Mrs. Gao, they are very reluctant to talk to Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan. Fu Qianfan has only lived in Gaojia for three days. Mrs. Gao thinks that time is too short. If only she could stay here all the time, it would be great if someone would accompany her to play Tai Chi and chat with her every morning. What can she usually go out to go shopping?

Jian is that she didn’t even have a chance to take Fu Qianfan out to show off and meet her old friends and her old neighbors, so that they can also see how beautiful her granddaughter is and how filial she is.
When Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan left, the old lady Gao and all of them went to the door to see me off.
"Qian Fan, you and Zhiyuan sometimes come back to see grandma and grandma, and they talk too much." The old lady Gao looks sad and really feels that she can’t live without Fu Qian Fan.
"Grandma, we will take care of yourself." Fu Qianfan is also very reluctant to leave the Gaos. Everyone is so kind to her. She has lived here for three days as if she had lived for several years. Now she is leaving, just like leaving her own home.
"Uncle and aunt, let’s go." Fu Qianfan told Hu Meijing to Gao Yunbo that the luggage had already moved, and the driver Lao Guo was waiting.
"Be careful on the road." Hu Meijing is more relieved than the old lady Gao, but she is also reluctant to let Fu Qianfan have concerns with Gao Zhiyuan.
Fu Qian-fan drove Gao Zhiyuan first and then turned back to Gao Yunbo and they nodded their heads to put the door.
The car slowly left the old lady Gao and refused to leave for a while, or Hu Meijing persuaded her for a while before she walked back sullenly.
"If only thousands of people lived here," the old lady sighed and asked Gao Yunbo, "How long will Zhiyuan stay in Z city?" If Gao Zhiyuan wants Z city to stay for a year or two, the old lady Gao has an impulse to move to Z city and move back after a big deal.
Gao Yunbo touched his nose. "Mom, I’m not sure. You know Zhiyuan has always been very independent. I never ask about other things."
"Hum, you’re right if you ask random questions. I don’t know how you became a dad." Mrs. Gao complained loudly.
Gao Yunbo is very resistant to Gao Zhiyuan. He never cares or cares about things. If it’s not his old lady, Gao Zhiyuan won’t listen. If Gao Zhiyuan is willing to book the marriage early, she won’t be worried here, but she will be angry at him.
"Mom, don’t be angry. I think Zhiyuan and Qianfan will come back soon." Hu Meijing said confidently that the old lady Gao was puzzled. "What do you know?"
Mrs. Gao is not angry anymore. It’s more important to listen to Hu Meijing now.
"If Qianfan is pregnant, don’t we have a reason to let them move back?" Hu Meijing smiled as if something really happened.
"Qianfan is pregnant." Mrs. Gao exclaimed that Hu Meijing hurriedly took Mrs. Gao and explained that she was too small. "Isn’t it a matter of time? Zhiyuan and Qianfan are young and want them to have children. Isn’t that something anytime and anywhere?"
After a good time, the old lady Gao thought carefully about Hu Meijing’s words that Fu Qianfan was pregnant, and then she would have a law. Whether Gao Zhiyuan likes it or not, her granddaughter-in-law and great-grandson must be raised at home.
After what Hu Meijing said, the old lady Gao seemed to see a happy future. "Yes, that’s right. This is the best." The old lady Gao patted Hu Meijing’s hand and her eyes were shining.
Gao Yunbo and this old lady Gao and Hu Meijing are all worried about the pit, and it’s rare for Sun to be so happy.
In the evening, Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan returned to Z city and didn’t go out for dinner. When it was the way, they took a piece outside to Mingcheng.
After dinner, they sat for a while before they began to pack.
Gao Zhiyuan took two suitcases with Fu Qianfan to his room. Fu Qianfan knew that it was impossible for Gao Zhiyuan to let her sleep alone from now on. Fu Qianfan also obediently followed Gao Zhiyuan into the room.
Gao Zhiyuan first opened his coat door and looked at it. After thinking for a while, things quickly moved out and a large piece came out.
"After that, put all your things here. It may not be enough here. Don’t wear them often. Put them in your front room first," Gao Zhiyuan said holding the bar.
He has a lot to do.
Fu Qianfan looked at the row of cabinets with hooks, pulls and draws several meters long. Where did Gao Zhiyuan see that it was not enough? There were too many clothes for her to hang.
If Gao Zhiyuan keeps buying clothes for her, it’s hard to say. It’s Gao Zhiyuan’s control point, so this side is enough
Gao Zhiyuan still hesitates whether to rebuild the house or change it to a bigger one, but Gao Zhiyuan is not satisfied with the two schemes. He has lived here for so long and knows Fu Qianfan here. He is not willing to move, but if he wants to rebuild, he can’t live in this house, so they still have to move.
Put away all the clothes in the suitcase. Gao Zhiyuan went back to his original room with Fu Qianfan and began to tidy up. Gao Zhiyuan’s posture should be to move things tonight.
Gao Zhiyuan first moved Fu Qianfan’s clothes out. Fu Qianfan didn’t know how Gao Zhiyuan found out that she was hiding in a cupboard alone.
The clothing department moved there, because it’s really big.
Fu Qianfan hasn’t bought any furniture since he moved to Mingcheng, so there are not many big things, just a little more miscellaneous debris.
品茶Fu Qianfan began to find a place to put Gao Zhiyuan’s room, which was too masculine. Fu Qianfan could worry about her plush bears from the beginning.
"Is it so difficult? Isn’t it all the same?" Gao Zhiyuan couldn’t understand why girls always like such childish things, but since Fu Qianfan cherished that he could turn a blind eye.
Gao Zhiyuan took the bears from Fu Qianfan’s hand and looked around. Finally, he put the bay window position. With this position, he could accept that his place was really not suitable for Gao Zhiyuan, and finally Bai Qianfan was in trouble just now.
Fu Qianfan also puts the usual skin care on the bedside table, and Gao Zhiyuan also puts it here, but Gao Zhiyuan is simply a few bottles, but she has a bunch of colors.
Leftovers are packed in a box and put in the coat and hat. Because there is no way to put them out, the room will look even more nondescript.
In this way, there is no change in Gao Zhiyuan’s house, but both Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan feel different and even feel different.
After all this, both of them are a little tired. Fu Qianfan wants to take a shower and can’t help but want to soak in the bathtub.
Gao Zhiyuan’s bathroom in the room is no stranger to Fu Qianfan, but for the first time, Fu Qianfan is still not used to it, and there are too many personal things in it. Gao Zhiyuan’s usual shower gel Gao Zhiyuan shampoo Gao Zhiyuan razor Gao Zhiyuan toothbrush is now next to her.
From today on, she officially entered the cohabitation life with Gao Zhiyuan. S city is not a Ming city because she lived soon. This is her and Gao Zhiyuan theorists.
When she went to blind date with Jiang Jinan, Gao Zhiyuan secretly followed her and deliberately said that she lived with him. I didn’t expect Gao Zhiyuan to be right.
"What took you so long?" When Fu Qianfan recalled the past, Gao Zhiyuan didn’t know when he came in and returned to her. Now she is wearing nothing.
Fu Qianfan quickly grabbed a towel and the towel floated on the water and didn’t know where to stop it. However, Fu Qianfan felt that it was better than nothing. "Go out and wait for a while. I’ll be fine soon."
Gao Zhiyuan didn’t listen to Fu Qianfan, but also took off his clothes and looked at Gao Zhiyuan’s left pants. Fu Qianfan nervously asked, "Gao Zhiyuan, what are you doing?"
Gao Zhiyuan lifted his legs and took off his pants. "It can save time to wash it together." With that, he stepped into the bathtub.
Fu Qian Van Gogh Zhiyuan picked up his waistband and covered his eyes with a bath towel for a second. When he heard Gao Zhiyuan enter the bathtub, Qian Fan also dared not let go of his hands for fear of accidentally hitting him.
The bathtub was full of water, and when Gao Zhiyuan came in, he spilled half of it. Gao Zhiyuan opened it and let the hot water flow slowly.
Gao Zhiyuan also sat in the bathtub. Fortunately, the bathtub is big enough, even if two people sit, it is not too crowded. Gao Zhiyuan can put his legs straight, but Fu Qianfan took his legs back. Fu Qianfan can still open his legs like an innocent person when he sits down.
Fu Qianfan hesitated whether to get up or not. Anyway, there is no way to wash it now, but she has nothing on her body and is soaked with bath towels, which means she has to be naked.
On second thought, it’s not like Gao Zhiyuan hasn’t seen her body naked. It’s always more than taking a shower with Gao Zhiyuan.
Fu Qianfan, who was holding the edge of the bathtub with his hand, remembered that the other hand was pulled over, so the whole person slipped to Gao Zhiyuan.
Fu Qian-fan couldn’t care less about two people. He opened his eyes and stared angrily at Gao Zhiyuan, but Gao Zhiyuan smiled at Fu Qian-fan.
"What are you laughing at?" Fu Qianfan was angry. When she saw Gao Zhiyuan laughing, she lost half of her leg, which was embarrassing enough.
"I have come in, let’s wash it together." Gao Zhiyuan gave Fu Qianfan a finger one by one, and looked at Fu Qianfan with a new and handsome look.
There is also a voice in my heart that has been urging her, "If you follow Gao Zhiyuan, anyway, you will face Gao Zhiyuan sooner or later. What resistance do you have? If you follow him, throw yourself into Gao Zhiyuan’s arms. Don’t you want to?"
Finally, Fu Qianfan didn’t leave, but Gao Zhiyuan certainly won’t take a bath because of taking a bath. He wants to do a lot of things.
I’ve been back in Z for almost a month, and my busy life has gradually followed the rhythm.
Fu Qianfan’s cohabitation with Gao Zhiyuan has also been carried out in an orderly manner. Gao Zhiyuan will do everything he can to live with Fu Qianfan, and Fu Qianfan can really feel it.
Gao Zhiyuan became very busy after he started work, but even if Gao Zhiyuan was busy, he sometimes worked until the early hours of the morning, but once he was in bed, Gao Zhiyuan would become particularly fierce. Anyone who had to pretend to be particularly pathetic would control a little, but once he got it, he would get it back with interest.
The biggest headache for Fu Qianfan is that Gao Zhiyuan pushes out new tricks. It’s true that Gao Zhiyuan can’t figure out that creativity and development ability make Fu Qianfan’s teeth itch.
Fu Qianfan quickly forgot WenZhiRu when WenZhiRu also quietly came to Z city, but it’s not that no one knows that there is her Liu Hena when she picks up the plane.
"Zhi Rujie" Liu Hena shook her arm toward Wen Zhiru vigorously, and she was so happy that she didn’t know the situation. People still knew that Wen Zhiru and Liu Hena were true sisters.
Wen Zhiru saw Liu Hena from a distance with sunglasses. This time, she came to Z city, and Liu Hena knew about it except at home, and she will come to Z city to Liu Hena, which is a great contribution.
Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan’s affair Wen Zhiru had been watched by people. One day, Liu Hena suddenly looked for her in secret.
At the beginning, Wen Zhiru didn’t know what Liu Hena wanted to tell her. Wen Zhiru, a Liu Hena "Yuansheng" worker, knew it, which is why Wen Zhiru kept in touch with Liu Hena. Someone in Yuansheng is better than nothing.
But Liu Hena didn’t play anything. Every time he called Wen Zhiru, he didn’t talk about business. He always pulled some miscellaneous things, such as which woman was so hateful and which woman bought the collection bag she wanted. If Wen Zhiru didn’t take the initiative, Gao Zhiyuan Liu Hena would never take the initiative to say it, even if he said it, it wouldn’t mean much.
Liu Hena likes Gao Zhiyuan and Wen Zhiru knows that women who like Gao Zhiyuan never like Liu Hena, but Gao Zhiyuan won’t like Liu Hena. Wen Zhiru knows very well that Liu Hena can’t compare with the slightest bit that Gao Zhiyuan would see Liu Hena.

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