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However, the population is still sparse, but the infrastructure is very neat, even though it has already begun to warm up in the winter, and the warm smell comes to me in the gorgeous villa.

The children are tired and hungry. Ling Fei is busy ordering the servants to prepare lunch, and at the same time taking them to wash their little faces and hands.
When the children are settled, Ling Fei receives a call from his father Ling Lang.
"Brothers and sisters to eat! Everything is fine, no problem. "Ling Fei reported the situation here to his father, and then he listened to his father say a few words and said," OK, I’ll go now! "
"Ling Fei, do you go to the hospital? Can I follow! " Pei butterfly coquetry asked
"You stay here with your brother and sister!" Ling Fei said and turned and walked towards the door.
Section 315
Lingfei just arrived at the door and suddenly a man rushed out of the oblique to stop his way.
"Smelly!" Tingting stopped Ling Fei. Before she approached, she reached out and held his hands.
Ling Fei’s tall and handsome body was shocked and bowed her head in astonishment. Her hands were as white as jade, and she gripped his hands tightly. This is not an illusion. The physical contact between the two people seems like a lifetime ago. How long has it been since he touched her! Or how long has it been since she touched him!
Although they often held hands when they were children, now they have alienated to the point of indifference.
Tingting clung to Ling Fei’s hands and didn’t seem to realize what kind of mood swings her guild would cause to the boy. She was eager to find an answer. "Are you going to the hospital to visit Aunt Xia? Is she awake? "
Ling Fei’s eyes slowly moved back to her jade face from her clinging to his hands. She looked panicked. The beautiful face was as white as paper, and even the fresh and petal-like diamond lips lost color, and she trembled slightly. Obviously, she was afraid and scared to tremble all over. He blinked her charming eyes and remained indifferent as before. His tone was calm "Yes".
Only two words to answer let Tingting almost fall on the spot (if not holding him tightly). She looked at Ling Fei calmly and dismayed and asked, "How did you save Aunt Xia?" When did you find her falling into the water? "
How much she hoped to get a negative answer from Ling Fei. It was just a coincidence that he saved Xia Xue, but he didn’t see anything.
It’s a pity that she is destined to be disappointed.
"I jumped to save her when you pushed her into the water!" Ling Fei lightly replied.
He looked calm and his tone was calm, and he couldn’t see any mood swings. But every word he answered was like a bolt from the blue for Tingting. She shook her body and at least stabilized her heel and said, "You, you are talking nonsense! I, I didn’t … I didn’t push her … "
"Do you know it yourself!" O, Ling Fei, he pushed Tingting away and she didn’t fall down.
"You … you’re going to say that to dad!" Tingting’s eyes are full of despair, and her heart is even more desperate.
"I tell the truth!"
"Don’t!" Tingting’s big eyes blinked and shed two drops of crystal tears. She suddenly threw herself into Ling Fei’s arms and hugged him tightly, crying and pleading, "Don’t tell Dad! Please! I really didn’t mean to! I didn’t mean to push her! At that time, she argued with me, and I was angry at the moment … I was really scared and regretted! Smelly, please help me. Don’t tell dad! Dad will kick me out of the house … "
Ling Fei’s body is stiff and handsome, but her face is flushed with swelling. She dare not move. The girl’s tender body clings to him. He can feel her breath like blue breath and exquisite curve … The boy is in a sensitive period of soft blood, and she is the girl he misses so much. Tingting is like a fire in his body at this time.
He inhaled repeatedly and finally hardened his heart and finally reason pushed her away. He stopped watching her stride towards the car that could not be parked.
"Smelly!" Tingting hurriedly grabbed him again with the past. "Please! You mustn’t tell dad! Please! "
Ling Fei suddenly threw away Tingting’s entanglement and wrapped up a layer of cold chill. "Dare to do it and dare not be you really make me sick!"
Tingting was stunned by him. He called her disgusting!
"Say what accidentally root is to find an excuse! Why don’t you just confess that you killed Xia Xue so that you can marry your father! " Ling Fei looked at Tingting coldly and made no secret of his contempt and disdain for her.
"No … no!" Tingting refused to admit that she was killed (admitting that she was going to die) and hurriedly waved her hand. "I didn’t … I didn’t mean to …"
"Hum!" Ling Fei didn’t want to quarrel with her. He inherited his father’s personality and style, and generally liked to take practical actions to express his true feelings instead of quarreling with women. He opened the car door, sat in and locked it.
"Smelly smelly you open the door! Let me in! " Tingting, where can I trust Ling Fei to go to the hospital alone? What if he talks nonsense in front of his father?
Ling Fei poked her head out of the window and said to her, "I never lie! And you won’t lie! Just wait and see how your father will punish you! "
Then he started the car and slammed on the gas pedal. "Boom" The car roared and flew out close to Tingting, almost blowing her down.
Tingting stopped and looked at the car that disappeared from sight and sat down in despair.
Tingting’s wandering souls generally didn’t know how they spent the whole afternoon until Tian Liang came back to pick her up and take her to the hospital.
"Is Aunt Xia awake?" This is Tingting’s biggest concern. She really hopes that Aunt Xia will wake up. She doesn’t want to kill her!
Tian Liang shook his head and looked dignified "something is wrong! Lady’s lungs are choking, causing acute pneumonia … "
That’s terrible! Tingting’s face turned from white to blue with fear, and her heart was about to jump out of her chest.
"Sir, let me come back and take you to the hospital. Hurry up!" Tian Liang saved his mission.
Tingting nodded and rode in fear and trembling. She didn’t know what Ling Fei had told Li Zhenyu. Everything could be resigned.
Tingting came to the hospital and learned that Xia Xue was still in the intensive care unit and was not out of danger.
Dressed in bacteria, Li Zhenyu walked out of the intensive care unit, handsome, gloomy and full of worries
"Dad" Tingting stepped forward and asked earnestly, "How is Aunt Xia?"
Li Zhenyu shook his head and frowned at Tingting. He slowly asked, "I heard what happened when your aunt Xia fell off the boat?"
Tingting’s heart thumped, but seeing that Li Zhenyu was worried and angry should not be a doubt. She bowed her head steadily and timidly. "I don’t know … Aunt Xia sat on the platform with me … she … she suddenly slipped and fell!"
Zhen-yu li cheng big black eyes indeed as expected with tingting "you clarify what happened at that time? Why is she going to the platform? How did it fall! "
Tingting is about to cry. She bit her lip to suppress the tears in her big eyes. "I … I told Aunt Xia that I was afraid of falling into the water when I was a child …! Aunt Xia comforted me … and then she accidentally stepped on it! At that time … I cried with my head down and didn’t see how she fell! "
桑拿Li Zhenyu pursed his thin lips, his eyes were as light as ice and his body was silent as a knife.
For a long time, I couldn’t hear Li Zhenyu’s sound. Tingting looked up at him in fear. "Dad, will you blame me?" I didn’t take good care of Aunt Xia … Damn it! Damn me! " Said the tears rolled down in tears.
Finally, Li Zhenyu swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He turned his back to Tingting. "I asked Tian Liang to send you back!"
"Dad!" Tingting hurriedly rushed to hug him from behind and cried out of breath. "Are you angry? You hit me! Scold me! Never ignore me! I didn’t mean it … I didn’t mean it! "
Tingting was so excited that she cried and fainted.

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