tied for the third place in the scorer list with 22 goals, while the latter beat the first two in the second place with a slight advantage.
The first player in the top scorer’s list, the winner of the Golden Boot in Serie A, is christian vieri, the winner of the Golden Boot in last year’s World Cup and the number one center of the Italian national team!
This powerful center representative scored a total of 30 league goals in the Serie A that ended in 1999, equalling his master, batistuta, who set a personal singleseason Serie A goal record in 199495. At the same time, although vieri’s achievement was not as great as Inzaghi’s record of 37 goals in 19697, he rarely scored more than 30 strikers in a single season in Serie A history, and he still entered the 3+ club quite smoothly and became one of the super shooters.
After the Serie A ended completely, the Fiorentina players worked hard for a whole season. Under the arrangement of assistant coach Mourinho and general manager antonioni, they were dissolved on the spot. No national team went home directly to accompany their families or went to a beautiful holiday resort. Those who were recruited by the national team coach needed to stay in their respective national teams for a while before they could dream of a holiday.
Therefore, Mourinho, the assistant coach, presided over the matter instead of the head coach Capello, because Capello and the club had finished fighting and the players no longer trusted him, and he had completely lost control of the team.
If Capello appeared in front of the players now, it would be hard to be beaten into a pig’s head by effenberg and others who have a direct personality and a strong sense of belonging to Florence
At this time, Mourinho, the assistant coach and antonioni, who is in charge of the daily affairs of the club, can be said to be the most suitable candidates.
Although this is the first time that Mourinho and antonioni have worked together at work, their cooperation has gone smoothly this time, and echo each other scared the players one by one.
Antonioni, who plays the red face, sent a blessing to the players as soon as he arrived. After a whole season of busy and busy battles, I wish you all a wonderful holiday this summer. I hope you can forget some unhappiness in the past and spend every day fully …
Mourinho, who has always been serious, sang a white face according to the preallocation. Manager antonioni said it very well, but I still need to add two points here. First of all, please pay attention to your personal safety when you go out on vacation. Don’t hurt yourself because you are too crazy; Secondly, please remember the date of summer training camp and so on. After training, the experts in the physiotherapy center will give you a detailed physical examination. Once there are unqualified items, you should train according to the experts’ special plan ~
Mourinho’s words immediately caused a burst of lamentation among the players. For professional players after a long vacation, postrecovery training is very terrible, second only to rehabilitation training after players’ initial recovery from serious injuries.
Because at this time, they should not only prepare enough support for a season’s physical strength, but also lose the excess weight they gained during their vacation, adjust their competitive state and get ready for the new season.
It’s scary to do these things in just a week or two …
Chapter 77 From and coming (2)
Just as antonioni and Mourinho gave the players the last physical meeting of the season at the training ground, Zhuang Ge was greeted in the office of the president of Florence headquarters, which he had been waiting for for for a long time and was the last guest he wanted at the moment.
Mr. Chairman, I came here this time to say goodbye to you. Capello, sitting on the sofa opposite Zhuang Ge, did not move the glass in front of him, nor did he take a lap, which directly revealed his purpose. Although I had some conflicts with the club earlier, I had a very happy three seasons in Florence. This teaching experience will never be forgotten.
I didn’t expect you and I to deteriorate to this point in just one season. When I heard that Capello was no longer Antonio, but addressed himself as Mr. Chairman, Zhuang Ge secretly sighed and shook his head gently, driving the slightest aversion to Capello out of his head and said with emotion, I still remember the scene when I met you for the first time that summer three years ago.
Yes, at that time, you lured me to Florence for the reason of’ proving yourself to Berlusconi’ It seems that Capello also remembered the scene at that time and said with a smile, Now it seems that I have accomplished this fairly well, and I am not as arrogant and arrogant as I was three years ago.
Hehe, all these achievements can be attributed to coach Capello. After realizing that Capello could never stay in Florence, he felt that there was no need to fight with the other side. Zhuang Ge also put aside his prejudice against Capello and said calmly, Without your leadership, I am afraid that Florence could not have won so many championship trophies and created the unbeaten record of 76 league games after Ranieri left.
After listening to Zhuang Ge’s praise for Capello, he didn’t immediately crop up, but was silent for a long time before saying, In fact, Mr. Chairman, you should also notice that the overall strength of the team has greatly slipped this season, which is particularly evident in the thickness of the substitute array.
Coach Capello’s views on this matter, I think we have always had a lot of differences. When Capello heard that he still didn’t forget the team’s strengthening Zhuang Ge before leaving, he simply said, Buying a substitute is not like introducing a main player. There are many things we need to consider. For example, will this player be dissatisfied because he has been suppressed by people in the same position for a long time, will he be dissatisfied because he is not satisfied with the position of the substitute, thus ruining the atmosphere in the locker room, and so on? These are all things we need to carefully consider when buying people.
But at present, there are no players like Rui Costa and angloma on the bench in Florence who are almost different from the main force. I think the club had better consider introducing some more powerful players this summer, otherwise the team’s thirdline battle will become more difficult. Capello obviously doesn’t believe Zhuang Ge’s opinion. He thinks that the Florence president, like Berlusconi, is unwilling to continue to invest heavily to find these excuses after winning a lot of honors.
Di Biagio and tommasi are leaving because they can’t be satisfied with the status quo of replacing Lei Dongduo and Davis after their strength has risen, and so is Rui Li; Cruise’s choice of transfer is a better data for more games and better personal treatment. For Capello’s refutation of Zhuang Gema, he gave an answer. Only by choosing players who are inferior to the main players to take the substitute role can the Florence locker room be kept stable for a long time, and the team’s record will not be affected by vicious competition of players.
Maybe your opinion is very reasonable, but I insist that players like Bresciano and mahdavikia are really not worthy of Florence jerseys. They should also introduce players who can play the main role in the mainstream European leagues or take turns and substitutes in the clubs of the world’s giants. Capello thinks that Zhuang Ge’s view is indeed reasonable, but how can a stubborn person like him be easily said by the other side? He has reservations about it. But since you have a complete set of opinions and opinions on how to build a team better, there is no need for me to say anything more.
Thank you for your advice to coach Capello, so I’ll wish you all the best in your coaching career. Seeing that Capello has gone to Italy, Zhuang Ge will stop talking nonsense and get up to prepare for Fujian.
Don’t bother to see you off, Mr. Chairman. Capello came to visit this time to say hello to Zhuang Ge and cancel the contract. Florence has its own person in charge. By the way, after working here, I plan to stay abroad for a few years to see other styles of football outside Italy. Don’t you worry that I will hinder the hegemony of Florence.
With these words, Capello bowed to Zhuang Ge and then turned away.
This guy … Looking at Capello’s back, Zhuang Ge shook his head in a funny way, saying that he didn’t seem to be so stingy. Even the place where people who have resigned from Florence have to go … If you stretch your hand so long, it will definitely attract a lot of people’s disgust.
Of course, if Capello’s family is Juventus, Zhuang Ge will definitely care whether it can work, but it is good to add some congestion to Moggi
In this way, three days after the end of Serie A in 1999, Florence officially announced that fabio capello had resigned as the head coach of the team, thanked him for his hard work in the past three seasons and wished him a better future.
桑拿论坛The gold medal coach chose the club to break up peacefully with one year left in his contract, and didn’t ask the team for huge liquidated damages because he terminated the contract before. This move somewhat saved his image in the eyes of some Florence fansdeliberately letting go in the final round against Cagliari League has made the coach who led Florence to win the triple gold medal again this season become the most unpopular head coach in the hearts of Viola fans!
However, if players are included, Florence fans’ aversion to Capello can be said to be average. After all, during the three seasons of this gold medal coach, Florence has made a lot of blinding achievements in various competitions, such as unbeaten 76 games in a row, unbeaten records in five major leagues, and five consecutive titles in Serie A and three consecutive titles in the Champions League.
With these titles and honors as the foundation, Florence fans’ dislike of Capello is limited to practical matters at best, and this emotion will gradually fade away after a long time.
Iuliano, a player who tries to please his sworn enemies by smearing his old club after the transfer, and a traitor like Tacchinardi are the people who are most hated and despised by Florence fans.
Chapter 7 departure and arrival (3)
Now that Capello has terminated his contract with Florence and become the biggest head coach in the European free transfer market this summer, it is natural that finding a qualified successor is the first priority for Florence Club and Zhuangge at this time.
After all, if the team’s season coach selection method is determined, it will be difficult for Zhuang Ge and others to make targeted signings according to the actual needs of the head coach and the team, and the team’s summer training and preparations for the new season will also be affected.
Although Zhuangge has exerted a subtle influence on Florence in recent years, a set of quite perfect tactics has been established, and all levels of clubs are using the same tactics. The coaches of each echelon can adjust the specific details according to the actual situation, but the general direction will not change.
At present, Florence’s defensive body is a mixture of Italian chain defense and Sacchi’s regional defense, while the offensive body is made up of players who create a local number advantage by running a lot of balls on the court, and then quickly tear the opponent’s defense line with one foot and quick pass to form a wave attack, which will create opportunities and turn them into goals.
But don’t forget that although this tactical body has been fixed after the precipitation of Ranieri and Capello, and Zhuang Ge, the head of Florence, takes care of this body, it will not be easily tampered with. However, in this case, an excellent helm and a head coach who can perfectly combine this body with the team are needed to maximize the power of this tactic, so that one plus one is less than two due to the mismatch between people and tactics.
Just like Zhuang Ge was called Cosmos Team before crossing Barcelona, their IKIAKA tactical style is indeed the peak of technical school, but if Guardiola, the coach, had not planned and bring up the rear changed to another level, the general head coach would have led Barcelona to achieve such amazing results.

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