Qi Jingzhou moved a meal and then slowly removed her body and piteously wiped the tears from her eyes. Although I believe that love can be made, I said I won’t force you … He said with regret in his dumb voice. I don’t mind waiting a little longer.

Lu Nong was happy to be free, but she didn’t understand what he meant until a few minutes later, when she almost lost all her senses and her body followed the initiative to approach him.
The second day, Lu Nong woke up early in the morning and raised his hand and hit Jijingzhou.
JiJingZhou grabbed her wrist eyebrow eye is gentle and cherish wake up? Do you want to sleep a little longer? I can accompany you today.
When I looked at the window, I knew it was getting late, but Qi Jingzhou still had a thick bed, but she couldn’t give birth to any moving emotions. She was full of anger and vented her anger, and her eyes were red.
Section 72
Remembering that she took the initiative last night, her mood became particularly sensitive. Looking at Jingzhou’s smile, she slowly laughed and satirized when she was unaware of tendernesslaughing at her beginning to be lofty and finally she couldn’t wait to climb up to him!
She turned pale and asked, Are you satisfied to see me like this? !”
Seeing that her mood was out of alignment, Jingzhou dared not tease her again and quickly calmed down, I didn’t want to cry like that, okay?
Lu Nong realized that her eyes were blurred after hearing him say this. She raised her hand and wiped her hands with tears.
Baby, don’t cry. Qi Jingzhou kissed her tears and whispered in her ear. You looked beautiful last night. You don’t need to deny yourself …
He immediately struggled violently when he said this. Get out! Get out!
Knowing that she would be wrong, she took his serious words as irony. Qi Jingzhou quickly calmed down and said, Don’t do this, it’s my fault. I apologize to you and forgive me, okay? Don’t forget to argue that your situation last night was really different from mine. I didn’t do anything. Trust me, okay?
This is probably his most perfect liefrom the very beginning, his contract no compulsion was to show her alone. He never thought of living a frugal life in these three months, and he always got what he wanted by any means.
But these can’t tell Lu Nong that she can’t easily detect it. At this time, he has to leave it alonehe just said a few words meaning and started work. Is there anything wrong with Yue Ying saying that he didn’t?
Although some people don’t want to admit it, Qi Jingzhou really can’t refute his deceptive means. Firstclass and firstclass are all practiced from Lin Aman’s body. What he said most in acting is that these words have been practiced early.
Of course, he is different from Lu Nong in coaxing Lin Aman. The former pays for acting, while the latter is sincerehe can’t get a point for acting if he loses the effect.
It’s been more than an hour since I came out of the bedroom. Although I’m a little tired, Qi Jingzhou is full of sense of accomplishment, especially when I see Lu’s eyes filled with injustice rather than anger. His heart is soft.
Lu Nong was so tired last night that after Qi Jingzhou left, she slept in the quilt and woke up much calmer than before. She suddenly felt a little incredible. Why did she forgive Qi Jingzhou so easily just now? A little emotional, and she got drilled? Qi Jingzhou, did he mean it? !
I got out of bed angrily and wanted to settle accounts with Qi Jingzhou, but suddenly I remembered that the man looked so strong at ordinary times that a person should show such a look and even have the patience to coax her into compromising for so long, showing ageinappropriate joy …
The more Lu Nong thinks about it, the more complicated his mood is. There seems to be two sounds in his head, one saying that Qi Jingzhou is all fake! She still wants to divorce him in three months! Can’t be fooled by him! The other one said that maybe … he really has feelings for her? After all she has done, maybe it’s really like he said that he regretted hurting her before and planned to treat her well after?
Lu Nong shook his head blankly and walked barefoot into the bathroom.
On Lu Nong’s birthday, Qi Jingzhou said to her, I will give you a surprise today. Do you want to guess first?
Lu is a little absentminded, and those questions have been in my head for two days without a result. She shook her head gently and smiled vaguely and reluctantly.
Qi Jingzhou could tell but didn’t say anything. She gently brushed her hair.
He can see that she is at a loss, but he is not going to pursue her. He is not in a hurry and is willing to give her more time.
Dressed in Qijingzhou, I personally asked someone to help her customize the ritual road. I was led by Qijingzhou to meet the stairs. She was a little uncomfortable looking at those eyes.
What’s the matter? I noticed that her footsteps stopped slightly and lived in Qijingzhou. I turned around and asked her why she immediately turned white when she saw her expression. I couldn’t help but touch her hair funny. What’s the matter?
Lu Nong’s lips remained motionless to avoid his hand.
Qi Jingzhou low smile won’t be shy? Said unexpectedly close to the front of those eyes kissed her lips.
Lu Nong got a fright, but he retreated and forgot how long he was wearing a skirt. He almost fell down. Qi Jingzhou stretched his arms around her waist and laughed and rubbed her ear. Baby, you are so cute.
Lu Nong was angry and shy, and her cheeks flew rosy clouds, and she pressed her lips tighter and couldn’t wait to turn around and walk back.
Those are good friends. Don’t be afraid. Qi Jingzhou comforted her guests. He naturally invited a lot, but at this time he came to be close to him. Others would not arrive until the party began
Stop fooling around! Low road density warning way
Qi Jingzhou smiled and didn’t respond, pulling her to continue walking.
桑拿按摩Someone has been booing, Brother Qi, why are you acting like you’re married? Cause a laugh
Many of these people met and grew up together when they were young in Qijingzhouand naturally there were Zhou Liang.
The news of the marriage between Qi Jingzhou and Lu Nong is naturally known, but their family marriage won’t be simple for such a long time. Qi Jingzhou didn’t lead the way to give them a formal understanding. Most people have a general position on Lu Nong in their hearts and don’t need to pay much attention to it. Who knew that after so long, Qi Jingzhou actually held a birthday party with Lu Nong himself? And call them all here yourself? Then Lu Qiang’s identity will have to be repositioned
However, even if it was repositioned, it didn’t break through a certain line. Just now, they had a lot of eyes with some superiority until Qi Jingzhou kissed Lu Nong without hesitation.
Everyone was blinded by flashQi Ge is such a highprofile person? Why didn’t you find it before?
This is a naked warning!
When I looked at Lu’s eyes, I couldn’t help but feel awe and respect. I began to look at her as one of my own.
Qi Jingzhou didn’t respond to those jokes. He took Lu Nong upstairs and carefully introduced her to more than ten people one by one, including Zhou Liang.
Zhou Liang was a quiet audience, and he was the closest friend of Qi Jingzhou. He was the leader in this occasion, but today he retreated to the last place and knew to smile from beginning to end. Occasionally, some kind of obscure eyes looked at Lu Nong.
Lu Nong was very uncomfortable with his eyes and always felt that this man had been targeting her since he met her.
Aside from Zhou Liang and Qi Jing Zhou’s friends are still friendly to her.
Of course, this has a great deal to do with Qi Jingzhou’s intimacy with others next to her. He seems to never announce itit’s others.
Ke Ruijie came for a long time, but the party hasn’t started yet. She didn’t go in. She stayed in the car and looked around anxiously waiting for the right person.
After waiting for an hour, I didn’t find the target. When I looked at it, the party was about to start. She was a little uneasy. If the target didn’t show up, would the hacker put the blame on her and get back at her?
Put away her mobile phone impatiently. She was about to take a look at the car when suddenly she heard someone knocking on the window.
Keruijie frowned, straightened up and looked out, only to find that there was a fouror fiveyearold girl outside, and her hand was still holding nervously. Obviously, that sound was just typed by her.
Are you … are you Miss Ke? Lin Jingjing nervously learned to speak in an adult tone.
☆ Chapter I’ll wait for you.
Such a small child? This is the hacker who said?
Ke Ruijie frowned uncertainly. What do you want from me?
Lin Jingjing was frightened by her unfriendly attitude and shrank her neck. Yes, my mother said you could take me in. She turned her head and looked at her home with some longing. Her eyes were clean and clear, and her mother told her that aunt Lu robbed her home. Their mother and daughter could stay outside and could not see her father again.
Is it really this child? Keruijie raised eyebrows in some surprise. Children don’t hide their emotions. Keruijie naturally has a panoramic view of Lin Jingjing’s look change. Some people wonder who this child really is.
Your mother didn’t come? Ke Ruijie asked

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