She’s mine.

Tang Jixiu said it naturally and honestly, and he didn’t want to deliberately hide it from Shen Sixun. Qi Cancan was so right for the first time. He dared to look directly at his emotions so deeply that he almost believed that people like him shouldn’t have such emotions. His family brought him too much pressure. He didn’t even talk about breathing space and had extra energy to invest in other things.
Don’t talk too much. If you really had the ability, you wouldn’t have pushed her to me.
Ji Tang xiu, are you afraid, but I’m not afraid of JiCancan stepping into Shenyang, and I’m not going to let her go again.
Shen Sixun heaved a sigh of relief and raised my hand in some annoyance to untie the tie on his chest.
But I won’t be as tough as you. When everything is over, I will give her a choice. Do you think she will still choose you?
Shen Sixun didn’t hit Tang Jixiu every word.
As before, he wouldn’t worry. He firmly believes that Qi Cancan loves himself, and this feeling is not so easily destroyed. Too many people can easily intervene in their grievances.
But now he’s a little hesitant. He’s just a passerby for now.
Ji Tang cultivate one’s morality slightly stiff he narrowed his eyes indifferently replied.
I’ll remind her.
Shen Sixun’s eyes sank a little. If he hadn’t seen Tang Jixiu’s chest still wrapped in gauze, it would be hard for him to imagine that this man would be willing to pay Qi Cancan. But Tang Jixiu is also cruel. It is not a rational thing to uncover the past numbers regardless of whether Qi Cancan really has amnesia.
But he is not qualified to influence others’ thoughts.
Who will win the battle has not been decided yet.
The next evening, Shen Sixun asked his assistant to buy a dozen balloons and send them to JiCancan ward.
JiCancan surprisedly looking at a balloon chest slightly stuffy Shen Sixun Ji Tang fix this exactly the same, give a slap a candy and expect her to be grateful. She’d like to cooperate and be happy, but she can’t make an expression.
Shen Sixun, you coax children
Shen Sixun pursed his lips and smiled. He sat beside JiCancan’s bed. He picked it up and shoved it into her arms and rubbed her head.
Do you like it?
In the past, she would take some intimate actions of Shen Sixun for granted, but now she will feel hypocritical.
She quietly abandoned the balloon and brought a glass of water to her mouth. When her throat was slightly refreshed, she slowly replied.
约茶don’t like it
Shen Sixun didn’t feel embarrassed, so he opened the view conveniently.
Do you still go to Down’s class after discharge?
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Only by getting close to the Tang family can she be completely sure that she will be defeated.
The video gradually covered up their unpleasant conversation, and no one could see the subtitles on the screen. After that, Qi Cancan froze in place and his hands began to tremble uncontrollably.
According to the survey, these video clips of Q actress’s dissolute private life on the Internet are a small part of her longterm being supported by a mysterious boss, which makes people think.
Maybe it’s speculation. After all, it’s an expansion of the deductive scope to follow the open policy and change the pure route in this era. Whether the exposure is good or bad is what stars need most, so I don’t think it will be too interesting.
The actress surnamed Q recently said that she was ill and rarely appeared in the camera. Her economic company has not responded for a long time. Presumably, the video event has made us expect her to explain.
The two hosts maliciously speculated on the unwarranted Kan Kan and gave some harsh smiles if there were any during the talks.
JiCancan grabbed Shen Sixun’s remote control with bated breath.
Filthy words echoed in her ears, and she felt cold and hugged her shoulder.
Don’t look
Shen Sixun sank regardless of JiCancan stop directly pulled out the source.
Video? What video?
JiCancan murmured his eyes and gradually became sour. Recalling Hu Zhanglin’s wretched expression, he was still concerned.

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