After Lazio beat Werder Bremen 4 times at home, the China Lazio fans gathering forum was also full of all kinds of happy posts.

Dong Qiudi looked at these posts in the forum and went through them one by one, from the main post to the thread.
But he doesn’t reply, he just reads it.
Just like this, he feels very good.
Did he ever think that there would be today a few years ago?
I have been a Lazio fan for more than ten years, and I began to like this team from a classic blue jersey of Lazio.
Follow Lazio through highs and lows.
But I never dared to think that there would be such a glorious moment.
The passionate words in the forum also stirred his mind.
He looked at these words and suddenly a bold idea came to his mind.
Go to Italy, go to Rome!
I’m going to Vermelot to watch a winning training class. I’m going to watch a Lazio game in the north stand of the Olympic Stadium in Rome!
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Dong Qiudi dream
夜网论坛Dong Qiudi made up his mind and became a little discouraged after five minutes.
At the thought of going abroad, he still needs a passport and a visa, but what should I do? And where did you get so much money? Besides, he doesn’t know Italian. What if he is kidnapped? I heard that there are quite a lot of triads in Italy … and what should I do if I go to Italy to work for myself? Will the boss approve the leave? If I tell him I’m going to Italy to watch the game, I’m sure I’ll be treated as a psycho, right?
The more Dong Qiudi thinks about it, the more worried he is that all kinds of doubts have emerged from his mind, like pouring rain, trying to extinguish the flame in his heart.
The group I’m going to Rome! The fire is teetering and may go out at any moment.
It seems to have gone out in the end.
All fell silent.
Dong Qiudi looked at the screen full of ecstasy words again, and he suddenly got excited.
He silently dropped the webpage.
He doesn’t know what to do before sitting in his head.
I’m not even interested in watching the video of football match, which is my favorite at ordinary times.
He likes football and watches football, but China can see only a few leagues.
So the number of games can’t satisfy him completely.
Although he is a Lazio fan, he also likes to watch football matches, not only in Lazio, but also in Super League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1, Ligue 1 and Bajia.
These are video broadcasts.
He will watch it whether it is broadcast or not.
He bought a satellite pot cover and secretly installed it on the roof of his house to receive foreign TV stations. He was very interested in all national leagues. He even watched the Malaysian League … Russian League, Turkish League, Norwegian League, Su Chao, Portuguese Super League and Dutch League … He watched all these leagues in this way.
He is keen on watching the game because he likes to make various analyses while watching the game.
For example, analyze the starting bursts of both sides and the tactics of both sides
Later, he regarded this as a small game. He would guess the tactical arrangement of the two coaches and then see if he guessed correctly according to the game.
There are right and wrong, and he enjoys it.
Just like some people like playing mahjong, some people like reading comics, some people like playing online games, some people like playing football and Dong Qiudi likes watching football.
This is his only pastime after work.
He doesn’t smoke, drink, socialize or work alone in this unfamiliar city, and he doesn’t have any good friends.
When he returns to his rented home after work every day, he will turn on the TV to watch the competitions in various countries.
When there is no competition, he will go online to dive in various fan nets, forums and Q groups.
Then I call my parents in my distant hometown once a week to report my peace of mind.
He spends all his spare time watching football games.
He can spend the whole weekend here.

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