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She bit her lips and called Chi Yiming in a low voice. "Yi Ming helped me wear a ring …"

Chi Yiming returned to absolute being and pushed the ring in his hand into Song Yabei’s name.
Another warm palm, the two embraced and kissed and accepted the blessings of everyone.
Lu sorrow feel some tightness in the chest as if don’t feel the excitement.
Once everything was like a dream. After waking up, people around them were no longer the people they had hoped for.
Lin Mochen sat beside her and reached out to hold her hand and wrapped it in the palm of her hand. "I can give you a bigger wedding, not an engagement, but a wedding."
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Mrs. Lin has trained Mr. Lin very well.
Lin Mochen clenched her fingers and rubbed the back of her hand to give her a stable force and want her to believe him.
Lu sorrow eyes rested on them shaking hands in the center of slightly astringent but with a hint of sweetness.
She once Chi Yiming would be the man she walked through life with hand in hand.
Their feelings can transcend their status distance and overcome their parents’ opposition.
She always thinks that they can live like all ordinary men and women, work together every day, cook together and have a good night. If two people trust each other, then everything will not be a problem.
If he has her in his heart, she is pampered and protected by her, then it is the greatest happiness.
Now that Chi Yiming and Song Yabei are engaged, they have deep feelings for them and they are valued by the world.
And she also became the wife of Lin Mo-chen. This condition is better than Chi Yiming’s, 1000 times and 10000 times. The excellent man gave Chi Yiming a favor and couldn’t love her marriage, which made her feel like a dream.
You never know, everything is no longer what it was supposed to be.
But she didn’t feel sad, but she felt a sense of happiness rising in her heart.
Fortunately, she didn’t marry Chi Yiming. Fortunately, she saw clearly that he was hypocritical and cruel to her.
Fortunately, it was Lin Mo-chen who was holding her hand at the moment. When he tore off the prenuptial agreement and prepared the divorce agreement early, she knew that this man’s heart was not as malicious as he heard it.
Lu sorrow eyes lifted from their shaking hands and moved to Lin Mo-chen’s face. Every inch of the line was carefully distinguished by the Emperor.
Men are also looking at her. The stars in the deep pool are soft, and her eyes are deeply entangled.
He slowly pulled open the corners of his mouth and smiled genially. "Mrs. Lin, Mr. Lin is handsome and rich, and he is also a young talent. It is absolutely not a loss to marry him. Tell me what kind of wedding you want and I can satisfy you."
"Mr. Lin is so good." Lu You doesn’t want any prosperous weddings. For her, those are all forms. "I enjoy the present state."
Although Lin Mochen’s name at the reception desk at the door just now caused quite a stir, it was after all that a few people there knew her identity.
If the wedding is really held, then the city will know about her and Lin Mo-chen, so don’t think about peace.
She doesn’t want to get preferential treatment by virtue of her status as Mrs. Lin. She wants to work hard to make a career of her own like him.
When she got her license, she said she didn’t want a wedding or a banquet, and she still does.
约茶  title="Mrs. Lin’s wedding really won’t save our province." Lin Mochen advised her that the deep eye pool is like an ancient well that has been deep for thousands of years.
"Mr. Lin really doesn’t care too much about a wedding." Lu You blinked his eyes lightly and was cute and cute.
"I heard that women expect themselves to wear wedding dresses because that moment is the most beautiful and happiest time for women." Lin Mochen’s thin lips gently spit out the dreams in every woman’s heart, but she also fantasized about how beautiful it would be to wear wedding dresses. "I don’t want to wronged you at all. I don’t want to prove that I can."
"Mr. Lin, you are very powerful. You can’t do it at all." Lu You raised his hand and gently took his arm to praise him
Lin Mo-chen’s eyes opened slightly, and the eyebrow peak stirred up the ambiguous whirlpool at the bottom of the pool. "Mrs. Lin, you haven’t tried my technology yet. How do you know that I am very powerful? Is it by fantasy? This is not good for your health! "
He can always seriously misinterpret the meaning in Lu You’s words and turn good words into dirty paragraphs.
Where is this simple worry about Lu that his opponent will blush with shame?
"Mr. Lin, can’t you talk well? Do you have to talk to me like this to be happy? " Lu sorrow took a deep breath and turned away from his smiling face.
Sven scum is talking about men like Lin Mochen!
Lu sorrow sitting on the right hand side is Su Man. As soon as she turns her head, she looks at Su Man.
Su Man said nothing but looked at her sympathetically.
Lu You and Lin Mochen are not in the same position. Lu You was crushed by Lin Mochen, and she was helpless.
Lin Mo-chen picked up the red wine on the table and held it in front of Lu You. "Mrs. Lin, I made a mistake and punished myself."
"You-"Lu sorrow turned to see that Lin Mo Chen had lifted her head slightly and drank half a finger of high red wine in the goblet.
He put his glass down gently. "Don’t be angry. Being angry is bad for your health. If you feel uncomfortable, you will be punished at home."
"Tut tut ….." Gu Nan was an eye-opener when she saw that Lin Mo-chen had completely converged before Lu You. "This Mrs. Lin has trained Mr. Lin very well!"
Section 39
"Envy and envy our love, just say don’t be so sour." Lin Mo-chen stretched out his long arm and buckled his shoulders with a big palm.
"Who has nothing to eat and envy a married man?" Gu Nanqing smiled gently. "I care about Gu Nanqing, but you and I are not always horizontal."
"For those who never have a daughter-in-law to warm their beds, some people feel pain, and those who don’t have a daughter-in-law to warm their beds are alone." Lin Mochen retorted not to be outdone.
"I never know what it’s like to be alone." Gu Nanqing held Su Man’s waist around him possessively. "Are you really married?"
Gu Nanqing’s eyes slightly swept through the fundus of Lu’s sorrow with a kind of inquiry.
He didn’t find Lu You before, but now he knows that she is his own star media employee.
And when did she and Lin Mochen get entangled together, but he didn’t have any news.
Today, I heard the wind that Lin Mochen brought Mrs. Lin to the wedding, and he was not calm.
Are they the best buddies? Lin Mochen is married. He must be the first to know!
"Do you want to see a marriage certificate?" Lin mo Chen Dao
Gu Nanqing Lin Mo Chen didn’t see a joke in his eyes, but he was serious and calm. The answer was already obvious.
"Not interested" Gu Na left a thin lip.
Lin Mo-chen and Gu Na bickered with each other, and two parents, Chi Yi-ming and Song Ya-bei, came to their table to propose a toast.
"Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the children’s (little girl’s) engagement party," Chi Song and his wife, Gu Zong, said the pleasantries, "Ming Er Beibei is going to propose a toast to them."
"Mrs. Lin, I respect you." Song Yabei smiled softly and generously as if it had not happened just now.
Lin Mo-chen took the glass from Lu You’s hand and cared for her. "Mrs. Chi, my wife is not feeling well, so it’s not convenient to drink at this time. I’ll drink it for her."
Is it inconvenient to feel unwell?

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