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After everything happened, I broke up first, but adding WeChat to each other and pulling a three-person WeChat group can be regarded as building revolutionary feelings.

Simon Simon took Ou Beichen back to the company and recruited a lot of little girls here. After all, she also made an appearance in the film festival, and she also laid a big signboard to attract little girls. It is not difficult to attract little girls naturally.
夜网论坛  title=Zhou told her about the current operation of the company.
"I interviewed the last girl and probably chose a dozen girls with potential to sign up."
Qin Miao Miao looked at the girls photos and then light way
"It will be more difficult to promote this way, and it will be more powerful to get an artist training plan competition with several major video networks. Please invite a few first-line big coffees to sit in this area as judges. I will solve the problem of choosing 30 people with training potential to sign up, even if it is a black-box exercise. If I become a hit, I can sing and act."
On Monday, I listened to the rapid brain rotation and then said
"Okay, I’ll go to Lian."
"hard work"
"Then I picked out those people before."
"The qualifications are ok, and then we’ll see if there is any training potential. In addition, the online drama is very popular recently. I need several good projects to shoot. In this respect, you should pay attention to the requirement of ensuring that you can make new investments before the trial, and get benefits as soon as possible."
Zhou nodded. "Yes, I will pay attention."
"In addition, the company can handle affairs and form a core class. You can take it out for me, and the gold medal broker also digs some artists for me. This piece is beginning to be laid out."
"okay, I’m white."
Later, she discussed a company with him. When he walked out of the office, his back was cold sweat, and he was interested in playing tickets. Even if she could handle the matter before, it was just a coincidence. Who expected her to be so clear about her career?
It seems that his previous estimation was wrong, which may be an excellent opportunity in his life:
Chapter 35 Have a big PARY
It’s past nine o’clock when I leave the company. Ou Beichen obediently stays with her.
Watching her deal with all kinds of problems is neither noisy nor noisy, but she doesn’t look like a manic except for being quiet and not talking to people.
Xiaoqi has been protecting her and keeping a close eye on the surrounding area. Since Lin Han’s accident, she is afraid that something will happen to her.
"It’s cold, Xiaochen. Let’s eat roast meat."
Xiao Chen looked at her clever face and hesitated a bit. Qin Miaomiao pulled up his hand and then said,
"Forget it. There must be a lot of people in the barbecue shop. Will you be uncomfortable? Then let’s go home and eat, okay? Xiaoqi will arrange it."
Xiaoqi, a family barbecue, looks nervous and nervous. It takes an hour to get home. It takes an hour to get everything ready.
Qin Miao Miao wanted to think and added, "It’s boring to have a barbecue with so many people."
So a simple meal turned into a big dinner.
Yan Jin Jing Meng Yan Song Li Jiao Jiao Lin Xiaoxiao were present.
Someone brought wine and Jin Jing also brought a gift that Qin Miaomiao liked very much.
As soon as she saw the ivory mahjong, she jumped directly and wanted to sleep with it.
Jin Jing said to her privately, "After putting in a wife, please speak well of me before Jiao Jiao."
"So what are you going to do to bribe me? Hum, am I so easily bribed?"
"Say what you want and remember what you want."
Jin Jing is a kind of "rest assured"
"And you want to chase after Jiao Jiao’s mess. If you dare to tread two boats, hehe, you will die miserably."
"Dare I dare not accept my heart? Absolutely accept my heart. I have Jiao Jiao in my heart."
I’m kidding. It’s hard to make a breakthrough. Of course, I’m trying to get people to marry home as soon as possible. Where does he dare to demon?
Qin Miaomiao turned around and saw Lin Xiaoxiao talking to Song Li. From her point of view, the attitude was somewhat ambiguous. Song Li’s eyes were a little different, and she was very interested in raining.
Obstruction. Absolute obstruction.
Love beans are close at hand, but pick up hot chicks’s sister paper is still her friend. It is very likely that the sisters will have a litter of babies and watch them show their love.
What could be more frustrating than this?
More think more bad mercilessly drank a mouthful of red wine sleeve moved is ou Beichen pulled her sleeve.
"What’s the matter, Xiaochen?"
Xiao Chen’s Zhang Junxiu’s eyebrows are wrinkled up, and a poor abandoned Qin Miaomiao hugged him.
"it’s an ary tonight. There may be more people."
He took out a mobile phone and gave him a video, which was the cold face of Oubei Yao.
Qin Miaomiao found a quiet place to talk to Oubei Yao.
"What’s the matter? Boss finally found out that you are going to pick up Xiaochen?"
Xiaochen sat next to him and fiddled with the Rubik’s cube. It was so dazzling that people were amazed.
"I need a few more days’ income and you need to take care of it for a while."
Oubei Yaoshen Road, the whole person looks a little embarrassed.
Qin Miaomiao frowned. "You have a problem"
"fortunately, it can be solved."
"That’s good, Xiaochen. Come and say hello to your brother."
Xiao Chen still looks at the video Qin Miaomiao rubbed his hair and said with a smile
"call brother":
Chapter 36 Why don’t you marry YanLv?
Xiao Chen opened his mouth for ages before saying, "Elder brother!
Oubei Yao was a frozen mood is very complicated, after return to absolute being to Qin Miaomiao way
"I will be grateful for taking care of him for me."
"This is not your account. Xiaochen likes to be with me, right, Xiaochen?"
Ou Beichen nodded his head.
"Come and say goodbye to your brother."
Ou Beichen also cooperated with her hand this time, holding it up and waving it at the mobile phone camera.
"Bye-bye brother"
Oubei Yao looked at his brother’s eyes in his mobile phone and turned red. After hanging up, he still hasn’t recovered. It seems that he made a correct decision, Xiaochen. Maybe even his autism will get better gradually.
Even Xiao Chen, he should go back alive.
A circle of men playing mahjong, Lu Qing lost a lot. He glanced at Qin Miao, who was talking to Jiao Jiao Lin Xiaoxiao.

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