She smiled and acquiesced

* * Segment 4 * *
The reporter of the new drama conference asked, "It is said that today is the birthday of Attorney General Yan. Do you have any birthday wishes?"
He has always been cold, hard, handsome, gentle and deceptive, holding Xia Qiao’s hand tightly and saying, "My wish is to marry her home."
[One-on-one female protagonist develops a gradual change of man, wife and slave. Both body and mind are clean. Like girls, remember to poke in and have a look! 】
Mrs. Lin is the only antidote for Mr. Lin.
Lin Mo-chen looked at the medicine bag in front of him for a second. He didn’t rush to look up. His eyes first caught Lu You’s back hand, and then his eyes moved along her hand. Her snow-white slender lotus root arm became more and more delicate and fragrant, and then she was fixed with a little makeup. beauty face’s eyes were deep and soft as water.
"Why are you here?" Lin Mo Chen put his pen in his hand and looked at her transfixed.
Lu sorrow will be plain and white, pointing to the bright and clean desktop. "Don’t you catch a cold? I’ll give you medicine. "
Lin Mo-chen coughed two times just in time. "This medicine is not what I need."
Lu You looked at her suspiciously to buy medicine. "I told the pharmacy staff that if I want to take a cold medicine and stop coughing, did she take it wrong?"
Lu You reached for the medicine bag and opened it to see that there was nothing wrong with it.
"Medicine is right, but I don’t need it." Lin Mochen looked at her seriously.
"Aren’t you sick?" Lu sorrow put the medicine bag and then bypassed the wide desk to sit behind the desk.
She held out her hand in front of him and put her palm on his forehead. "Don’t move."
She felt the temperature of his forehead in the palm of her hand to see if he had a fever.
It is true that his forehead temperature is higher than that of her palm. Is it because he has a fever and coughed just now?
"Lin Mochen, are you intentional?" Lu You put his palm and twisted his eyebrows and scolded him. "Are you so big that you don’t even face up to your illness?"
"I didn’t." Lin Mochen took her finger and rubbed her palm. "I don’t think this little cold root means anything to me."
"Mouth shut" Lu You glared at him lightly. "I knew you wouldn’t go to the doctor obediently and pay attention to your health. Fortunately, I brought you medicine, otherwise you will get worse if you delay your illness so much."
Lu sorrow broke free from his hand and turned to leave.
Lin Mochen grabbed her. "Where are you going?"
"I’m going to pour you water. I want to see you eat the medicine today, otherwise I won’t be at ease." Lu You gently pushed his hand away and went to the water cooler to get a cup, poured a glass of water and folded it over.
She put the glass of water on the table and then took the medicine out of the medicine bag to take the weight according to the instructions
Lin Mo-chen saw that she was so busy. He got up from the swivel chair and walked around the desk and came to Lu You, then took the medicine in her hand and threw it on the table.
"What are you doing? If you are sick, you have to take medicine. "Lu is worried about what he wants to do." Why are you so uncooperative and don’t pay attention to your health? "
"I’ll take the medicine later." Lin Mochen put her hand on her shoulder again. "Since I’m here, let me hold it for a while."
"Lin Mo Chen …" Lu You reached for his solid chest. "This is your office. You can’t fool around if you are more important."
"No one dares to break into my office without my permission." Lin Mo-chen’s thin lips proudly hooked up and there was a sly flash in his eyes. "My site is of course my decision."
Lu you refused to let her fall in love on such occasions as the office, which would make her feel uncomfortable all over.
She racked her brains and finally found a topic that can be changed. "Lin Mochen, are you afraid of taking medicine?" You’re a big president, you lead such a person, you’ve never seen anything in your shopping mall, and you’re afraid of taking medicine. Are you ashamed? I blush for you. "
Lu sorrow is trying to goad Lin Mo-chen into taking medicine.
"Are you? Then let me have a good look at where your face is red. "Lin Mochen looked at her and argued for it. His eyes floated finely and brightly, making his dark eyes as charming as the brightest stars in the sky.
Lin Mo-chen raised his hand to hold her beautiful jaw, and then lifted it up, forcing her eyes to intersect with him.
"Lin Mochen, you are just afraid of taking medicine." Lu You decided that he was such a "timid" person.
"I can take medicine, but I have something more serious than a cold to treat." Lin Mochen provoked her left eyebrow.
"What disease?" Lu sorrow heard him say that there was a more serious illness, which made the heart even tighter.
Lu looked at his face, and he scanned his face carefully for several times.
His face is a little pale because of the cold, but it is a little unhealthy because of the fever. The blush is very light, but she can see clearly at such a close distance.
His lip is dry and there is no color in it.
It doesn’t seem as serious as he said, does it
"What’s wrong with you? You’re so scary." Lu You reached his chest and his fingers have been changed. "Don’t scare me, will you?"
Lin Mo-chen looked at Lu in such a hurry, but his lip smile hooked deeper.
He leaned down and bowed his head and put his thin lips to her ear. With a magnetic sound, he clearly entered her diaphragm. "I have to think about my illness. My medicine is you."
Lu sorrow pupil instantaneous amplification holding her clothes fingers also slightly loose two points.
What? Thinking about illness?
Lin Mo-chen did not forget to print a kiss on her white earlobe.
Lu sorrow bit her ruddy lips "Lin Mo Chen I am in such a hurry that you still laugh? Look at me, you are anxious, you are very happy and proud, aren’t you? "
品茶论坛"No," Lin Mochen stared at her with a gentle tone. "I just miss you. I really want to go on a business trip these days. I want to keep my eyes open, I want to sleep at work, and I think I’m about to miss my bones. Do you think this disease is not serious?"
Before every business trip, I felt nothing. I never thought of going early and returning early, and I didn’t miss a person so much.
For the first time, I had the most important concern, and a heart had already flown to her side.
Lu sorrow sipped her lips, her face was white and red for the most part, but her heart was warmed by his gentle words, and her eyes were so red and glittering and translucent.
"Do I have such great charm?" Lu sorrow asked him, but her heart was crossed
"A little parting is better than a wedding day. It’s like seeing each other in Sanqiu." Lin Mochen returned very warmly. "It’s you who I want to take medicine."
"Always such nonsense" Lu sorrow has lost resistance to Lin Mochen.
Who has such a charming love story in front of such a man? No matter how tough his heart is, it will be soft, moved and melted.
Lu sorrow knew that she was very unproductive and asked Lin Mo-chen to say something nice, so she forgot all the unhappy things.
"Did you miss me?" Lin Mochen’s long arm has taken hold of her waist.
Lu sorrow can retreat, and her hips reach the edge of the desk. She is surrounded by him, and her arms are very ambiguous.
Her washed eyes looked at his deep eyes, and her red lips were slightly soft and soft. "I want to …"
"How much do you want?" He asked her.
"…" Lu sorrow throw reserve summon up courage "very want to"
"Do you really want to?" Lin Mo-chen just wants her to face her real thoughts and know her thoughts about him.
"Really want to" Lu sorrow this time with a nod to confirm.
"Then kiss me" Lin Mochen’s magnetic voice is bewitched and charming.

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