There are some things that she has to predict one step at a time, and it is only reasonable to prevent them before they happen.

I rented a snowproof, darkiceproof offroad vehicle and a driver. A total of five people packed a car and boarded it. I also started a colorful tracing tour.
The road leading to those Dashanli villages is particularly difficult to walk, and even the county road is not narrow. After adding snow, the mud will walk two villages all day.
When it gets dark, the car will last for one night.
The same is true the next day, but when I meet the village, I will find someone to rest, or I will not sleep well if the car is too crowded.
For several days in a row, Yu Se has gained nothing.
The guide, the invited driver and the accompanying security guards are naturally the socalled ones who are responsible for leading the way. She is content to find someone, and they are not in a hurry.
Anyway, they will do things for one day if Yucai gives them money for one day.
Yu Sean soothed the children and told them that Ji Weiyan told them that they were busy and didn’t have time to answer his words, so Ji Weiyan wouldn’t call the children often.
And the most headache for her is not Ji Weiyan but Jane Extraordinary.
He has called every morning, noon and night since she turned on the phone, but he hasn’t called. Even if he can locate the phone, he can’t be sure where she will be in an hour.
The Yucai people are always on the move.
Jane is very difficult to find her.
Half a month has passed in an instant.
Yu Se didn’t calculate how much money she spent, but the salaries of guides, drivers and security guards are all paid once a day. They are willing to follow, but they are unwilling to follow her, so they invite others. After all, it was a bit interesting to follow her at first. It’s been more than ten days since she left, not to mention others. Even she is very interesting, and the middle of the mountain is not easy to walk. The car is extremely bumpy and occasionally it has to walk, otherwise the car can’t cross the slope.
Miss Yu, I’m sure a village will find the person you are looking for. The guide surnamed Feng assured her again and again that someone from our village went to this village to find a teacher. It is said that this village teacher is very good and will drive away the bodies.
Yushe nodded, Take a chance. She actually found a cup teacher in another village, but the level was too low, even lower than that of Li Yafang. You invited a cup teacher, and there was no root to rule out Li Yafang’s cup.
桑拿按摩Yes, I also know that there is a teacher named Jiang Zhong in this village. Shili Village has come to see her. This person is very famous and I think it will do.
The driver and others also echoed.
Yu Se didn’t say anything about it for more than half a month, but when she found Li Yafang, the teacher stopped talking and shook her head.
It turns out that Li Yafang is also a famous teacher who lived in this area when she came, and then she rarely came back when she married in a village outside the county, but all the master teachers in this county know her.
But Yu Se also knows that Li Ya’s name is very smelly. She is the kind of person who dares to ask the other party for money. Wouldn’t that help the bad guys and hurt the good guys?
She helped Ruan Feifei and harmed Ji Weiyan, which is an example.
Professional ethics really needs to be put on the table, otherwise people will be confused if there is a little thing.
The SUV finally pulled into the village.
The small village was surrounded by seven children as soon as Bu Yi, an offroad vehicle, entered the village. The children danced around Che Huantuo and welcomed her with excitement.
It is even more because they seldom go out of this village and see outsiders. As soon as they see people from other villages, they feel particularly fresh.
The driver stopped at the entrance of a house in the east of the village. This is the guide’s meaning. Miss Yu, I remember this is the house. This old woman is in her fifties, but it’s extremely difficult. Let’s get in the car.
I don’t know how many times I’ve come to see the teacher, and Yu Se’s mentality has long been peaceful. If I meet someone, I’ll keep looking. Anyway, she believes that there will always be a teacher who is better than Li Yafang.
Then everything will be solved.
Goo goo goo goo goo goo ….. The courtyard door is unlocked. The metaphor of calling chickens to feed chickens is also used to it. Whether it is cold or not, every family in these deep mountains feeds chickens like this. It sounds very peasant. She likes to hear it.
Hello, granny Yu Se entered the hospital respectfully and was feeding the hen granny to say hello.
Granny wears ordinary clothes, but as the old saying goes, a wise head never looks down on everyone who looks ordinary.
Hello, you are … Yu’s dress and temperament are just not people at first sight. This is what she wants to disguise, and she doesn’t want to disguise herself. Grandma looks at her eyes and becomes wary.
Oh, I’m here to invite a master. In Yu’s smiling eyes, it means that she has never seen Li Yafang, but before she came here, she also met several women who showed some feelings about the characteristics of her body. As soon as she saw this woman, she decided that she was surnamed Jiang, and she was naturally polite.
Master? What master grandma stopped feeding the chickens and looked at Yu color curiously.
Yu Se turned around and took two bottles of wine, two boxes of snacks and some fruits from the guide. Grandma, these are for you.
This ….. this how not bashful? Please sit in the house quickly. Grandma looked at Yu Se’s hand and didn’t pick it up, but invited her into the house.
You’re welcome to be cold outside. As the grandmother entered the red brick and green tile family.
This house is the best in this village.
The appearance and interior decoration of several people she passed by were all taken advantage of, so it was said that this small family had a good life, but the only one in the village had a good life, which showed that Grandma’s business was good and there must be many people looking for her before she could earn money to build a house.
Of course, these are metaphorical speculations.
But making money proves that grandma’s skill is superb.
Only 100 will make money.
Mom, who’s driving outside? Yu Se and Grandma just sat down before the hot water was poured. Just outside the door came a young man with a height of about 15, a slender figure and a handsome face. Visually, it was only twentyfive years old at most. It was this grandmother.
Oh, it’s this young lady, Ah Biao. Come and say hello. Grandma waved her hand and said hello to the man in the past.
Hello A Biao walked to the front of Yu Se and politely held out his hand. A pair of black pupil eyes explored and looked at Yu Se, and he couldn’t move his eyes any more.
Section 532
Hello Yu Se didn’t think much about sending it by hand, so Ah Biao held hands together. The male hand was very big and thick, and a thin layer of cocoon rubbed against Yu Se’s hand slightly, but it didn’t let go at the moment.
Yu Se is slightly annoyed that no matter how open the modern society is, she is still unwilling to break her hand by a strange man who just met, but she is wrong. The man holds her hand tightly and won’t let her break it. Miss, what’s your name? He didn’t let go but asked questions.
Oh, the surname Yu Yu Se earned again. This time, she increased her strength. If she didn’t want something from Grandma, she would really turn around and leave.
This surname is rare. Hehe, this is the first time I’ve met someone named Yu. Sit down and I’ll make tea. Probably, I saw Yu’s small hand all the time. He finally let go of Yu’s hand and turned to make tea.
Grandma looked a little embarrassed. Miss Yu, I’m such a jerk, don’t pay attention to her. So the two chatted.
After a while, Ah Biao made tea. Tea is good Tieguanyin. This tea is very good. Ah Biao pushed a cup of tea to Yu Se and politely advised him.
Thank you is a polite and alienated thank you for Ah Biao, who is a little wary.
It won’t be a shame for you to find my mother, will it? O puma just sat down and asked for Yu color.
Chapter 775 Fanwai Dye Combination (31)
This is a metaphor. No, she was thinking about how to bring the topic to the teacher without being abrupt. I didn’t expect this to be a solution for her. Hehe, you guessed it right.
This is where I have to guess that you are not a local person, so coming to our village to come to my home all the way, except for this purpose, won’t be a sideline. A Biao’s analysis is very embarrassing.
Is it disturbing?
Miss Yu, I’m really sorry. If you really have a cup of tea, you’re afraid you won’t be able to do it this year. I don’t want grandma to take the words and say with a full face of apology
oh? What? Yu color frown this just some hope don’t want to she didn’t say is to offer them a solution, the other party politely refused.
Well, I can’t have more than twelve cups a year. If I do, it will do harm to my health. I have already taken more jobs this year, so I can’t take them for the time being.
Yu color turned to look at Feng’s guide, and he nodded to Yu color as expected, which proved that Grandma didn’t blather her that this was true.
Grandma, what about solving the cup? Can’t you even solve the cup? Yu Se asked anxiously.
This …
That’s no good. My mother has been in poor health. If anything goes wrong because of this, I’ll regret it. Grandma was stopped when she wanted to talk.
Yu Se frowned and a little face was entangled with Grandma, is this really the case? I don’t know why she doesn’t believe what A Biao said.

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