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He doesn’t even know about her news. There are so many friends and partners in the business, but there are very few Korean families. At most, I heard that Han Zong’s wife’s family is waiting for delivery. This activity is another special help …

Or I heard that Mr. Han recently started a real estate business and married a woman with a fortune, but it’s not the same. This is …
When he heard the news, his heart was sour and he had some regrets.
They made a promise in those years, and now she has achieved everything, but he has been replaced by another man.
In fact, that man is indeed better than himself. He is an heir to a big family, and a distinguished person can be hostile to her. He is even more careful to take care of her, including the large group of elders outside the ward just now. I think her Korean family, including Yu family, is deeply loved and lives happily.
"North" suddenly comes to familiar sounds.
Lin defect stretched out his hand and took his arm, and his voice and smile were soft and full of air. "Let’s go."
Che Gaoxiao Xiao Xiao was just about to take out his mobile phone and consider sending a short message to Chang Huanyan. Suddenly, Han Yan sounded in front of him. "Did you see it just now?"
Gao Xiaoxiao blinked. "What?"
"Ha-ha" Han Shao laughed derisively. "Really didn’t see it?"
Didn’t see it? "
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Seeing that she still doesn’t talk, Han Shu simply picks "someone has a second spring and it’s quite fast."
Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t help turning a supercilious look at his tone.
Just now, she didn’t even dare to look up and say anything because she knew that someone would be narrow-minded when entering the ladder. I didn’t expect …
"How many men can be trusted these days?" Han Shu added.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
"But this time looking for a woman is a little inferior."
Gao Xiaoxiao finally couldn’t help but take the phone to the car seat. "Can you drive well? !”
Han Dong "…"
I helped Jiang Mengyi pack a preserved egg lean porridge and two refreshing side dishes, and then I went back to the hospital with Lin Xian again.
When I passed ward 16, although the door was closed and I looked north, I could hear the lively talk inside.
Pushing open the door of ward 1, my aunt Song Wei is preparing to leave.
Seeing that Gu came back from the north, he leaned in. "Do you know that the old lady Sun’s wife and daughter-in-law of Bei Yu gave birth today?"
Gu north "…"
"Eldest sister-in-law" Jiang Mengyi busy opening "it’s getting late, you’d better go home first"
Song Wei glanced at Jiang Mengyi and glanced at Lin Biao, who had no knowledge of it, and nodded, "Well, I’ll go back to Mengyi first and have a good rest here. I’ll come and see you with your brother when he comes back from the sea."
"Thank you, sister-in-law." Jiang Mengyi smiled and finally sent Song Wei away.
Lin Biao at the door took out the porridge and side dishes in the past and said softly, "Mom, this is me and going north to buy porridge. Please eat a little first. Just now, the doctor also said that you have to eat, otherwise your body will be weak and even worse for your recovery."
Not only not curious, not talkative, but also so virtuous and filial to her … Jiang Mengyi’s heart moved and compared with time, she felt that Lin defect was the best candidate for a good wife.
She nodded her head, and Lin Biao served to finish the bowl of porridge.
It was really getting late after dinner, so Jiang Mengyi asked Gu to send Lin Biao back to the north.
Lin defect didn’t refuse to accompany Gu Bei and left together.
Jiang Mengyi was lying alone in the ward, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep and thinking about her heart.
Until the ward door was opened again, the night nurse came in for routine inspection.
It may be that Jiang Mengyi didn’t sleep, and they had a small discussion there while doing things.
"Did you see it just now? How’s that handsome guy in the next ward? Isn’t he handsome? "
"Handsome is handsome, but people have wives and just gave birth to a baby today."
"I didn’t say anything, mainly because my sister happened to listen to my sister saying that he was handsome before his law firm started work. I still don’t believe it. I didn’t expect to see a real person more handsome than TV and magazine today!"
"Be a lawyer? No wonder his temperament is so good. By the way, his wife is so beautiful, like a hybrid. "
"You don’t know who his wife is? That’s miss Korea’s daughter. They are childhood friends. It’s great to run for more than 20 years … "
桑拿会所Jiang Mengyi suddenly turned her head and trembled. "Did you say it was Han Minxia?"
The two nurses were startled. "Hey, do you know his wife, too?"
"Han Minxia gave birth to a child?" Jiang Mengyi continued to ask.
The two nurses looked at each other and then nodded, "Yes, I just gave birth to a catty this evening. How fat Xiao Yu’s family and Korean elders have come to the ward for a long time and just left."
"And the eldest daughter-in-law of Korea’s family seems to be having a baby."
Jiang Mengyi didn’t listen to the words behind her. She clenched her hands and her heart thumped wildly. It was that Han Minxia had given birth.
I think Han Minxia was sad, painful, humiliated and embarrassed when she was still bent on pursuing and liking her son being rejected to the north … Jiang Mengyi has always remembered her eyes.
In just one year, I didn’t expect my fate to change dramatically.
First, I broke up a good marriage with Time Pu for five months, and my grandson was alive and suddenly gone … and I had to face all the fate.
But Han Minxia married Yu Chengyan as soon as she turned around, and now she is born with a happy and stable life.
It may be that Jiang Mengyi looked pale and gloomy. The two nurses kept beating drums in their hearts and didn’t dare to talk any more. They left immediately after a hasty inspection.
Ten minutes later, when Gu came back from sending Lin Biao to the north, she heard Jiang Mengyi say, "Go to the north and get a license with Lin Biao."
"…" Gu moved to the north and then slowly turned around and looked at her quietly.
"Your dad, he just can’t hold a wedding in the burial place for the time being, but it should be possible to get a license." Jiang Mengyi looked at his words earnestly. "When Lin’s parents come over, you can say all these things. I believe they should be forgiven. You and Lin will work hard for a year and give birth to the child."
Looking at Gu’s expression face to the north, she added, "Yes, mom, I’m sorry. If I hadn’t been so impulsive at the old lady Yu’s birthday party, your life story wouldn’t have been blown out. Maybe those things behind it wouldn’t have happened, but now that the old man
Since the old man gave you the inheritance, I believe he still treats you as his own son, or do you want you to take good care of your family … Mom has figured it out, and I will move out of my family after I leave the hospital … "
"Mom, stop it." Gu Bei finally spoke with repressed pain. "I won’t let you move out. If you want to move out, I’ll go with you."
Section 559
"Don’t be silly to the north, listen to your mother and take good care of your family. I have worked hard for so many years. I don’t want you to have everything when you are 27 years old." Jiang Mengyi earnestly advised, "Besides, if you really leave your family, you really have nothing. The most important thing for a man is to succeed in his career. His mother doesn’t want you to suddenly have the most basic life at this age, but also to work for others, and others have to bow their heads and be bossed around …"
Jiang Mengyi said a lot later, but he didn’t talk to the north.
At last, Jiang Mengyi was tired. When she looked at it, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening and waved her hand and said, "It’s getting late. You have to go to class and go north first. Don’t wear yourself out because of me."
Gu north picked up the car keys and left the ward without saying a word.
There are several dim corridor lights on in the corridor.

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