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When Fu Qianfan turned his head, Gao Zhiyuan was still busy replying to a pair of six. It was really busy for Gao Zhiyuan. Fu Qianfan also felt tired when he looked at it.

After a while, the mobile phone was quiet. Gao Zhiyuan put away the marriage certificate and walked to the front of the safe, where there were many important documents. The second old lady bought Fu Qianfan those two sets of jewelry and put them in it.
Gao Zhiyuan put the marriage certificate in the safe. Fu Qianfan already felt very awkward, and then he saw Gao Zhiyuan take out the remaining photos from his pocket and put them in the safe. Is it necessary?
After packing, Gao Zhiyuan accompanied Fu Qianfan to lie in bed and rest, but both of them were so excited that they didn’t feel sleepy at all.
"We are husband and wife now" Gao Zhiyuan sighed.
Fu Qianfan also foolishly replied "Yes"
The silly and nutritious conversation made two people laugh for a long time, and they didn’t know when they fell asleep.
Gao Zhiyuan didn’t have much to stay at home until he got the certificate and went back to the company class the next day. Gao Yunbo won’t quit immediately, but Gao Zhiyuan has to take over things again. There are many, many busy days that seem to start again.
Before the wedding, Gao Zhiyuan still took out a wedding dress with Fu Qianfan, took a wedding photo and hung a picture in the room.
Fu Qianfan is getting closer and closer to the wedding, and he is getting more and more nervous. Everything about the wedding is handled by Gao Zhiyuan and Hu Meijing. Except knowing the general process, Fu Qianfan is unclear. Gao Zhiyuan seems to be deliberately keeping secrets.
A week before the wedding, Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan were received from S City. They came to prepare and formally met everyone in Gaos thought for an engagement dinner.
Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan didn’t know what it meant when they came to Gaos thought. After the situation, they subverted their impression of the rich Gaos thought. This degree is definitely not simply rich, right?
桑拿按摩Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan always knew that the Gaos had a good life, but they didn’t know today that it was not only good, but also that they could imagine that their son-in-law was not only excellent, but also an excellent person.
Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan are still a little uneasy when they step into the gaos thought gate. When they see that everyone in the gaos thought has not changed their attitude at all, and Fu Qianfan gets along very well with everyone in the gaos thought, Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan have no doubts, no matter whether they are rich or not, they are good to their daughter.
In the next few days, Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan became one with the Gaos, and Ji Silan and Hu Meijing got along very well. Fu Yingfan and Gao Yunbo also found a common hobby-sometimes they had to sit down and have a competition.
Fu Qianfan, the maid of honor candidate, must be looking for Yin Lelai as the best man. Gao Zhiyuan wants to choose any one of Qiao Xing and others, but Chu Yang will not be chosen after he is married.
As a result, before Gao Zhiyuan decided Mo Junyu called from Z City, "Gao Zhiyuan, I will be your best man."
Mo Junyu’s sentence is cool, as if it were up to him. Gao Zhiyuan came after hearing the anger. Everyone can be his best man, but Mo Junyu can’t. Mo Junyu is unreliable and will probably ruin the only wedding in his life.
"What can I do for you?"
Compared with Gao Zhiyuan’s being blown up, Mo Junyu is not affected by Gao Zhiyuan’s words at all. "I will be your best man and you can be my best man."
Mo Junyu, who is he? Why should he decide for him?
"I don’t care what you care about. I don’t want you to be my best man."
Gao Zhiyuan and Mo Junyu are quarrelling with two children, and it seems that neither of them will give way.
"Yin Le wants to be a bridesmaid, and your best man must be me." This sentence of Mo Junyu explains why you can’t go too far. He doesn’t care if Yin Le doesn’t go to Yin Le. He is almost his wedding with Fu Qianfan.
I don’t care about anything.
Gao Zhiyuan made Mo Junyu compromise, but Mo Junyu kept chanting "I want to be your best man and I will be your best man".
Mo Junyu kept chanting, just a few words. Anyway, Gao Zhiyuan must agree to let him be the best man
Gao Zhiyuan was bored by Mo Junyu’s reading and simply hung up the phone, but Gao Zhiyuan’s phone rang just after it was quiet here.
"Don’t pick up" Gao Zhiyuan is still too late. This sentence must be harassment from Mo Junyu.
Gao Zhiyuan talked to Mo Junyu. Fu Qianfan heard it and knew what it was. Can Gao Zhiyuan not take Mo Junyu seriously? Fu Qianfan can’t.
When Fu Qianfan asked Yin Le to be a bridesmaid, he wanted to set a set of Yin Le meaning. Yin Le didn’t really reply. He always played Tai Chi with Fu Qianfan because of Yin Le’s attitude. Fu Qianfan believed that Yin Le was different from Mo Junyu.
Fu Qianfan met Yin Le several times before he came to S city, but he never talked about Mo Junyu’s body and how many times he could meet Yin Le. Fu Qianfan felt that he should talk to Mo Junyu, but Yin Le didn’t say Fu Qianfan and didn’t ask.
Now Mo Junyu called and also knew that Yin Le was going to be her maid of honor. If it wasn’t Yin Le himself, it was Mo Junyu who had been staring at Yin Le’s theory. Anyway, Yin Le had Mo Junyu and Lian.
Fu Qianfan didn’t care if Gao Zhiyuan was Mo Junyu. There is nothing wrong with her words, and she will definitely pick them up.
"Thousands of Yin Le will be your bridesmaid and I want to be your best man." When Mo Junyu opened his mouth, it was this sentence. Thousands of characters were a little white and Gao Zhiyuan was angry. At this time, Gao Zhiyuan also heard Mo Junyu’s words and was holding his breath.
Fu Qianfan didn’t want to get into trouble on both sides, smiled at Gao Zhiyuan with a wry smile, and then said to the words, "I will discuss this matter with Gao Zhiyuan."
This thing is definitely impossible for her to decide by herself. Anyone who can reply to Mo Junyu Gao Zhiyuan in this way needs some effort.
However, Mo Junyu, who is persistent enough, doesn’t eat Fu Qianfan’s "Best man, I must insist that Yin Le is your maid of honor, Gao Zhiyuan. It’s up to you."
Fu Qianfan was so angry that Mo Junyu wanted to throw a mobile phone. Mo Junyu even threatened her. If he couldn’t be the best man, he wouldn’t let Yin Le be her maid of honor, would he? He would also throw Gao Zhiyuan to her.
Fu Qian who didn’t hang up the phone for the first time Gao Zhiyuan robbed it, not only hung up but also saw how Mo Junyu could harass them.
After the quiet, Gao Zhiyuan was still angry with Mo Junyu. Really capable?
Fu Qianfan looked at Gao Zhiyuan and was angry, but she was not angry. It is also understandable that Mo Junyu would keep calling Gao Zhiyuan and telling her because of Yin Lecai.
After Gao Zhiyuan calmed down, he looked at Fu Qianfan and smiled at him. Gao Zhiyuan gave birth to a bad omen. "You don’t want to promise him, don’t."
Seeing Gao Zhiyuan so horrified, Fu Qianfan laughed even more. She knew what Gao Zhiyuan was thinking.
"But Mo Junyu insisted on it." Fu Qianfan said.
Gao Zhiyuan tugged at the corners of his mouth and said unhappily, "I won’t agree with you and don’t be soft-hearted."
"But I want Yin Lelai to be my maid of honor." Fu Qianfan said that Gao Zhiyuan looked at Fu Qianfan and let Fu Qianfan continue to finish. "Yin Le is different from Mo Junyu. The bridesmaid is Yin Le, so it is also appropriate for Mo Junyu to be the best man."
Is Yin Le and Mo Junyu unusual? Fu Qianfan is not sure that Gao Zhiyuan knows, but he just doesn’t want to.
"Don’t want the best man, you need to find a reliable person to be the best man of Mo Junyu. You have to help me deal with many things. I don’t believe Mo Junyu, and another important thing for the best man is to help me top the wine. Just kill him if anyone kills him. What do I want him to do?"

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