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Therefore, although Barcelona scored more shots than Hoffenheim, it was too late to get the second goal to expand the lead.

Hoffenheim’s side has fewer chances to shoot, but it’s not over.
No matter how strong Barcelona is, it can’t really control its own feet, giving Hoffenheim no chance to attack and making no mistakes.
In the 21st minute, Keita was intercepted by Salihovic with the ball, which formed a counterattack.
After grabbing the ball, Salihovic took a few steps to Eduardo Eduardo, and after breaking through Yaya Toure, he created a good shot for Demba.
After catching the ball at the edge of the forbidden area in Dengbaba, Lu Wenbin shook Pique at the top of the arc of the forbidden area, then suddenly spiked into the forbidden area and shot from the foot.
Valdez dived into the ball, but failed to save the baseline. Instead, he threw the ball at the post and bounced back to the penalty spot in the penalty area.
Lu Wenbin and Puyol, who were the closest to him, rushed to the ball at the same time, but Lu Wenbin started a little bit with keen insight and got stuck in the position.
And Lu Wenbin’s strong physique pushed Puyol to the outside.
Even Puyol couldn’t stop Lu Wenbin by pulling and pulling.
Naipuyol can shovel the ball away from the side before preparing, and he doesn’t care if he fouls or gives the opponent a penalty.
However, Lu Wenbin also threw a shovel at Puyol and flew to shovel it in the past and shot it.
At the same time, the two shovels stuck in a favorable position and took the lead by half a step. Lu Wenbin naturally took the lead and took the lead in shoveling the ball.
The ball was shoveled by Lu Wenbin to the other side of the goal, and Valdes fell to the ground after just saving the ball. Although he had already got up and jumped out again, Nai Lu Wenbin’s tackle angle was too sharp to go straight to the dead corner.
Valdez finally failed to touch the ball, and he got into the corner of the goal before his eyes.
German commentator Dickenson shouted "oooooooooooooooooooooooor" with all his strength.
"Goal European Golden Boot Lu finally scored his goal. Barcelona captain Puyol took the lead in defending and shoveled the ball into the goal. Hoffenheim equalized the score."
Hoffenheim fans in the stands also stood up and applauded, screamed and cheered.
Losing the goal in the first minute was frustrating. In the face of Barcelona’s strong overall offensive, Hoffenheim actually stabilized his position and did not continue to lose the goal. Instead, he now equalized the score.
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It is no wonder that everyone is crazy and generally celebrates.
In the field, the players naturally went to find Lu Wenbin, who rolled over and climbed up, to celebrate.
After Lu Wenbin finished the tackle and shot, although he was hit by Puyol, his shoes were not hurt at all. When he saw the ball enter, he turned over and got up. His teammates celebrated.
Watching Lu Wenbin’s teammates rush to the sidelines, Barcelona players looked dignified.
Although this ball is a grab point, Lu Wenbin’s ability to grab points, confrontation and shooting accuracy reflected in this ball have to be valued by Barcelona players.
桑拿会所Barca captain Puyol, the third central defender, defended Lu Wenbin personally, and he was able to find a shot in the penalty area, which really made people pay attention to.
Lu Wenbin’s European Golden Boots really didn’t get a hollow reputation.
They can despise Hoffenheim, but they must never despise Lu Wenbin.
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Chapter 31 teamwork
After the goal in the 22nd minute helped Hoffenheim equalize the score, Lu Wenbin was more closely watched by Barcelona’s defence.
However, Barcelona still hasn’t sent two people to guard Lu Wenbin, but Puyol still has one person to guard Lu Wenbin personally, and others continue to carry out their duties.
However, relatively speaking, when Pique and Abidar focused on Lu Wenbin, there were more Ibisevic and more offensive opportunities in Denpasar.
Of course, from the overall tactical point of view, Barcelona’s focus is on attack, and even Puyol sometimes throws Lu Wenbin to the midfield to assist.
Even if Lu Wenbin threatens again and scores again, Barcelona will not give up attacking and shrinking defense.
They feel that no matter how strong Lu Wenbin is, there is still one person. Barcelona players are confident that the overall number of goals will beat Hoffenheim.
Because of Barcelona’s overall ball control tactics, Hoffenheim’s overall attack times have dropped a lot compared with his previous games.
Even if two people don’t keep an eye on Lu Wenbin, there are still few chances to shoot.
In the 32nd minute, Lu Wenbin’s low shot outside the forbidden area had passed through Puyol’s crotch, but it was forbidden. In the forbidden area, Abidar rushed from the side and a flying shovel destroyed the bottom line.
Then Hoffenheim, the corner kick, failed to head in.
Instead, Barcelona scored again in the 39th minute.
Harvey again.
He made a false move to Ibrahimovic in the frontcourt, shook Gustavo off, and then gave the ball to Messi Flea. Messi passed Jaissle and Nihlsson continuously through the fast small rotating belt, and then entered the big forbidden area to play near the corner.
In an instant, all the Barcelona fans in the stands were boiling up.
Messi’s connection with two people is really fascinating.
Barcelona fans will break through and surpass others. Messi is better than Lu Wenbin. No matter how many goals Lu Wenbin scores, it is also a goal machine. Without teammates to feed Lu Wenbin, it is a waste.
In the 39 th minute, Barcelona took the lead again through Messi’s goal of 21. Everyone estimated that the score was over at half-time.
But Hoffenheim players didn’t give up.
The goal scored by the opponent in the first minute of the opening is enough to alert everyone. The closer we get to the end of the half-time, the more energetic we are and the more we get the goal.
In the 44 th minute, full-back Baker took the ball to the bottom and Lu Wenbin jumped high at the front point, which attracted Puyol and Abidar to take off defense together.
As a result, the ball was a little high, and all three of them didn’t reach the top.
Ibisevic also attracted Pique’s defense to take the roof again in the middle, which led to the ball being missed at the back of Dengba and going straight to Dengba at the back of the forbidden area.
Although Yaya Toure wanted to rush to defend Dengba, the two consecutive roof falls in the front point and the middle road surprised Yaya Toure and started a little slower.
By the time he got to Demba, Demba had jumped up and headed the ball to the goal.
Being swayed by Lu Wenbin and Ibisevic one after another, Valdes has come to save the ball at this time and can watch the ball fly into the back point.
In the 44th minute, Deng Baba headed Hoffenheim to equalize the score, and the score became 22.

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