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It is common for every family to have the dead, but if a family receives the resources of the dead and gives them to several owners, it may not be able to go far.

Chapter one hundred and forty-two Strength robbery
If everyone doesn’t cherish life so much, it is likely that they will stand up when they know that they are weak, but they will often not be defeated and ruin their future, that is, they will lose their lives. If they look down on the concept of death and don’t cherish it, there will be no future.
How can we talk about the future when our lives are gone?
Because of this, most real monks live by themselves, uphold the principle of appraisal, and always live by others, and those who rely on breathing will die young.
There are not many powerful old towns, even this family is difficult. The strong people stand in the spiritual world and are based on the Luo family. Presumably, they are not a real noble family. After invading the six realms and repeatedly understanding the distribution of spiritual forces, Jun Qian has never heard of it
Small family find another way to get in is really a lot of gentleman modest thought.
桑拿论坛Huo Jiujian just sent away two families, and here comes another Luo family.
One after another, people arrived, but they didn’t dare to get close to them easily and wait and see in the distance. But they looked at Luo Yi and the body and looked at him with different eyes. Jun Qian can conclude that they are all Luo Yi, and none of them came to watch the fun.
What’s the matter with this product? You gave Luo a humble look.
Just now, he lost the crystal, which should be the emergency contact method. We don’t know it, but it is very effective for them. Come here.
Seeing that there are two more people coming, no one will come again when there are more than ten breaths, Jun Qian can almost conclude that people are coming. Look at this group of people turning to exchange glances with each other. Jun Qian is white. They have probably discussed the countermeasures and assigned workers to save Luo Yi first. It is very likely that he will be tied to Luo Yi again and again.
At this time, although it is difficult to breathe all over, Luo Yi reveals a bit of evil laughter.
Jun Qian frowned without a trace, and his mind moved. He grabbed Luo Yi’s claws and brought people to him. Originally, Luo Yi searched his hands and took out Na Jing, two personal talismans, several talismans and several bottles of emergency life-saving pills.
With a finger of his hand, the two claws grasped Luo Yi’s arms to prevent the other party from suddenly resisting.
Being so caught, Luo Yi groaned in pain and urged everyone to come and save him.
"Are you people who didn’t come here or are you afraid of accidentally injuring your master? I dare not teach this kind of carelessness before. Presumably, your Rockwell family is not much better." Jun Qian Li drinks a way.
Need the support of relatives and friends. It’s time for you to be crazy. You don’t expose their strength at all. Just remove the ban and let others’ bodies be exposed
"You really have a helper." Luo Yi’s eyes landed on Jun Qian’s face, and he found that the powerful power emanating from Jun’s crazy body was not something he could resist at all.
Now, even if you run Xuanli desperately, it is the same.
Now he has lost his previous pride, and he feels that his knees are weak and his body is sore. He can’t tell whether he wants to beg for mercy on his knees or find a chance to run away, but seeing Jun Qian doesn’t seem to mean to let him run away.
The Rocks’ family is keen on keeping the dead, but this group of people are not afraid of death and ignore the safety of their owners, but the monarch is so crazy that even Huo Jiujian and others feel a little unhappy, and others are even more soft-footed and struggling, even though they are not fighting at all.
"How not?" Jun Qian asked in front of him.
Luo Yi shook his head. "If you don’t have the guts, let me go and fight again."
Jun Qian looked at him funny. "Do you think I’m stupid? Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to talk to you?" After saying his word, the left and right claws have disappeared. Hold Luo Yi’s claws and throw Luo Yi far away with one force.
"You can’t wait to peel and cut my bones immediately. How can anyone watch and no one dare to step forward?" Jun Qian said intentionally.
In the face of this kind of Guoguo Hong’s provocation, everyone is unmoved. How can they be used to listening to your modesty and cynicism? Just because you are crazy and deliberately do not add restraint and coercion, let them have to run rapidly to resist Xuanli so as not to kneel on the spot.
At the same time, the seven-point similarity between monarch madness and modesty also makes them more desperate.
This group of onlookers suspected that it was Jun Qian’s helper. They didn’t even see this point. One of the helpers was bottomless, but it was definitely not just a respect. Fortunately, they didn’t make a hasty move, otherwise it would have crushed them to blood.
The Luo family didn’t teach them this kind of situation, so they can leave the young master on the spot and run for his life. If you don’t return it, I’m afraid it’s not just Luo Yi who has to take it in.
With the exception of all the people’s foreheads, a layer of cold sweat and sweat emerged along the sideburns to stay in Pakistan and then fell to their chests. They also exchanged glances to see if Xuanli’s fluctuations seemed to be discussed in sound, but it seemed that no one could make up their minds.
Jun Qian threw Luo Yi out, but it didn’t disappear in a blink of an eye, and claws appeared around Luo Yi again, and the number increased. These claws made Luo Yi struggle one by one.
Claws also fix Luo Yi’s body, but bad will make the other side’s Xuanli run poorly, which means that there is no way to resist the crazy pressure from Jun, and it is likely that Jun Qian will throw him out accidentally, and I am afraid it is not sexual for this reason.
Now he is thrown to a place a little far away from Junkuang. Although coercion still makes him feel severe pain in his bones, it is always better than before.
It was Jun Qian who left the place not only intentionally or intentionally, but also left him half submerged in the water. He had to raise his head very hard to ensure his breathing, otherwise he would choke to death if he could not run Xuanli smoothly to breathe.
Vicious. This is the latest evaluation of Jun Qian by Luo Yi and his wife.
Jun Qian, it seems, is quite appreciative of his bad taste. At Luo Yi’s glance, he turned his attention to him and gathered around the crowd.
"If you want to hurry up together, you will save me another effort." He gave you a wink and motioned for you to converge and intimidate.
This group of people who came from Jun’s madness threatened to attack Jun Qian as if they had a tacit understanding.
Jun Qian smiled and moved his mind with a whip, as if he were pumping everyone away with a single blow. The wounds were raw and there were more than one wound, but they saw more than one whip mark, and some people didn’t see it
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Strength robbery 2
No one expected that Jun Qian would suddenly come to this trick. He felt that the goods were very mysterious. There was no warning before he made moves, but it seemed that he had a sudden attack on his hand.
This number is really frightening.
"Jun" Qin Xiao pulled the sleeve of Jun Kuang. "Jun Qian’s brother is making rapid progress." She looked at Jun Kuang nervously. "Why did he suddenly become so fierce?"
"Probably suddenly begin to understand." You laughed wildly and touched Qin Xiao’s head
He believes that Qin Xiao still remembers what he said earlier. Godsworn can give consideration to spiritual talents, such as Qin Xiao, who can turn to spiritual practice.
Spiritual practice is not as fast as ordinary monks. After all, not everyone can specialize in it. Relatively speaking, spiritual practice is more sensitive and more suitable for team warfare centers.
Previously, Ling Cheng College had a fight in the courtyard before the entrance of the female deity burn relic. I believe that the little girl also saw some doorways and spiritual practices. Although she can face most monks by surprise, she is relatively weak in physical strength and physical passive reaction. Once she is close to each other, her self-protection ability is not very high.
"It’s one thing to be white, but it’s another to accept this gap without being depressed," murmured the little girl.
"You just have to do what you can." Jun Kuang smiled.
Luo Yi still looked at Jun Qian Nai without gnashing her teeth. Previously, she wanted pure physical strength to fight against Jun Kuang’s coercion. Without Xuanli’s protection, it is conceivable that the pain is very great.
He squeaked every other bone seam to protest that almost every bone had cracks to varying degrees.
He is even more convinced that Jun Qian’s practice would not have such varied means of attack if his hands were not surprisingly powerful. Jun Qian is not a spiritual practice, but he can’t really project some objects like Zun Jing Linxi even if he has the initial practice.
He can do it probably by relying on the spirit.
"You look like a lot of babies." Luo Yi snorted and spit out one mouthful blood foam and turned to sit on the floor and swallow Dan medicine
"Why?" Jun Qian picked his eyebrows when he heard this. "According to your tone, you still want me to wait for you to recover and compare again."
"You can’t" Luo Yi took it for granted and seemed to be sure that Jun Qian would wait.
Wen Yan Jun Qian looked at him with a funny face and didn’t know whether he should laugh or not. "I said don’t you think your idea is arrogant?" He paused and said, "I said earlier that they lost and took you away."
"I didn’t promise this thing." Luo Yi refused to recognize it as soon as he turned his face.
Jun Qian smiled instead of anger. "I really expected your actions."
"Are you telling me that I should admire you immediately?" Luo Yi looked up at him.

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