Wu Hehe smiled and said, Don’t worry about this. Take me to see it then. Anyway, it’s just a testimony to our friendship. At least now I don’t hate you so much, do I?

Okay, okay, the seas run dry and the rocks crumble … friendship Ace Cadal promised but felt that the emotional threat of chest tightness really felt bad.
Ace Cadal chatted for half an hour before she knew it.
From 12: 00 to 12: 00, the masked legion guys started to line up one after another. I have to say that these guys are still quite punctual. In fact, the error from the first line to the last line is not more than two minutes, which is almost synchronized.
Behind the line, everyone noticed that Ace Cadal around Wu was far from near at once, but when he saw that Ace Cadal didn’t even look at them, Wu had no intention to attack, and then he gradually relented and turned to Wu with envy and curiosity.
Finally, at the urging of everyone, I blew the earliest knowledge of Wu into the masked legion department and blew a cow flying all over the sky. You laughed and gathered around Wu with everyone’s curiosity and entrustment. Yu Guang secretly looked at Ace Cadal and asked a puzzling question, Big Brother, should this white tiger be male or female?
Ah? Wu Gen didn’t react.
… Stone is sitting upright, pretending that the Sphinx is like the tiger body of Ace Cadal and almost fell from the stone.
… The crowd dropped all over the floor. Who asked you to ask this? We asked you to ask what the origin of this white tiger was.
Laugh seriously when you are a bitch and continue, Eldest brother, I have learned that you are not a human being from the body of the Lord Vivian, so I just want to study whether you have this lethality to the female np or … both sexes take it all to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and ten besieged!
You can laugh at a base. How many strange ideas are there in your head? A normal person, Wu Lunru, can’t know, but how huge this cargo brain hole is. Everyone in the masked legion has learned all about it. They were all petrified on the spot.
The only regret is that everyone covered their faces when they came to the line. Now the danger has not been lifted, and everyone still covers their faces and can’t see how strange their expressions are.
Of course, when you are a bitch, you will smile and toot your face. At the same time, you will once again learn from the Queen’s fierce enemy.
But after a bad cold, Wu still briefly describes the origin and identity of an Ace Cadal, and even if you answer a cheap question, you can laugh at it, and if you want to explain the identity and origin of Ace Cadal, it is natural to talk about Bai Hucheng and Bai Hucheng dialect, so the [posture alliance] thing will be said together.
After a few minutes, all the people except Vivian have got a general understanding of the plan of Wu Suo, who was behind their line yesterday. Moreover, the establishment of the [posture alliance] and the selection of the station of Baihucheng have already made a big news in the forum, and many people have heard about it. The reaction is not so big, but there are still some questions about the details.
First of all, the question is that the thieves in the former Juxian Building The Great God is not that we don’t want to follow you, nor that we don’t want to join your guild … You also know that we are all from Juxian Building, and the president of Northwest Cang Lang has always been kind to us. If we do this without the consent of the president of Northwest Cang Lang, it would be tantamount to betraying the guild, right?
Even if you want to go back now, do you dare to be the president of Northwest Cang Lang? Wu ha ha smiled and said, You can rest assured that I have informed your president that you can ask him at any time, and after joining the posture league, it will not be bound to you. You can leave and return to Juxian Building at any time after you have made sure that you are safe. You don’t need to have psychological burden. Just treat the posture league as a hot spring for soaking red names. Maybe I will kick you out if you don’t want to go then.
Although it seems like a joke, it’s really hard to say this. After all, the posture alliance is now a prodigal family, and these people have joined the posture alliance because they may really need to get rid of the masked legion personnel department then.
Wu words are said to this copy of the original 【 Juxian Building 】 thieves naturally have nothing to be difficult, and they all nodded with laughter.
Then the original [Crusader] Buer Bunker published this view. The director heard you just said that after we joined the [Posture League], we will not be attacked by guards, no matter how red our name is, but we will be protected by guards. It is really suitable for soaking up red names, but how are we going to get to White Tiger City? It’s obviously not feasible to send some messages through the cloud city. After all, we definitely can’t get into the cloud city, so we will walk to the White Tiger City. If that’s the case, why don’t we start and talk at once?
This question is a bit of a brain waiting to see my big move. Wu wagged his finger mysteriously and smiled. I’m not in a hurry. I’m ready. Please help me add everyone to the [posture alliance] first. Just wait for a moment to witness the miracle. Look, okay, hey hey.
夜网论坛After that, Wu gave Buer Bunker a guild income limit through the guild interface and handed over the job to him.
What witnessed the miracle moment? Do you fly directly? They wondered, but seeing Wu smiling without saying a word, the bunker could also get busy.
At this time, Wu has been deliberately avoiding Su Mengying. Finally, he has to gather together his hands and shake his body behind his back to be cute. He is a little embarrassed to add a very personal question. Hey, it’s strange. Why didn’t Wei follow you today? Didn’t she never leave like your shadow before?
Her question has long been noticed by everyone present. Vivian, a cute little girl who is dull in MengMeng but has superior strength, has long been impressed by the bright performance of the former monster in the siege. How can she forget it? However, this problem doesn’t need them to worry about. It’s also a hundred sisters and a hundred masked legions. This hundred people can arrange it properly. What’s more, her sister?
And whether it’s a family matter or not, it always gives people a sense of ulterior motives if a bunch of big men ask such questions … It seems to everyone that this question is difficult to ask and there is no need to ask it at all.
Knowing Wei’s true identity early in the morning, the queen’s adult poked her elbow, and you laughed at it. The novel said, What did the queen say? This little Su lin xi is interested in Baiyi, otherwise why do you care so much about this problem and you see that she is pretending to be cute?
As soon as you are embarrassed, you smile and rub your face and quickly agree, Your Majesty said that she will unify the rivers and lakes for the Queen for thousands of years!
Well, Wei, she … Wu smiled awkwardly at Su Mengying’s question and was thinking of a reasonable reason …
Suddenly in the distance, an abrupt and got sound came up.
Wow, that is to say, there are quite a few masked legions that make the major guilds frightened.
It’s that sound again! Wu Er moved and immediately recognized who the bearer was!
All the masked legions are also hurriedly looking for the sound. It doesn’t matter if they look back. Except for their backs against the towering mountain walls, the other three sides are already crowded with people. These heads are all under the name of a guildthe day is vying for favor!
The first person Gherardini looked at them and still maintained a playful look. The title of the head is even more like standing out from the crowdwho else can be the title of the president of the competition for favor?
Just as the first two thieves who were assigned by Itime Xiongxiong to stay here chew their tongues said, since the invasion of the undead army ended yesterday, the masked army did not follow the agreed travel promise but went straight to the line. Itime Xiongxiong immediately realized that he had been fooled by the 11 th one, and the whole person went into a violent state, and he was not thinking about peeling Wu and cramping at all times.
Later, through the announcement, he discovered that Wu didn’t have a line to be promoted to level 2 first, and then he established a posture alliance and stationed in White Tiger City, which made the hatred in his heart even more out of control. He upgraded Wu’s idea of skinning and cramping to a level of frustration in minutes, but how can he clean up the eleventh?

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