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Qin Xiao and others hurried around looking for no trace of them. I didn’t think that these two people actually left sadly, but when they left, they couldn’t help but let the people transfer the suspected object to Qian Shan College.

Chapter five hundred and sixty-six Nanyuan representative
桑拿会所"Do you still ask?" Wen Dai looked at Jun Qian with a cynical expression. "I’m afraid I didn’t do something wrong and now I’m absconding."
"Yes, bullying our senior brothers in Shangsiyuan and Yuanfeng College?" Someone in Shangsiyuan immediately followed suit as if the previous friction between the two houses had never happened.
Liu Yuenan asked, "You said two people left, but now how can there be seven people?"
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Qin Xiao Jun Qian exchanged a glance of color and turned his attention to the student whose clothes were embroidered with Nanyuan logo. This person’s whole body breath is very convergent, and there is no sense of disobedience. The cloak is hard to hide, and the tall figure is not female.
They didn’t even notice it when it was this man, as if he had been there from the beginning.
Can have this means must also won’t be ordinary students not only brother and sister, even at the end of the Miao, Manglietia and others have a little more vigilance theory hiding ability has always been responsible for secretly implementing and maintaining the order of the college, Dong Dian suspected to be a good player, but Lengmi and Yunxing give people the feeling that they are not as dangerous as this person.
The public can walk through the crowd without attracting attention, even if they appear around them, they naturally blend in; While they were attracted most attention by the noisy dispute in front of them, but they didn’t realize that the East Hall had seen enough farce and left first, while Nanyuan had already infiltrated them, as if it were natural to go hand in hand.
Qian Shan College hesitated for a moment and was immediately caught by Wen Dai. "This person refused to show his true face. I am afraid it is not a good thing."
"Words can’t say that." Liu Yuenan gave him a funny look and was very happy to sell Qian Shan College one. "Qian Shan College has always acted aboveboard, but it was previously heard that several of my school sisters were ambushed by Shangsi College, and several people were ambushed by Yuanfeng College. You want to calculate this account here."
"It is already at the gate of the ruins of the gods, except for Liu Yuenan and You Peishan. Others will not enter the ruins of the gods. What benefits can you have for our Qian Shan College?" It is not appropriate to call them a school sister here, except that Manglietia, the elder martial sister of the East Temple, is the oldest among them to enter Qian Shan College earlier than Liu Yuenan.
Liu Yuenan smiled kindly at Manglietia. "Elder martial sister Manglietia said that sneak attack on you would ask for trouble. Even if we are not stupid enough."
Just then, the entrance was forbidden to burst into a dazzling white light, and the two figures disappeared. Among them, everyone took a look at it. It was Lengmi and Yunxing.
"The entrance is open."
A dark and thin student in Shangsi Hospital rushed to the light curtain eagerly, as if trying to blend into the ruins of the God Burn. He threw off his roommate and quickly threw himself into the light curtain at a speed visible to the naked eye.
"Ah, ah, I don’t want to die"
His figure stagnated and he soon lost his breath and slipped out of the screen.
The outer half of the light curtain is intact as before, and it has penetrated into the light curtain. After it has been burnt and landed, it is broken into several pieces and then blown away by the wind bit by bit.
Although the students in the outer courtyard of Shangsi College are not paid much attention to, they are also four colleges after all. As soon as they can take out the mountain gate, they should not be too embarrassed. The students in the outer courtyard have a certain defense, even if they are in the early stage of respecting the territory, they will be completely damaged, even if they can’t do it with one blow. Regardless of whether they can save their lives from the great experts, it takes some means to turn the practice into fly ash.
If it’s really powerful, it’s really daunting to burn it so cleanly in a split second, even if it’s humanized fly ash.
"Fortunately, I didn’t want to go in."
"I told you it was unreliable. This little thing is killing me. I have to drill a hole in it and I can’t watch it."
"Brother, it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself." Someone sighed.
"I didn’t expect such a fool to want to sneak into the ruins of God’s Burning, that is, with the entry scroll, you can’t guarantee your life, and even if you don’t have a scroll, you want to rush in and deserve it." Some people gloat.
"I see some people in Yuanfeng College are rushing forward, but they are too late, pot calling the kettle black." Some people are tit for tat.
"Don’t be too arrogant when you are still in the hospital."
Just because someone was injured, the friction between the two colleges began to argue again.
Fan Luo turned to the man in Nanyuan and said, "This elder brother or younger brother can’t always be so secretive and suspicious."
"It’s my thoughtlessness." The Nanyuan man spoke softly, but he recognized a man’s voice. "I’m ugly and don’t want to scare everyone." Then he slowly withdrew his hood.
There was a breath of air around, but there were many sighs.
Nanyuan bearer is not Mo Nian, which makes Qin Xiao and others very surprised. Now take a closer look at this person. I don’t know how many times I have seen this hood at the door of Nanyuan. Once Lei Yu talked to him, he repeatedly retreated and made Lei Yu confused. He also apologized very disrespectfully.
Let everyone around stop arguing and move on because of this man’s appearance.
This man is tall, except for the hood, and the whole person exudes a cold atmosphere. His appearance is not too bad than Qin Xiaoshi’s. It is a birthmark on his forehead that destroys the overall aesthetic feeling. Others seem to feel very inferior about it and lower their heads.
"I asked you just now, but you attacked me." Wen Dai lamented that the man was not too shocked when he was the same as a boy and a girl.
The man shook his head "not me"
"Are you a human being?" Miao Moshen asked him, who was still on the alert.
Although he looks like a human and animal victim, he still feels a little wrong.
"I am Nanyuan Mo Yuxing," the man said lightly.
Mo Yuxing and Mo Nian have a brother named Ai Junqian. Have you ever heard of this person? Qin Xiao whispered.
This name is actually mentioned by Lei Yu. It seems that it is Mo Nian’s half-brother, but because he is illegitimate, he has always been bullied. That piece of his face is not a birthmark, but Mo Nian is jealous of his better qualifications. A group of people bullied him. When I heard that Mo Nian entered the back, he didn’t come out. Even if he decided to send him out temporarily, Jun Qian glanced at her.
Qin Xiao nodded and found that Mo Yuxing had been hiding behind Manglietia
Chapter five hundred and sixty-seven Into the ruins
Mo Yuxing, as the name suggests, is a bit weak, but how can a person who can get the qualification of getting started with the remains of God Burn be so weak?
This Qin Xiao is white. This person must be other people.
And Manglietia seems to be very happy to take care of Mo Yuxing in front of him. "The sneak attacker has not been found out yet, but it’s time for us not to enter the remains of Shenhuang, and we may be too late."
"But it’s not clear that our four colleges are suspicious of each other for no reason, which is not appropriate." Wen Daixian didn’t want to roll with the punches.
"You also know that this will create a gap between our four universities, and the students of the four universities may have bad feelings. This may be exactly what the secret hands hoped. Do you really want to fulfill this wish?" You Peishan snorted coldly.
Fan Luo nodded slightly and echoed, "What’s worse, the friction happened here was held back by a group of outer courts, but it was Qian Shan College and Lingcheng College that asked me to say that it was impossible for you to direct and perform, wasn’t it?"

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