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It turns out that happiness is really like this.

It’s like stepping on cotton, even the breath is unreal, and the sweet taste makes people dizzy.
Hector even Yoon didn’t stop the kiss.
Kiss him actively.
夜网论坛The teenager was shocked.
"Do you know what you are doing?" He looked up uncertainly and asked her to try her best to restrain the body from erupting turbulent magma.
"I’m going to be your wife," she said with a smile. Her eyes are as deep as flowing seawater.
Outside the circular window, the tides roll one after another.
Galloping among thousands of flying fish.
Red roses bloom quietly.
The night faded away.
The golden sunrise slowly came to the outside of the cabin, and it was harsh and golden. The cabin was as warm as midsummer, with lingering fragrance and even breathing.
In the wonderful sound of the piano, He Lianyin woke up slowly. Her long hair hung freely over her shoulders, and He Lianyin’s sweater followed the piano and walked out of the cabin slowly.
The sunrise is dazzling.
The clouds in the whole sky are golden.
He Lianyin was shocked by the present situation.
It turns out that sunrise is so beautiful.
Heaven and earth seem to be dyed golden, and then the sun rises slowly from the sea like a fireball, which is beautiful and spectacular.
Hector even Yoon gawked at sunrise and forgot his words.
Sunny deck
The teenager is indulging in playing the piano. From today on, he is a man. When he saw Helian coming, his eyes stared at her deeply for a while, and then his white fingers changed the piano rhythm and played a super happy wedding March.
He Lianyin’s cheeks flushed and leaned on his piano stand to listen to the sacred song quietly.
"Miss Lian Yin, you are my wife from today, and I would like to promise you that from today on, whether it is prosperity or adversity, wealth or poverty, health or disease, I will always love you and cherish you until the end of time, and I promise you that I will always be faithful and pious to you."
"Think of your own words?" He Lianyin failed and asked him if his eyes were narrow
"I’ve adapted the word" Father "almost. You should read it quickly before the tune is finished." His fingers are graceful and flowing, and the wedding March is sacred and happy.
He Lianyin smiled and learned from his solemn appearance. "Mr. He Lianyin, you are my husband from today. I would like to promise you that from today on, whether it is prosperity or adversity, wealth or poverty, health or disease, I will always love you and cherish you until the end of time. I promise you that I will always be faithful and sincere to you and never change!"
She added an extra line herself.
He Lianyin is gentle and smiling, and his eyes are deep, like a thousand-year-old well curled up in the dark night. "I will never change!"
Two people laughed.
He Lianyin played the piano happily and sadly.
He Lianyin went to the kitchen to find canned soup and bread, and simply made breakfast. You fed me and I fed you heartfelt happiness and deep affection in the bone marrow. For a while, the two often stared at each other, and their eyes were wrapped in continuous and far-reaching love.
Since I confirmed it
The surrounding air seems to have its own color bubble effect.
When they looked at each other, they giggled, took a bath together and watched the sunset together. After they were satisfied, they reluctantly returned to Hong Kong Island on a yacht.
The next day
They really secretly took their mouths and ID cards to sign the marriage certificate.
Unexpectedly, I was in trouble.
The accreditation officer looked at their information with strange eyes. "Brother and sister?"
"Not one’s own" He Lianyin’s answer
"If you are not your own, you can’t cover it. After all, the same law forbids you to get married!"
The two men failed and returned.
He Lianyin can’t accept this ending. He went to the United States with He Lianyin overnight. He is an American, but he can apply for a marriage certificate there.
The American marriage certificate is not the same as China’s. It is a thick white document. He Lianyin called Sister E, spent a sum of money and finally got the American license and certification. He Lianyin and He Lianyin officially became husband and wife, and thus he became an American citizen.
He Lianyin was in a hurry because he was afraid that Grandpa would do something for Xiao Yin. After the winter vacation, they would live with Grandpa. At that time, if Grandpa was not good to Xiao Yin or drove Xiao Yin away, Xiao Yin’s self-esteem would not be able to stay.
Before she got a marriage certificate, she just turned into a daughter-in-law of Hector’s family, not an adopted daughter, but a granddaughter.
Grandpa didn’t even stop it.
They both have marriage certificates and laws. They are husband and wife at the wedding and graduated from Xiaoyin University. If they do it now, they will be laughed at by their classmates. Moreover, by then, he is estimated to have quit the entertainment circle and no longer need to worry about the mood and thoughts of fans. If fans dare to do anything crazy, he will pursue legal responsibility against them.
Looking at the marriage certificate in the street in the United States, He Lianyin seems to have a feeling of crossing.
"Are we married like this?" She asked him that he looked confused. It took him almost two hours, and it was all done. From boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife?

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