After walking for a while, the patience of three people and one mouse was about to run out. When the leader of the fire mouse moved forward again, it found a lot of scattered meat pieces. The meat pieces looked fresh and the meat lines were a little thick, as if they had fallen from the corpse.

Further on, blood, meat residue and scattered bones are everywhere. Some are fresh, some look a little old, but there is still a faint mystery. No wonder the flesh and blood have not deteriorated.
Qin Xiao has covered his mouth and nose sadly, which is very unsuitable for such a scene.
"Leave traces after eating. This is not a hunting ground," Jun Qian concluded. "And it seems that it is customary for something to come here to eat every few days."
"In this case," Jun frowned without trace, wondering if he should wait here for a while.
Jun Qian saw through his intention. "We don’t need to wait here. Isn’t it important that we have a stalk? This charge is even an episode in the process. If we want to deal with this extremely fierce beast, we’d better come back and meet it after we finish it."
桑拿论坛"You can be sure that it must be a fierce beast." Jun gave him a crazy look.
"It’s not a fierce beast. Do you think it might be something else?" Jun Qian raised his eyebrows. "Generally speaking, if it is a magic repair, it is impossible to eat raw meat. Raw meat is not delicious. Even a magic repair is not so careless." It takes courage to eat and drink blood.
Jun thought about it crazily and felt that there was something wrong. "Previously, we found that it was a demon who lost his body hair. It really didn’t look like Terran hair, but it didn’t rule out the ancient people."
"Do you think my thinking is too biased?" Jun Qian sneered at one.
"You know that’s not what I meant." Jun shook his head crazily. "Let’s take it one step at a time."
Qin Xiao has been staring at the scene with great exclusion. I can’t understand how two men, a pile of scattered flesh and broken bones, can discuss the topic of eating raw meat so deadpan. She turned her eyes elsewhere and suddenly had a flash of inspiration. "These meats seem to come back every four or five days every day. According to this interval, I’m afraid they will come here to eat again today, whether it’s a ghost or a monster beast. Even the descendants of the strong ancient clan want us to follow them and know each other’s lair."
"Don’t lose a way." Jun Kuang nodded slightly and immediately decided to try his luck here for half a day.
Chapter one thousand and twenty-six Revenge Ape King
Waiting can always make a time-varying score. Foreign Minister Jun Kuang doesn’t need the fire mouse leader to explore again. On the contrary, Jun Qian refuses it to be human, and it won’t help much to fight. It’s better to let it follow in and see what’s going on inside Huo Jiujian’s body.
After the fire mouse leader went in, he was very conscientious and told Jun Qian every move inside.
"It seems that those guys are not very quiet." Jun laughed wildly.
"It’s strange that you can behave yourself." Jun Qian wrinkled his nose and started this family. He really disliked it to death. "When a group of ungrateful things gave them a reflection, few of them thought about what kind of way to find after all." After a pause, he said, "Especially that Liu Meimei was the only woman in her family who had an affair with many brothers, and she never gave up to provoke them to resist."
Qin Xiao felt queasy at the thought of Liu Meimei deliberately framing her for stealing. "That woman is in a bad mood for whatever she does."
"Brother, I was wrong. If you don’t like to listen to me, don’t say it." Jun Qian smiled wryly and didn’t know how he was out of his mind. He would revive that disgusting sycophantic woman before Qin Xiao.
Beautiful women are everywhere, especially female practitioners. Even though they look ordinary, their temperament is clean and their skin is delicate. Beauty is not without Liu Meimei. Compared with these fairy figures, it’s really embarrassing. Even if you think about it, you feel that you have dirty your mouth.
"Say" Qin Xiao looked at him with an anti-previous attitude. "Continue to say how she still churned."
Jun Qian hesitated for a moment and decided to pick some people’s hearts and say, "You know that her line of work is different from dying. Even if she dies by herself, there are really a few bottom-level guys who get the favor of women and sit around and hold a swearing-in meeting. This is just like not paying attention to Lujia’s decision. The result can be imagined."
"She just wants to hear a result. Why do you avoid the important?" Jun gave Jun Qian a wink with a crazy chuckle.
"In vain" Jun Qian cleared his throat. "The climax part came to their place for a small meeting. I never thought it might come in at any time, so there was nothing to be afraid of. I planned how to ambush and intercept us directly, and even how to get in touch with the outside world. As a result, I was surrounded by fire rats before I finished discussing it. You can’t imagine Liu Meimei’s expression."
Jun Qian’s mouth tut tut-tut, Liu Mei-mei, was so wonderful at that time.
"Don’t drive people crazy," Jun said. "If you are a little evil, forget it. She is the whole Lujia baby. You have to leave those bottom brothers. Let the fire rats look at the situation. If the status is really not important, it will be dragged aside to get rid of the whole Lujia family."
It’s good to make an example, but it’s also a big stimulus to the Lu family. If you don’t grasp the stimulus of the Lu family’s state well, it will probably have the opposite effect. If the Lu family feels excited and feels it is necessary to resist, the loss will be crazy.
It is more important than giving the Lu family a tight slap in the face. After all, the Lu family will eventually give it to the Xuanzong referee, which is unnecessary.
"There seems to be a sound." Qin Xiao looked up and always felt that he seemed to hear a sound near his head, but it seemed that the sound was far away from them and he couldn’t hear it clearly.
She was just about to explore spirituality, but she was stopped by Jun Kuang’s eyes.
Jun Qian followed her eyes and frowned without trace. "It seems that there is really any sound."
"The sound is always a little closer now." Jun’s madness slightly evokes the corners of his mouth. "It seems that we are lucky and there is no need to wait for half a day." Is this step a little familiar with running or does he have a familiar feeling, but he can’t catch the trace of familiarity? He doesn’t remember it in this step.
Your humble Qin Xiao glances are all Bai Jun crazy, probably more than they know. I’m afraid it was because I heard the sound earlier when I waited for half a day.
The gap between realm and experience is not so easily replaced by specialty. I’m afraid there is no need for fire to explore a lot of things. Jun Kuang knows a lot in his heart, but he doesn’t object to fire to show his own value at the same time
Because this man knows that it’s really very simple to do it all by himself, but it won’t be promoted for his brother and sister. They can’t always be crazy about the monarch. They are getting farther and farther away, and the monarch doesn’t need to slow down their teammates.
"We can all hear the sound, so you must have found out where he is." Jun Qian picked his eyebrows.
"It probably has a long way to go, but it is used to bringing it back to the feeding place after hunting. We should just wait here." Jun Kuang nodded slightly. "The other side should be an animal. The hind feet are very powerful, but the front feet seem to be few. It may be similar to Tailai, but although the footsteps are heavy and not convergent, the action is very light. Chasing prey should be fast and agile, but there is no advantage in front of it."
It must be a fierce beast that can make you crazy feel powerful.
However, your modesty is his message, "I want to know what that thing is."
It’s hard to say that the strength is equivalent to that of a Taoist Emperor’s attack means, but the speed, agility and strength are very strong, and the reaction ability and intelligence level are afraid that fierce beasts can’t be compared. Jun Kuang carefully thought about it. It’s probably a sacred beast or a mutant with strong sacred beast blood.
"That’s not difficult to deal with" Qin Xiao heart a fiercely each other haven’t close to her already feel a little discouraged.
"Not really," Jun said crazily. "When it hunts, it doesn’t have a breath at all, and it’s not very obvious what it is. I can judge whether there is a mistake by hearing it." He hoped that ordinary fierce beasts never knew how to look forward and backward, so it was relatively easy to deal with.
Chapter one thousand and twenty-seven Revenge Ape King 2
The real worry is that the other party not only has a strong sacred animal blood cultivation, but also exceeds their expectations
The sacred beast is very rare, but it is not impossible to see it at all. If it is a mutant, it will definitely have a specialty, just like the mutation of the shadow leopard, which will directly become the leader’s alternate.
I haven’t met this crazy guy yet, and my intuition feels tough.
"I said, otherwise, let’s just bypass it." Jun Qian struggled to make up his mind.
"Are you really willing to part with or use such a rare fierce beast?" Jun looked at him with a crazy eyebrow smile. "I thought you were ambitious to accept it as a new spirit beast."
Jun Qian heard that he shook his head lightly. "I know my weight, and I can’t rely on you every time." He paused and said, "Kirin smoke sea beast was collected by you, and you sacrificed it and gave it to me as a spirit. I have already thanked him very much. The spirit beast is also your help. You have helped me enough. If you help me again, I will be abolished."
"Even you spoil me too much, or maybe I can become a great female teacher," Qin Xiao half-jokingly echoed.

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