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Is it the most crucial time for Lu Zhan that four people besieged him or chose to stop the attack calmly and decisively?

It was too late for the fans to hit the land exhibition after cheering the hammer stone hook, but a few microseconds made the difference between heaven and earth.
If Panson dies first, no one in the China team can hit the dead song, so they can hide and rely on their bodies to continue to recover and release the blue medicine.
But now it is the dead song that dies first, killing the dead song, killing the residual lions, dogs, hammers, stones and trees that have been attacked more or less.
Opposite the four men, four to two, leaving a single order and assisting Lu Zhan, who lost his combat ability, disturbed the four men to attack and let them endure.
If Dashu didn’t have a big move to protect it, the situation might be even worse for South Korea.
Have grown up, Pan Sen will become their hidden trouble wherever he goes.
Daddy frowns, Xiaolong is better, and the output target is changed to his head. However, it is estimated that his lion and dog are not strong enough to resist the two dragons, so they will retreat immediately.
Shy quickly moved forward, and the tree resisted Xiaolong’s injury. Two small flowers at Xiaolong’s foot annoyed him.
Madlife is very depressed. It won’t be like this if he hooks up a few seconds earlier.
Dade, if the dead song had a little more blue, things would definitely be different.
But can it be like this?
Lu Zhan never thought about these ifs!
When he fell from the sky, he was determined to make up his mind about the dough!
Except for a short time when he was blocked by the hammer and stone trick, he was always flowing, and Xiaolong became his helper.
He is such a man that four super-class players in South Korea have made great efforts in encirclement and suppression, and their skills have really changed their lives in a perfect wave.
It’s not so much a change of life as a change of two. He has beaten the lion and dog to death, and there is no fighting capacity.
Such a wonderful attack made the field thunderous. Although the team battle is not over, Pan Sen has done well enough.
Similarly, the situation left to teammates after the death of Dan is completely different.
* * * * The mouse stealthed to the lion and dog, and shot twice with the acceleration effect after stealth, and then the lion and dog took the target and aimed at the tree.
Madlife is not willing to let the residual blood mouse kill like this, but his hammer stone can also play a control role in chasing. Besides, he really can’t chase him without flashing and displacement. Why chase the mouse?
Yu Dashu has a binding skill in his hand, but the binding distance is too short. Now he is slowed down by Xiaolong and wants to catch up when he needs it.
Because no one beat Xiaolong back to blood
But no one expected that a little dragon with about one-third blood would actually control the war situation, because no one had hit it all the time. This little dragon simply output tons of heroes and beat them away one by one.
Jiela’s e skill lunged forward and ran towards the two men. The tree and the hammer stone moved to both sides respectively, but they all escaped the blow.
At this time, the mouse also attacked by Jiela to cover * * * * and didn’t miss the output opportunity because he knew that he had to take advantage of this period to suck blood, so he couldn’t resist the skill of one key left without enough blood.
China’s hero is still alive. There is a light on his head. The big move of the dead song has been suppressed for a long time and finally released.
The four people who are still alive are experiencing their own different experiences.
Chasing out far away, in the group of Dao Mei and Widow, Dao Mei was hit by a plane flying a kite and the widow’s blood volume was still sufficient. They were dead songs on their way back, and Dao Mei’s blood volume could not bear the attack.
There is a lot of blood in Jiela, the assistant and ad, but after all, he is a crispy assistant. This big move can collect one-third of his blood at least.
Yu * * * * He is the most dangerous one. * * * He looked up at buff above his head. It was inconvenient for him to attack two people because the tree and the hammer stone were in place. He simply chose Xiaolong to fight.
I can suck as much blood as I can, and I can’t care so much now
桑拿Being driven by the lion and dog first can hit this situation. It’s already done by relying on the ability of land exhibition. I don’t want to be held back.

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