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Leng Shijun frowned. "Didn’t Mom just have lunch?"

"I suddenly want to drink porridge. Go and buy me a bowl," Xu Meizu insisted.
Leng Jingyan then came out of the small room and volunteered, "Shijun will accompany Minzhi, so I’ll buy it for you."
"Don’t you shout pain? Let Shijun go back to your house to rest." Xu Meizu said strongly.
In the end, Leng Shijun couldn’t get up and say to Han Minzhi, "Minzhi, I’ll go out first. You wait for me and I’ll be right back."
"Good" Han Minzhi nodded but guessed that Xu Meizu should have something to say to himself alone.
Sure enough, as soon as Leng Shijun left Xu Meizu, he looked at her and said, "Minzhi, you should know about the fact that we have been cold for generations, right?"
On hearing this, Leng Jingyan suddenly went over to stop his wife. "Xu Meizu, what are you talking about? !”
Xu Meizu pushed aside the cold words and went on to say, "Minzhi, I am a woman, and I know that ectopic pregnancy surgery is very harmful to your health. We have been taking care of you with all our heart these days because of this. The purpose is to let you relax and do this surgery, and everything will go smoothly. After the surgery, I will take good care of you. Anyway, I still hope you don’t give up so easily and try again to see if you can have a baby for the whole world, okay? Of course, I know that the world loves you dearly, but you can’t say that you won’t be pregnant if you don’t. We still have to inherit the family incense … "
约茶"Stop talking and go! Come out!" Leng Jingyan looked at her daughter-in-law getting paler and paler, and finally she simply took Xu Meizu to the outside of the ward.
The door is gradually closed, but it is still clear. You can hear the quarrel between the two people in the corridor.
Han Minzhi sat on the bed with a pale face and expression, and his heart quickly spread, leaving a bit of self-mockery at last.
On the other side, the second floor of the outpatient building
The doctor is disinfecting Gao Xiaoxiao’s hands, and alcohol is used to clean the small gravel in the flesh. The sharp and cold pain makes Gao Xiaoxiao almost cry out.
Yu Jinchuan saw that she bit her lip and seemed to be in pain. Her face sank and she yelled at the doctor directly. "Can you move a little lighter!"
Dressed in a straight military uniform, the doctor was so frightened that his hands trembled and failed to control his strength that he directly pressed the wound hard.
"PSST …" Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t resist the direct pain.
Yu Jinchuan jumped out of his brow and blurted out again, "Will you change someone?"
Gao Xiaoxiao+Doctor "…"
Seeing the doctor’s face showing reluctance, Gao Xiaoxiao can endure the pain and look at Yu Jinchuan and say, "Can you be quiet? If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be in such pain now! "
"…" Yu Jinchuan’s original cold expression is one leng, isn’t it? She wouldn’t have been hit by a car at the hospital gate just now if it weren’t for herself …
Although an old man was reprimanded in public by a little girl in her early twenties, she was ashamed, but because she was her own daughter, she could resist her unhappiness and stare at the doctor with a sullen face.
The doctor slowed down under pressure and finally cleaned and bandaged the wound.
Both of them broke out in a sweat. The doctor was nervous, Gao Xiaoxiao was in pain …
It hurts …
Finally, the doctor tied a beautiful bow to the bandage, and as soon as the hand was released, the whole person immediately breathed a sigh of relief and felt that it was really difficult for him.
"Be careful not to touch the water. Change the medicine every morning and evening. It should be fine in a few days."
"thank you, doctor"
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at himself wrapped like a pig’s hoof, and his right hand was a little wordy.
Yu Jinchuan has been with Gao Xiaoxiao all the time. Suddenly, he said, "Xiaoxiao, I will leave. Wait for me here."
Gao Xiaoxiao saw his one eye and nodded gently.
Yu Jinchuan walked quickly and the doctor suddenly said, "Your father is the head of the army, right?"
Gao Xiaoxiao one leng "how do you know he …"
Is it my father?
She didn’t say the latter words, but the doctor said with a smile, "Look at his military uniform and his tone of voice, and your father and daughter look alike and have similar personalities."
After that, the doctor ordered a few more precautions for the wound, but Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t listen. I always thought that she and Yu Jinchuan looked alike.
There was a burst of footsteps behind "Xiaoxiao Er"
Gao Xiaoxiao turned around and saw Yu Jinchuan excitedly coming up, raised her hand and put a piece of Dove chocolate in her eyes. "I don’t know if you like chocolate, but … if you eat this, you may not feel so painful."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at his face and blurted out, "Are you and I three years old?"
Even when Xiaobai was accidentally ill and had a fever, she didn’t believe it when she coaxed him with sugar.
Yu Jinchuan’s happy face froze a little, and his voice seemed a little confused. "You … don’t you like this?"
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at his nervous and careful eyes and swallowed back the words instantly.
An army chief of staff really doesn’t have to be so flattering if it’s not because she is his daughter, does it?
There was a strange sour feeling in my heart, and finally she lowered her eyelids, reached out and took the chocolate from his hand, pulled it open and put it to her mouth and took a bite.
Yujinchuan looked at her face and hung a smile.
Then Yu Jinchuan took her to the Department of Radiology and Orthopedic Surgery … I always checked all the places I could check carefully.
After ensuring that there is no other problem except hand scratch, Yu Jinchuan didn’t worry about it. It was already more than three o’clock in the afternoon. "I’ll take you home and remember to ask the leader for a few days off. It’s inconvenient for you to have a hand injury."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao first leng leng didn’t refute "thank you, but I can take a taxi back by myself to delay you for such a long time …"
"You are my daughter. I should take care of you." Yu Jinchuan picked up her bag and walked forward first.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
When he got into the car, Yu Jinchuan said, "Go to Xiangxiyuan."
"yes, chief"
"Take me to the company."
The driver and Gao Xiaoxiao spoke at the same time.
"You can’t do anything even if you go to the company with an injured hand. Let’s go home and rest first," Yu Jinchuan said with a hint of bullying.
Gao Xiaoxiao really didn’t want to refute it when he came in the back seat, but seeing his tone of non-negotiation, he couldn’t help insisting that "I have been out for a long time today, and it’s not good not to go back, and it’s just a scratch on my right hand. Please send me back to the company."
Yu Jinchuan also wanted to say something, but when he looked back, he saw Gao Xiaoxiao frowning with a face of persistence and suddenly changed his mind "good"
Both of them didn’t talk to each other all the way.
Yu Jinchuan’s mobile phone keeps ringing halfway, which seems to be busy.
Although she didn’t want to eavesdrop, she could not avoid hearing something.
There are work and family calls, and the car is driving steadily. Yu Jinchuan’s voice has always been low and gentle, full of mature men, steady, but not too emotional, as if it were two different people who reprimanded the driver and the doctor before.
Gao Xiaoxiao listened to his voice and kept looking out of the window. Even she herself could hardly imagine that they would coexist peacefully in the same room so soon.
Finally, I arrived at the company building. Yu Jinchuan opened the car door and followed her. It was like an ordinary elder telling her daughter to say, "Be careful not to touch the water. If there is any inconvenience, let others help you. Don’t be embarrassed to ask, but it’s best to ask Ah Shu to help you take a few days off and come to class again when it’s good …"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Finally, after hearing it, she nodded awkwardly and turned around and walked towards the building without saying a word.
Yu Jinchuan went straight there until she watched her figure disappear at the door of the building, which opened the door and sat in "back to the hospital"
Gao Xiaoxiao was absent-minded and just walked out of the ladder and entered the front desk of the company gate. Pan Pan immediately got up from behind the desk and said, "Xiaoxiao, Xiaoxiao, your husband just came over and waited for you inside."

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