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Gao Xiaoxiao "well" turned a blind eye to a pair of beautiful men who came out of the shower, picked up their pajamas and walked towards the bathroom.

Han Han wiped her hair and threw the towel to the sofa and lay down.
In the bathroom, it seems that there is still a domineering smell of Han Shao. Gao Xiaoxiao wrinkled his nose, stripped off his clothes and simply took a shower.
桑拿There is some faint pain in the lower abdomen, and the waist is sour. Gao Xiaoxiao packed up her pajamas and immediately became dumbfounded.
This pajamas turned out to be thorough. Although the style is not too revealing, it’s not too exaggerated to wear them like this, is it? Maybe someone wants to seduce him himself?
Think again just now Zhong Yuhong that winking expression Gao Xiaoxiao in hindsight patted his forehead a little in distress situation.
There is no way for her to put on her t-shirt and jeans again. Fortunately, she just changed them at home late and they are not dirty.
After walking out of the bathroom, Gao Xiaoxiao glanced at the sofa and seemed to be asleep. The man opened the big bed and was lying in it.
One-night security
The next morning, Gao Xiaoxiao got up quickly after Han Shu left.
Do it even though you can’t cook.
Sure enough, as soon as Zhong Yuhong saw Gao Xiaoxiao’s eyes washing onions in the kitchen, he immediately smiled into two lines. "Xiaoxiao got up so early. Why don’t you sleep more with Ah Shu?"
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled gently. "Mom went out to run around in the morning, so I came to see if I could help."
Zhong Yuhong smiled and snatched the onion from her hand. "Leave the kitchen to Aunt Lian to do grandma. Get up and go out with mom to chat with grandma for a while."
"Good" Gao Xiaoxiao took off her apron and followed Zhong Yuhong out of the kitchen.
"By the way, why didn’t you wear the clothes I prepared for you?" Zhong Yugong could not help but ask again
Gao Xiaoxiao did try on that dress, which was too princess-style. I always felt that it didn’t suit me … But seeing Zhong Yuhong’s insistence, she smiled and replied meekly, "I didn’t wear it just now because I was thinking about making breakfast for fear of getting dirty. I’ll change my clothes later."
Zhong Yuhong nodded obviously satisfied with the daughter-in-law.
Mrs. Han is looking down at something on the sofa. Today, she is wearing a dark green dress and a meticulous bun. At first glance, she doesn’t look like an old lady.
After hearing the voice of her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, she put an album and waved to Gao Xiaoxiao, "Xiaoxiao, come here quickly."
Gao Xiaoxiao held the old lady’s hand and sat listening to her say with pride, "Our Xia Xia has returned to China after studying. By the way, you haven’t met her boyfriend, have you?"
Boyfriend? The beautiful and proud Han Minxia in my memory is willing to make a boyfriend?
Gao Xiaoxiao followed the finger of the old lady Han and smiled for the past second, and her face froze directly.
In the photo, Han Minxia has a chestnut curly hair, a flat bangs, a small face and a delicate and beautiful smile, which is even more worrying.
Next to her is a man who is self-cultivation and handsome as a sculpture, with a dark face like a deep spring, high eyes and a thin nose, and a young but calm temperament … All this coincides with the familiar face in my memory.
☆ 7. Strive to make Ah Shu a father in 2008.
Seeing Gao Xiaoxiao’s surprised expression, Mrs. Han covered her mouth and smiled smugly. "What about Xiaoxiao? Is my granddaughter-in-law good?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Not only is it good, but once upon a time, it was his perfectly handsome face that easily enchanted the hearts of thousands of girls in her middle school.
Zhong Yugong aside nai said, "Mom, you haven’t seen each other yet. The word hasn’t changed …"
"This is not met at noon? Besides, I think this guy is very good just by looking at the photos. It seems that Xia Xia is only 26 years old, but look at this temperament … "The old lady Han said more and more happily, and she was very satisfied with this future granddaughter-in-law.
What does Gao Xiaoxiao’s heart suddenly accelerate? Is he coming back with Han Minxia at noon today? Do you want to be so bloody …
"Rainy, rainy, rainy …" Zhong Yuhong shouted several times in succession.
"… huh?" Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly during the binocular wait for a while looked at her.
"What is this child thinking, so absorbed?" Zhong Yuhong looked at her eyes full of pettiness. "Don’t worry, Ah Shu will definitely come back soon."
What’s all this about? Gao Xiaoxiao with black line good pull lip Angle stiff smile.
The old lady Han also smiled. When Gao Xiaoxiao was shy, she said, "Come on, Yu Hong, go and see if breakfast is ready."
"Good" Zhong Yuhong got up and left.
Mrs. Han held Gao Xiaoxiao’s hand in her photo album and whispered, "Xiaoxiao, now my youngest granddaughter is going to have a baby. When are you and Ah Shu going to give me a great grandchild?"
Gao Xiaoxiao’s heart was shocked, and she dared not look at the old man with expectant eyes and silently lowered her head.
Mrs Han looked at Sun’s wife with a warm hand and gently patted the back of her hand. "Grandma knows that you are still young, but … Ah Shu is 29 years old this year. As the saying goes, a good man is’ thirty years old’. His father is going to entrust Mrs Han to his place in 2008. Grandma hopes you can work hard to make Ah Shu a father in 2008."
Gao Xiaoxiao was stiff and sat there feeling guilty. She was almost out of breath. Plus, I have to see my old friend for four years later …
"Did Grandma drink?" A familiar and magnetic voice helped her understand the dark gray sports shorts around Han Xuan in time, plus a shirt, handsome figure, tall and straight, bare legs, strong and slender
I have to admit that Han Shu is the kind of man who looks good in anything.
The old lady Han got up when she saw Sun coming back and smiled. Gao Xiaoxiao put her hand on her knee and was deeply relieved.
After breakfast, Gao Xiaoxiao saw that everyone was busy welcoming the children who had just entered the door to get ready and finally changed their clothes and returned to the bedroom.
Behind the door, she immediately called home.
It’s almost 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Xiaobai goes to bed at 9 o’clock every night and gets up at 7 o’clock in the morning. At this moment … he should have played with toys after breakfast, right?
Sure enough …
After the "hello" is connected, there comes the lazy sound of the little guy.
"Little White, I’m Mommy." Gao Xiaoxiao said with a gentle smile on her face.
"Oh, good morning, Mommy," Xiao Bai said with a big yawn.
"Small white very sleepy? What time did you go to bed last night? " Gao Xiaoxiao frowned. Last night, when she watched the monitoring screen, Xiaobai was already in bed at 1 o’clock.
"You stayed up late last night, and the decoration next door woke me up early." Grandma complained angrily.
"I’m sorry, little white mommy was so busy last night that I forgot to call you." Gao Xiaoxiao was distressed. "Little white, why don’t you go to sleep again? Mommy will go home to accompany you at noon?"
"Well, I’ll wait for you at home … it won’t happen again." The little guy was assured and instantly returned to his usual lazy and cold tone
Gao Xiaoxiao’s head was covered with black lines "… OK, I know I was wrong."
After hanging up, Gao Xiaoxiao thought that she had to buy a mobile phone for Xiaobai, otherwise communication would be too inconvenient.
But the most important thing is to change clothes and arm yourself first. After all, Han Minxia will take her boyfriend home later.
Gao Xiaoxiao’s eyes are clear and firm after looking at the small gift lens decorated with pink lace printing in the closet.
After 1 minute, Gao Xiaoxiao slowly went downstairs in a small gift.
I don’t know when I changed my white shirt and black trousers on the sofa, but I’m looking at the ipad with my legs crossed gracefully at the moment.
After being pushed aside by Zhong Yuhong, he looked up at Gao Xiaoxiao for a second, put the ipad aside, clapped his slender hands one after another and blew a whistle exaggeratedly.

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