"No, I want to say I’m afraid I’ll never get another chance." When the bullet went through her body, her insides twisted together with pain. She watched the blood flow from her chest and knew that she had no chance.

Lin Mo-chen didn’t speak to interrupt her, and there was no sorrow from Lu or Olson’s cold face.
"I don’t want to die and I don’t want to save you. If you die, I will suffer and she will suffer. I can’t get you and she can’t get it! This is fair! " Tang poetry still doesn’t regret what he did, but then he smiled bitterly, "but I can’t control myself to pounce on you."
"The elder brother of the ink minister, I really love you to death! But what about her? It will be a burden to you. Why can’t you look at me gently? " The bitter smile on the lips of Tang poetry deepened and spread. "I really don’t have amnesia because I don’t know how to face you, and I don’t want you to hate me so that I can pretend to have amnesia so that I can be as close to you as I used to be, but you are getting farther and farther away from me. I know that when you got married, you just found someone to marry. Why can’t that person be me? I don’t-I hate her! Brother Mochen, I don’t think I want to remember me, but I saved your life less this time. Can I beg you not to hate me any more and remember me? "
The Tang poetry here is already full of tears, helping her to look forward to it. I hope that Lin Mo-chen can occupy a floor in his heart, even if it is a small corner. If he remembers her, she will die in peace. Lin Mo-chen’s eyes are cold and calm, facing her long tears, and the water is pitiful to her. His last words are always indifferent to Tang poetry, but he smiles bitterly in silence until he slowly closes his eyes.
"I won’t hate you and I won’t remember you in Tang poetry." Lin Mochen just blurted out faintly.
I don’t know if I heard the Tang poetry for a second, but it doesn’t matter anymore. She doesn’t know anything anymore when she goes to turn off the lights.
"It’s too cheap for her to die like this." Olson is not worth it for Lin Mochen.
"This is the best ending for her." Lin Mochen was helped to sit up by Lu You.
He looked at the Tang poetry lying flat as if he were asleep. If she hadn’t done these cruel things, then she would still be the cute little girl who loves to laugh. Love is the most hurtful thing in the world. It’s terrible that she loves fame and turns into a demon.
"Is Chi Yiming handed over to the police station or you?" Olson looked aside and was suppressed by his hand. Kneeling method moved Chi Yiming.
"Give it to the police. It’s too cheap for him to die. He should spend all his time with high walls." Lin Mochen intends to let Chi Yiming spend his life with high walls
It’s hard for a man like Chi Yiming, who is used to living a comfortable life, to adapt to prison life. If he lets others "take care" of him, it will be too much fun. Olson and Lu You will help Lin Mochen up. They will help Lin Mochen out of the abandoned factory and prepare the car outside.
Then he drove here. Yu Chi Yiming naturally gave it to the noodle man to do Lin Mo-chen’s work. Say hello to the police station here. Chi Yi-ming wouldn’t want to have a good life. Lin Mo-chen has been holding on until he was sent to the hospital and entered the operating room. He even worried about Lu.
The attending doctor is naturally Chu Heng, which also makes Lu You very relieved.
"Doctor Chu, help him" Lu You begged for a white medical gown with a face like Guan Yu Chu Heng.
"Lu sorrow even if you don’t beg me, I will try my best to save him." Chu Heng said and pushed open the operating room door and went in.
Olson looked at her with Lu sorrow outside and sat there with his hands clasped together, as if praying for Lin Mo-chen to come safely while waiting for him.
"How’s the minister?" Gu Nanqing received Olson’s words.
"In ChuHeng inside" Olson replied.
He leans against the wall opposite the operating room, tall and straight, slender and long legs, and bends up a person, where is the most charming scenery.
"Why didn’t you inform me earlier about such a big thing?" Gu Nan listened to Chu Heng, and the heart relaxed slightly, and then he began to blame Olson for hiding it.
"It’s not that I didn’t inform you, but that you didn’t go!" Olson’s arms around his chest are very harmful.
Gu Na was too lazy to wrangle with him and gave him a grumpily stare. He went to sit there and worried about Lu. He sat next to Lu and felt her body tremble gently, which seemed to be afraid and worried.
"Worry about Lu, don’t worry too much. You put one hundred and twenty hearts in Chu Hang, and I think this life will be fine." Gu Nanqing comforted her. "Even if it is you, he won’t allow himself to have something. You have to believe him."
Lu sorrow look to the side Gu Nan tilting his eyes very seriously.
Her watery eyes blinked, and her long feathers and eyelashes also tilted, and she gradually became warm and smiling. "I believe him." He is so strong that a person will not give up on himself because of this pain. He is strong enough to get up.
"That’s right." Gu Nanqing’s words of comfort to her are still very effective. Lu You is no longer so uncomfortable with the belief of "believing"
Gu Na leaned up and poured water for Lu You, and gave Olson a cup. When Lu You reached for the cup, his sleeve shrank a little, and Gu Na leaned to see her wrist scar.
"What’s the matter with you?" Gu Nanqing saw that the wound was red and swollen and the blood had scabbed.
"being dawdled by the rope" Lu sorrow did not hide it.
"The wounds are red and swollen, so we have to deal with them. Otherwise, it will be bad to get angry because of infection." Gu Nanqing suggested.
"I’ll go after I wait for the ink minister to come out." Lu sorrow wants to know all the news about him for the first time.
"I still have a period of time in him when you treat this wound. If he sees your wound for a while, he will blame himself for not protecting you." Gu Nanqing took the cup in her hand and put it on the chair surface, then pulled her up. "Listen to me."
Lu Sorrow felt that Gu Nanqing’s statement was also reasonable, so she followed him to deal with the wound cleaning. The wound was very painful, but she bit her teeth and didn’t say anything. She was so light that the wound was so painful. Lin Mochen’s injury was so heavy that he said anything. What did she have to hurt? Lu Sorrow, so the doctor treated her with wound cleaning medicine, and then wrapped her hands and wrists with thick gauze. Gu Nanqing went to pick up some anti-inflammatory drugs for her.
The doctor explained how to take the medicine, and then said, "Don’t touch water or heavy objects these days, and remember to change the scar when you come."
"Good" Gu Nanqing promised.
Gu Nanqing and Lu You went back to the operating room and waited for Olson. He never walked away and kept his posture against the wall elegant and handsome. He was answering the words, "Well, I’ll go back first when it’s handled. I want to stay here for a few days."
He saw Gu Na leaning back to hold the sorrow of Lu and sat in the rest chair. Her wrist was white and some of it was out there.
"Is her hand serious?" Olson asked 1 carefully.
"Didn’t hurt the bones and muscles is bruised some serious" Gu Na tilting eyes rested on the operating room door "minister? Did Heng come out and say anything? "
"He’s lost a lot of blood … and it’s dangerous." Olson paused when he said this, and his eyes swept away. "I’ve already called his hospital and transferred blood from the blood bank."
Lu You heard that Lin Mo-chen had lost too much blood, and she got up and "took my blood".
"Huh?" Olson and Gu Na didn’t respond at the moment.
At this time, the door of the operating room opened and Chu Heng came out wearing bacteria. He wore a disposable blue mask and his white forehead was covered with fine sweat. When he came out, Gu Nanqing, Olson and Lu You all caught his eye.
"Lu Youma, someone has come to take you to the blood collection room to collect blood. I need blood transfusion. His hospital plasma is about to be delivered, but when it is needed, can you take some for me first?" Chu Heng asked her that her eyes also touched the white gauze on her wrist. "Are you seriously injured?"
"It’s a little skin injury, I can do it, even if I take out all my blood. I want to save him." Lu You is really in a state of mind at the moment.
spa会所"Pumping out how line? When I wake up, I will get even with me. I dare not go within the normal range. At most, 4 "Chu Heng made a joke to ease the tension." Once you saved him, I need you to thank you this time. "
"Dr. Chu helped me turn to him and wait for him to come out. I want to hear him thank me personally, okay?" Worrying about Lu’s own requirements also makes Lin Mo-chen strong enough to live because he is waiting for him here.
"Good" Chu Heng looked at the nurse who had come to lead Lu You to "take Miss Lu to collect blood"
Lu You was taken away by the nurse. Gu Nanqing and Olson both looked at Chu Heng. "Lu You’s blood … can save the minister?"
"Well, when I had an accident, she saved my life by mistake, otherwise your minister would marry Lu You so casually?" Chu Heng hit the nail on the head.
"Is this blood donation still giving feelings?" Gu Nan smiled lightly. "Is the minister committed to each other?"
"Right" ChuHeng didn’t stay and turned into the operating room. It turned out that Lu Sorrow turned out to be Lin Mo Chen’s rescuer. Lu Sorrow came over and Lin Mo Chen hasn’t come out yet. She can’t wait to rest and observe for two hours.

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