A long time ZhuangYan said "since you two decided to get back together … then please move out! This is my house! "

It’s not just that Zhuang Junhui glared at Nie Yutong, but it’s also messy. God, if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes and heard it with her own ears, she couldn’t believe that Zhuang Yan was so stingy. Just because she was with Zhuang Junhui, he immediately drove people away! Is this Zhuang Yan? That generous and gentle brother!
"Ha, no way!" Where is Zhuang Junhui willing to move out? It’s full of the fruits of his and Nie Yutong’s labor, which can’t be bought for much money. Besides, if she moves to a new home, she will reclaim the vegetable garden and orchard again. All those manual jobs are hard for him to do. It’s hard to make the garden take shape and ask them to move out. "I’ll tell my parents to let them judge! You hide your brother-in-law here and keep it a secret. I finally found two couples and made up as before. If you don’t match up as a big brother, you will even drive us away! "
Said ZhuangJunHui take mobile phone ready to complain.
"Don’t talk!" Nie Yutong was afraid that things would make a big deal. What if Zhuang Fu and Zhuang Mu knew that they were brothers and she had an argument again? "Junhui, let’s move!"
How much is still a little sad! It turns out that she doesn’t belong to her family and is in danger of being expelled at any time. Although Zhuang Yan is so elegant and gentle on weekdays, she is very sad and sad when she turns her face over.
For a moment, she had an unshakable idea-buy her own house will never be driven away!
Seeing Nie Yutong take the initiative to move, Zhuang Junhui immediately came back with a look. She agreed to move out, so she broke up with Zhuang Yan. From then on, he no longer worried that Zhuang Yan secretly dared her.
"Listen to you!" Zhuang Junhui happily kissed Nie Yutong’s cheek and said lightly, "Your husband Ma can buy you a bigger house than this … but the vegetable garden and orchard need to be rearranged!"
It is hard to work as a coolie, but there is no denying that he is willing to go through this kind of hard work again if he wants to make her happy, although he is bitter and sweet with her.
Zhuang Yan was silent and his eyes were deeply sad. Is this what he wants? No, he didn’t mean to drive her away. He hated her for easily defecting and saying that she didn’t love Zhuang Junhui anymore, but she returned to his arms so easily after Zhuang Junhui found her.
It pains him to think of the two of them tumbling together in the garden just now, and he is angry at being cheated and fooled.
Her principle and reserve were originally aimed at him, but she was very casual when facing Zhuang Junhui.
When he came to his senses and found that Zhuang Junhui was calling someone to move, he suddenly realized what he had just said. Oh, my God, he even exported to drive her away! He swore it wasn’t his intention!
"Don’t move!" ZhuangYan hurriedly opened his mouth to stop, "I just said angry words at the moment! Yutong likes it here … I’ll just give it to her! "
Nie Yutong’s look at his pretty face is still like a cage frost, and it is not slightly sunny because of his generosity.
"Ha you gave it to her? !” Zhuang Junhui glared at Zhuang Yan angrily. "Who wants it!"
"I don’t want to ask Yutong. I didn’t say I would give it to you!" Growing up, Zhuang Yan always let his younger brother, but this time he argued with him.
"Bah! It’s just a small villa! I can buy a bigger house for her now if I want! But the vegetable garden and orchard here are finally sorted out. Look at my hand! " Zhuang Junhui stretched out his hands full of blood bubbles, which was more a demonstration to Zhuang Yan than a show off to him. "I worked for Yutong and my hands were blistered!" It’s unkind of you to say that you want to drive us away now! "
"Who said to catch you … I said you are not welcome to live here! I still hope that Yu Tong can live here! " Zhuang Yan took a conscious look at Nie Yutong here, but his heart was cold, and she still didn’t ease her face. That tight face was really gorgeous.
"Our husband and wife are together!" Zhuang Junhui quickly declared that he was intimate with Nie Yutong and confidently said, "If you move away, move away together!" After that, he looked carefully at Nie Yutong and asked softly, "Yutong, right?"
His confidence is not enough. Although Nie Yutong has been improved these days, he is still in the inspection period, and Nie Yutong has not formally accepted him.
Nie Yutong bit his lip and thought for a long time before opening his mouth to Zhuang Yan. "Brother, if I am with Zhuang Junhui, won’t you let me live here?"
"no! That’s not what I meant! " Zhuang Yanlian denied, "I didn’t mean to kick you out! You can stay as long as you like … I can give you this house! Anyway, I don’t live! "
Speaking of which, I can’t help but feel very depressed. If he really wants to abandon everything and live in seclusion with her in this villa, it’s a pity that the consequences will be … Think about it!
There is no denying that he is jealous of his younger brother because he has a legitimate name. If he has had enough fun, he can turn back again! According to Nie Yutong’s current reaction, it is a matter of time for his younger brother to continue to insist on getting a beautiful woman back, but he is married and her uncle, so how can he make a positive result with her?
品茶论坛I am depressed at the thought of this! If only she were not his sister-in-law! He will divorce Shu Ya and marry her! But her identity is there. If he insists on marrying his sister-in-law, won’t it become a big joke in Yuncheng? Don’t say that his face to the outside world is the laughing stock of Yuncheng.
Section 21
During this time, he spent every day struggling with his heart and intestines, but he could resist her.
How he wished that she could obey him and not live here silently with him, but he knew it was impossible! Because Nie Yutong attaches great importance to fame! There is a saying that my brother is right. If Nie Yutong is willing to be a mistress, it will not be his turn. Zhuang Yan could have kept her at the beginning!
Zhuang Junhui wouldn’t have agreed to marry her if she hadn’t been taken! My brother is a master in love, and even Nie Yutong can’t figure out how strong her soft appearance hides.
"Eldest brother, can I buy this house?" Nie Yutong pleaded seriously, "I really like it here! If eldest brother is willing to give up what he loves, Yu Tong will be grateful! "
"buy?" ZhuangYan stare immediately, "I said I can give it to you! Besides, I don’t lack this money! "
"But not by lu! How can I accept your gift for nothing! That’s it! I bought it! " Nie Yutong’s watery eyes blink and blink, and I feel sad. "Brother, will you help me this time?"
Zhuang Yan insisted that "I can sell it to you if I give it to you!"
"I dare not ask for it if you give it to me!" Nie Yutong was very distressed. "Why should I accept such a generous gift from you!"
"Hey Zhuang Yan, don’t you want to exchange this broken house for Yu Tong’s commitment to you?" Zhuang Junhui opened his brother viciously and was extremely indignant. "Yu Tong said that if you want to buy it, you will sell it! Cheer up! How much money I will pay! "
"It’s Yutong who wants you to pay for what he wants to buy!" ZhuangYan super depressed he turned to ask Nie Yutong "Yutong, you said you want to buy this house, do you have money? Still want Zhuang Junhui to pay! If so, what are you talking about? Can you be physically committed to him? "
This is very sharp and directly makes Nie Yutong blush with shame.
"Of course, I paid! I am her husband, and I am good at buying what she likes! " Zhuang Junhui quickly took out his identity as a husband to declare his own interests and righteousness. "We are husband and wife!"
"Yutong, I want you to answer!" ZhuangYan pretend not to hear my brother’s words is watching Nie Yutong continue to ask.
Nie Yutong summoned up his courage and finally said, "I want Junhui to lend me money to buy this house! If I decide to accept him after half a year, I don’t have to pay him back! If I still decide to divorce after half a year, I will give him this house! "
Both brothers were stunned by her suggestion! Who says this girl is inexperienced? According to her, it’s almost a one-way ticket, and Zhuang Junhui is back together. It’s her that he bought it! After breaking up with Zhuang Junhui, she will return the house to him and will not be in debt anyway.
"Big brother?" Nie Yutong asked timidly, afraid of being rejected.
Zhuang Yan finally nodded with difficulty. He sadly found that maybe there is no possibility between him and Nie Yutong!
"Thank you, Big Brother!" Nie Yutong was so happy that he smiled sweetly.
The woman’s smile was so sweet that she instantly killed both the twins.
Property ownership certificate and purchase invoice are put in the safe of this house. Zhuang Yan went to take them and gave them to Nie Yutong. "Just follow the purchase invoice price!" I will sell it to you as much as I buy it! "
Nie Yutong looked at the invoice of more than 4.7 million, which was six years ago, and now the price has soared to less than 7 million! "Eldest brother, you add some money! The house has appreciated! "
"What about appreciation again? Do I still have to earn your money? " Zhuang Yan looked at Nie Yutong with some resentment. She asked Zhuang Junhui to buy this house for her, but it was so welcome to him! Not only do you have to pay him money, but you have to ask him to add some money. Is it so mercenary in his or her eyes?
"Eldest brother, that’s not what I mean! Sorry! " Nie Yutong bowed her head in shame. She thought it was too simple! I want to buy this house, but I forget the price problem. Zhuang Yan’s character makes his original price base increase, which is a naked shame for him, but if she doesn’t increase the price, she won’t take advantage of him in vain.
"If you and Junhui get back together after half a year! Even if I am a big brother in this house, I will show you a little care! If you don’t get back together, this room will live a glorious life! Generally speaking, it will not fall into the hands of outsiders! So how can I increase the price again? " Zhuang Yan looked at Nie Yutong’s uneasy face and asked softly, "Are you right, Yutong?"
NieYuTong savor ZhuangYan words deeply makes sense and nodded "all right! Just follow the big brother! "
Xia Xue sent Jimmy ten vaccines along with the vaccines, and she drew 300 ml of blood, all of which were put in a refrigerator and shipped back to Myanmar with the 2 million scientific research fund.
Jimmy is an excellent doctor. He is more creative than the local doctors in Myanmar, and he is familiar with the local virus epidemic. It is sure that he will get twice the result with half the effort to develop vaccines.
Xia Xue compensated him for the raw materials needed to develop the vaccine, and promised that if the vaccine was successful, she wouldn’t rob him of the work. Count him as a person!
With such favorable conditions, I believe Jimmy should be able to take care and go all out! After all, if the vaccine problem is solved, it will make him rich and famous.
"Xia Xue, you are very generous!" Jimmy said half seriously and half jokingly, "If it succeeds, do I really have to calculate the results of my experiment alone?"
"Of course!" Xia Xue definitely replied, "If you are going to succeed, absolutely no one will rob you! The key is your success! "
"Well, I’ll try!" Jimmy sounded happy and said, "honey, you are like an angel!" "

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