What are you thinking?

I’m thinking … Kunka, what will happen if you lose what you love most?
桑拿论坛That depends on what I lost my favorite thing? I love many things, such as … this one! Have a drink.
Cuenca took out two bottles of his beloved rum and handed them to Zhao Yi. Zhao Yi was bright and clear, took the mask off and poured it directly. The unique aroma of rum suddenly filled the deck.
It smells good … Mr. Zhao Yi, I also want to drink …
Children should not drink.
Well …
Well, don’t be angry with the elegy. If you really want to drink it, you can drink it when he is not around. Kunka secretly said to the elegy.
I heard that drinking is not good for children’s brain development. Be careful to become idiots.
Mr. Zhao Yi, you are an idiot.
What? What! What are you talking about? It seems that you are very happy. At this time, Rizlak also finished wriggling and drove the lumberjack and came over.
It’s the first time I’ve seen such an exaggerated … goblin machine.
If you have a chance to see her at work, then you will understand that she is as good as goblin tinker.
So? Then I am looking forward to Rezlak’s play?
Yeah, yeah, I don’t like the feeling of cutting meat very much, but is it necessary? The lumberjack raised the saw in his left hand, and immediately the saw turned and made a penetrating buzz.
Oh, it looks really strong. Cuenca took a step back by watching the gas saw cut constantly with a smile.
Don’t believe Rezlak’s control. This machine has become a part of her body for so many years.
Oh, when I first saw Rizlak, she was still a little … well, you know, but now it doesn’t look that? Chief Zhao Yi, you seem to have a strange magic. People who get along with you will be very comfortable? Cuenca blushed and said such words.
Is that so?
Mr. Zhao Yi is not conscious of his charm.
Zhao Yi is my benefactor. I think everything is nothing strange, right?
Hearing the words of three people, Zhao Yi drank a mouthful of rum again and laughed gently, and got several letters to make Zhao Yi feel more concerned.
It seems more harmonious for four people to talk and drink like this.
Captain! We found something strange at the bottom of the boat. We need two people to go to the bottom of the boat to have a look!
A lot of be careful! Come quickly if you don’t talk. Cuenca looks extremely serious. Every sailor is an important partner for the captain.
In this world, it is almost impossible for anyone to go to the water except the Naga people, because it is too dangerous, even deeprhyme sailors dare not stay in the water for a long time.
Is there a problem with the bottom of the boat?
Yeah, but I’m not worried when the sailors go back to solve the problem. Cuenca smiled slightly uneasily at the three men and looked at the sailors wearing diving suits to prepare water
Well, it shouldn’t be a big problem, right? Zhao Yi is also consoling. Since the ship has been at sea for so many times, there will definitely be some mercenaries, or there will be no big problem with the heroic level.
Soon the sailors were dressed in frogman costumes with harpoons, and watched them dress … Zhao Yi had a little power to complain that the designer of this costume was a bunker … Can this streamlined design be figured out … Is this designer also a traveler?
Cuenca, you diving suit … I want to ask …
ah! ! ! Run! ! ! Monster! Monster! ! ! One beverage cooled … Zhao Yi words haven’t finished to the bottom of the ship sailors came shouting, but soon the body sank.
Feeling that something was wrong, Kunka quickly put other capable sailors on guard, and when they failed to fight in the sea, Zhao Yi sank to the bottom. It was also beside the deck that Zhao Yi saw the gradually dyed red sea water, and his face suddenly became dignified. It seems that all three of them … should not come back.
Humans hahaha didn’t expect land creatures to cook lunch for me so soon. It seems that our escape plan is correct.
Yes, I didn’t expect that we two brothers would escape one day, but it’s a pity that the other ten brothers … With the arrival of two sounds, a huge octopus and another huge threeheaded sea snake appeared at the seaside.
Strange things of human beings … can sail in the sea, but these humans … we can split them in half. The big octopus said that if it had an expression on its face, it would be a look of disdain for human beings, which is just a small species in their eyes.
Rezlak and elegy are prepared. It is also a good skill to extract your strength. Kunka can let your crew assist us. You can also see the power of the lumberjack. Zhao Yi also took out his staff and was ready to deal with these two monsters at any time.
Hey! The giant octopus swept over directly with a tentacle and gave birth to a race in the deep sea. Its tentacle sucker was full of virulence, but unfortunately, it encountered a Razrak Razrak lumberjack who was not afraid of toxicity.
The rapid rotation of a saw extending from the body directly cuts off the octopus tentacles and reduces the octopus attributes. This is the first skill death whirlwind of the logging machine, and at this time, the saliva of the three sea snakes also reaches the front of the logging machine. The metal of the logging machine wraps the body and the three sea snakes attack the roots, which has no effect.
Like cutting wood!
Weakening energy flow green energy from Zhao Yi stave blaster suddenly delivered high damage to each tentacle and three heads of octopus, which directly made octopus and sea snake roar with pain!
Lumberjack, elegy is now!
In Zhao Yi’s suit, the green energy was used to extract the power of the two monsters. At this time, the lefthand saw of the lumberjack rotated at a high speed. She turned around and rotated the turntable at a high speed to fly towards the two monsters. The serrated flywheel was almost instantly cut in half, and the blue blood department shot out. On the other side, the sea snake also felt very bad. When it roared, its huge head and body suddenly split into three parts and left in three directions.
Not good! It’s going to run! Kunka shouted that the sea snakes have a life skill. The more heads they have, the stronger the sea snakes will be. At the same time, they can divide their bodies into several parts. They must kill all the parts to destroy each other, otherwise the sea snakes will remain as they are after longterm cultivation, and they will be even more powerful.
Get up! Zhao Yi lifted one of the sea snakes, and then smashed it toward the other side. The sea snake body smashed into the sea, and immediately the other two were dizzy. This is the enemy of Zhao Yi’s technical ability and dizzy landing position range.
A sailor of the ship immediately shot the harpoon out, probably because of skill, and the harpoon was stuck in one of the sea snakes with golden light, and the sea snake suddenly exploded and died.
Another sea snake is still dizzy, and the other one has just been lifted and is ready to dive away.
Cuenca was just about to raise his hand to mark, and suddenly a machete came from behind the sea snake, and the sea snake was torn by a sharp machete. In the sea, the mysterious unit gently jumped out of the body and poured purple energy, which also tore another sea snake to pieces.
But I saw Zhao Yi, a short man with a machete and a mermaidlike guy in the sea, with a dignified face.
I told you that the body is a cage and I helped you free it.
Twentysecond Meng Slak has its own trick to deal with you!
When updated, 215329 15926 words 31
Fisherman Nightcrawler is a short hero with machete weapon. His head has some rags wrapped around half of his face, ears and the back of his hand. He also has the same fin and a tail that moves around. His tail is a small guy who can never be ignored. In the game, he is nicknamed the King of the Five Days, Wang Yishui, who is famous for his strong continuous fighting ability and the ultimate skill of his enemies.
And she was not simple in the past, but Zhao Yi will definitely think that it is definitely a wrong choice for Kunka to go to sea today.
In the deep sea, there is a place dedicated to detaining vicious criminals, which is well known to all deepsea races. It is said that no one has ever escaped from this place, but today it is an exception. Twelve villains in the Diablo Reef have made plans to escape for many years, but the price is that most of them have been arrested and two of them have been killed on the spot. Finally, three sea snakes and octopus escaped from the bottom of the sea, but unfortunately, they are unruly by nature. They underestimated the ship and human beings have come to this point. However, in the investigation of Naga family, they found this escape operation by Nightcrawler, a fisherman, and Nightcrawler
That is to say, these socalled villains who just killed the last sea snake are worthless in front of fisherman Nightcrawler. When she was on the dark reef for so long, she almost forgot what she was caught in, but she no longer planned to escape. Today, she escaped by relying on those twelve unlucky people and killed them one by one, so now she needs to escape from this sea area and be free.
Holding a machete like a fish in her hand, she saw the boat, the humans and a guy driving a strange machine. Suddenly, the little fisherman felt that the world had been out of touch for too long. At that time, he saw that the boat was a pile of wood piled up, but now … the little fisherman felt that these humans were profitable.
Everyone be careful about that thing in the sea … it is not simple to estimate that a hero of the fisherman must be cautious. Zhao Yi saw the fisherman swimming in the sea and naturally did not dare to despise it. The most important thing is that he doesn’t know whether the fisherman is an enemy or a friend now, and there are more people on his side. Even if the fisherman is strong, he may not be able to fight on his side.
What is that …?
hey! With the call of a small body, it jumped from the sea to the deck of the ship, while Zhao Yi saw that it was a child with almost a body, but the fish was still kept in his ears and back fins, and the purple hair was still dripping with water. The skin looked very tender and smooth, just like a newborn baby, and his arms were raised to protect his eyes, just like he was very unaccustomed to the sun.
Damn the sun! The little mermaid whispered that many people didn’t see the sun, and she didn’t hate this big fireball at all.
Who are you? Kunka watched the little mermaid cautiously.
I … I’m a fisherman who is being hunted down … The fisherman pretended to be very poor and afraid. Zhao Yi felt that women were all born actors …
Little people pack what? You and I didn’t know that you escaped from the dark reef just like us, right?
… what dark reef? I don’t know … Said also make a very afraid of Zhao Yi sample.
This … I didn’t find what she hated? Cuenca quietly asked the serious Zhao Yi eyes full of doubts.
You can’t find anything just by looking at the surface …
That that … can dress me? So … The little mermaid covered her body deck, and some sailors had already seen her eyes straight.
See what see all give me fuck off to do things! Are you still human for children! Cuenca yelled at the sailors to get out of here, then took a look at Zhao Yi and pulled the little mermaid into the cabin.

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