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"The meaning is to reverse the large array, that is, to kill together with the body." Emperor rewelding frowned. "However, after all, the magic repair has violated the heaven and heaven, and it has never been punished."

On this point, Lian Di was very sure that "because he didn’t find Zun"
"Magic repair attack technique has always been very paradoxical. It is not impossible to hide the breath for a short time." Yin Di thought for a while and said, "But it is impossible to deceive heaven for a long time. We have to trap him in the six realms, so that heaven can rob the thunder. There is a powerful but powerful method for magic repair. No matter which realm is slightly relaxed, it will be detected by heaven.
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However, a narrow escape. "
Seriously injured and dying, Magic Xiu can easily kill any monk who passes by the right path. Even if there is a battle as big as his magic Xiu just moved through Heaven nearby, they dare not come to the rescue unless they voluntarily get involved in robbery and punishment.
Junkuang’s idea is to completely remove the pity elements and grievances that may still lurk in the clan.
It may be hard to find the hidden clan door, but it’s inevitable to blow the whole clan door away.
All the people had a crazy idea and nodded. Emperor rewelding was planning to reverse the large array when he heard a slightly old voice yelling, "Wait a minute, there are still a few old-timers who are closing their doors at the critical moment."
Chapter two hundred and forty-five Frequent accidents
Your crazy dragon body is still fighting with resentment. I hope it can delay a little, so that I can reverse the mountain array and directly destroy the resentment department.
It was he who waited and waited, but he couldn’t force the human form to retreat, and he couldn’t get a bargain from him. It was the fist fight that didn’t make people too upset. The defending mountain array broke out, but nothing happened
What the hell? You’re grinding your teeth and condescending to the inefficiency of others.
I was thinking that Yin Di appeared beside him. "It’s a little troublesome for me to change you."
"Master, you are also white. I didn’t even fix my side. I can’t even make notes and sound jade. I’m afraid there won’t be any place when I delay here." You opened your human hand and asked Yin Di, "What can’t even handle you emperors?"
Talking humanoid continues to attack Junkuang. He sweeps away the tail and spreads out the humanoid figure. It suddenly becomes four, each of which moves to a normal man’s chest but is more flexible. The target is too small, Junkuanglong’s body is too big, and Nai can restore the humanoid figure.
"She is really persistent to you." Yin Di walked aside for a long time in human form, but said that she didn’t see it as if she didn’t see it. At least they deliberately avoided Yin Di when they attacked. It’s unclear whether they were afraid of Yin Di and didn’t want to involve him in the war or whether they were mad at the target.
"Master, don’t be ridiculous." Your crazy nai left the pie mouth and looked impatiently at Yin Di.
"There are several great talents who are still in the cave, and it seems that they didn’t leave because of the sound," Yin Di said
"I remember that some people have been closed for thousands of years, and they all doubt that they have already finished." Jun laughed wildly. "I don’t think they are bad at repairing it, so they just blew it up."
Yin Di smiled. "If they hear this, they will kill you directly."
"I’m thick-skinned" and you’re crazy. You lined up two people to attack together
"You just delay for a while. If you want a magic weapon, I have a lot here." Yin Di is, after all, a master of refining, and there are too many top magic weapons to count.
Wen Yan Jun shook his head lightly. "I’m used to it with my bare hands." After all, even if I condensed the thunder gun, I came to be a javelin. Now he is a little curious about what it’s like to have the law of heaven tied to chrysanthemum.
Yin Di broke the ban on your great powers and found that there were two or three caves, and no one had left any handwriting or sword marks on the cave walls. Some great powers were still silent and jade was thrown into the hole, which obviously didn’t want to be ignored.
He forcibly refined people’s abode of fairies and immortals and directly took them away. After the fall, they lost their power to him. He looked at the abode of fairies and immortals and didn’t have anything suitable, so he collected people into his own abode of fairies and immortals.
"It’s finished," Yin Di said to him when he appeared beside Junkuang. "You should still keep in touch with the boundary pillars of Heaven. They will protect you."
"Thank you, Master." Jun Kuang nodded slightly.
You crazy continue to fight in human form, which is not cheap. Of course, Bai Jun crazy is delaying the formation method. They don’t understand the principle, but they also know that it will make them die ugly when running, so they turn their targets to the outermost layer of the large array and draw out one person to attack.
夜生活The outer wall didn’t move, and a human blow didn’t leave any scars, so the combination of human figures became heavier and the attack was still fruitful.
You Kuang Bai consumes energy every time he attacks the outer wall defense. Even if the consumption is very small, he still intends to stop the human form.
Just when he was going to chase the two-in-one humanoid, he suddenly saw Qin Xiao looking at it in front of the humanoid.
"Get out of the way" he yelled at Qin Xiao.
The arrival of Qin Xiao distracted him from fighting. In an unguarded moment, a human figure hit him from behind, and he was kicked to the ground. When he suddenly leaned forward and fell aside, it seemed that he didn’t want to hurt the large array. As a result, he was followed by a gunshot wound to his arm, and his resentment immediately began to erode from a small wound.
Chu someone came running and pulled Qin Xiao away. You are no longer distracted and concentrate on human dogfighting.
The ground lights up gradually, and all kinds of strange lines of runes are connected one layer after another, and each layer is different in color. This is the starting sign of the Guardian Mountain Array.
Although the Guardian Mountain Array also plays in ordinary times, it is just equivalent to an introductory inspection. Most of the clans are running and gathering. Most of the skills of Fiona Fang Baili Reiki are asleep, relying on gathering to accumulate energy, and then they can explode instantly.
This time, the large array reversal is bound to explode the accumulated energy department, and it is conceivable that the destructive power is so strong that even those who close the powerful can prepare themselves to make a solid abode of fairies and immortals.
And once the large array begins to reverse, it will form. You change a hemispherical closure to completely cover the whole clan door. No one can see the situation inside, but you can see the outside clearly from the inside. It is also because you are too stupid to rush to save Qin Xiao because he was distracted by Qin Xiao.
After the closure is formed, the ordinary accessible barrier is different, and people inside can’t get out and people outside can’t get in unless the large array breaks out; Because of years of accumulated strength to support the theory that human figures should not be broken, it doesn’t mean that they won’t hit the weak points by mistake, and the situation doesn’t leave too many mistakes. Jun Kuang had to stop human figures from moving
Seeing the rune Guanghua on the ground, Janelle Sing felt a little numb on his scalp.
Come on, old partner, you can’t abandon me. You’re crazy about telling the truth, will heaven protect him? He’s a little uneasy
I’m thinking about feeling a pain in my finger. It seems to be a boundary pillar. What’s wrong with him?
You laugh wildly and look at your aching fingers, aunt. I don’t want you to work hard. If you consume too much, I can’t give you a job. Who can the people in the world live and work in peace and contentment?
The ring sticks out a "radish seedling" and your crazy hand pats it twice to signal him not to be extravagant.
Fighting with the human form is not the wind, but the human form has to be distracted to break through the outer wall of the large array, and there is no chance to attack the human form. The sheer physical strength of one enemy and four people did not let a Mundus create four people, which shows that the wind is strong.
Chapter two hundred and forty-six An old friend’s face has not been made to kill evil
Jun Kuang lowered his eyes and glanced at Guanghua Dasheng rune white large array, which might break out at any time, so he took a defensive posture to compete with the humanoid, and the humanoid seemed to see from the change of Jun Kuang’s attitude that the large array was about to start breaking through the outer wall, so he could turn to attack the ground.
The former monarch fell madly and tried to get hurt, but he had to twist his body forcibly not to hurt the ground. It can be seen that the ground rune is the weakness of the whole array.
It seems that two of the humanoid figures have found a breakthrough and rushed to the ground almost as hard as they could, while the other two struggled to hold the monarch crazy and prevent him from having any help. It was when they didn’t expect that the two dark blades and gun tips responsible for attacking the ground touched the ground, but it seemed as if they had poked the sponge. Instead of destroying the ground, they fell into it. They couldn’t resist castration and plunged into the ground, and then they tried to struggle to stretch out vines on the ground to bind them up in an instant.
Junkuang would rather get hurt than hit the ground, not because he might destroy the ground, but because once he touches those runes, he will trigger a part of the array and be tied up, regardless of the enemy and the enemy.
Not only did he fail to throw the human form away, but he was tied up firmly, which was stupid. With his ability to react and turn his body around, he thought of this way to trap the human form.
Seeing the rune Guanghua blooming, Jun Kuang was relieved, and a large array of explosions broke out, that is, he backhand grabbed two human figures with him and rushed to the ground together.
It broke out before he was tied up in a strong array
Junkuang was pushed out by great energy and thrown away for a long distance. Even his consciousness suddenly became white. Good boundary markers and heaven each plated him with a layer of golden light to avoid him being blown up by a large array. Even so, he could feel his body tingling.
Although the previous injuries were all tiny wounds, they quickly healed because of resentment erosion. After being blasted by a large array, it began to bleed. Jun opened the system and took out a Dan medicine and stuffed it into his mouth.
This is a kind of Dan medicine that he began to conceive before the stalemate with humanoid, which can dispel grievances and help the wound recover. It tastes a little strange, and the smoke all over the sky can be smelled with a faint fragrance. It should be the Dan medicine that hasn’t come yet.

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