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"No, he said in the WeChat group that I still know you, so I asked you."

Gao Xiaoxiao said and smiled, "Great, there will be a happy event at home again."
Han Yan picked his eyebrows and drove seriously without answering.
"So I’m going to have another sister-in-law?" Gao Xiaoxiao added
Although you Xiaoqiao is two years older than himself, Gao Xiaoxiao thinks that she is really too girly and her personality is naive and lively. There is no way to put the word "sister-in-law" on her body.
"Well," Han Shu nodded in agreement with "my daughter has another aunt who hurts."
Gao Xiaoxiao immediately said, "Xiaobai also has an aunt who hurts."
The child seat in the rear parking space is high, white and cold, and the eyebrows are raised.
When I arrived at the mall, a family of three came to a brand store and began to choose clothes.
The main purpose of coming out today is to buy a wedding dress for Gao Xiaoxiao.
In a short time, Han Shu brought a light pink dress to "this one."
Gao Xiaoxiao doesn’t want to wear this. She is pregnant now. This kind of close-fitting elastic dress will easily expose her belly …
"Don’t like this color?" Han Yan picked his eyebrows.
"I like this one," said Gao Xiaoxiao, holding a long black dress that she had previously liked.
There are some interlayer folds in the waist and abdomen of this skirt, which can cover her belly well.
"Then try them all," Han Shu said directly.
Gao Xiaoxiao took a look and found that there were not many guests in the store, so he nodded "OK"
I took two skirts and went into the fitting curtain. I just took off my shirt and the curtain "swish" and it was torn open again.
"ah!" Gao Xiaoxiao was shocked when he found out that the person who came in was actually Han Wei. "What are you doing in here?"
Han Shan pulled the curtain straight down her chest, white skin and black corset were particularly tempting …
He came closer and put his hands on her waist and said, "The clerk said this gift is not easy to wear, so I’ll come in and help you."
"…" The fitting room was narrow, especially when he was a big man. He was tall, big and low-headed, and his eyes were staring at her chest without any cover …
Gao Xiaoxiao blushed and her heartbeat was busy. She picked up her clothes and blocked the front, but she got a stuffy smile. "Wife, is there anything I haven’t seen about you? What are you blocking?"
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao kicked him out with his feet directly.
Gao Xiaoxiao has stopped wearing high heels since she got pregnant. Today, she wears a pair of comfortable and casual sports shoes. It doesn’t hurt to kick her legs, but Han Shao is also afraid that she will leave if she moves too much.
Gao Xiaoxiao doesn’t trust to stand on tiptoe and pull the curtain left and right, and he is a little afraid that he will come in again …
I’m drunk, too. Why is the fitting in this shop still a curtain design? How disturbing!
Outside, a child’s immature voice "Dad, your pants are dirty" came faintly.
"Oh," a man calmly replied.
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled while covering her mouth.
Outside the fitting, Han Shu bounced his trouser leg, which didn’t show the dust.
He put his hands in his suit pants pockets and stood tall and slim, with a little boy dressed in the same black and western style. The two of them were tall, short, big and small, and their similar outstanding faces attracted the clerk to raise eyebrows and then had a small talk.
"Mr. Han?" Suddenly a familiar sound came.
Don’t worry about Yu Xiaosan eating Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao’s personality is also very hot!
桑拿按摩  title=☆、379
"Mr. Han?" Suddenly a familiar sound came, with some surprises in it.
Han Shu looked over and frowned lightly. "Who are you?"
"Er, Han is always me. I’m Wang Wei Tingting’s father. Do you remember?" The man is a little fat and dressed in a black suit, with a cigarette between his fingers. What a coincidence.
Han Shu nodded his head, although … he didn’t remember who he really was. When he caught sight of his cigarette, he immediately said, "Can you put it out?"
"…" Wang Wei was stunned and immediately nodded. "I’m sorry, I’m going to pinch it."
He hurried outside the store and put out his cigarette in the trash can in the corridor.
Shops are all made of pure glass. From the inside, you can clearly see that a young woman has been waiting by the ladder. Maybe she saw Wang Wei coming out and was excited. She just wanted to take two steps before, but suddenly she stopped holding the bag and looked aggrieved.
When Wang Wei returned to the store again, he smiled and greeted Gao Xiaobai. "Xiaobai still remembers Uncle Wang?"
"Remember" Gao Xiaobai nodded and suddenly stretched out his little hand and pointed to the woman outside the window. "Uncle Wang, the sister outside seems to see you."
The child’s voice was crisp and childlike. Wang Wei’s face became busy and said, "Xiaobai, you are wrong. I don’t know her. She should be looking at someone else."
Gao Xiaobai raised his eyebrows noncommittally. "You mean … does she see my father?"
At present, there are only two men outside the fitting room, and his only child is the shop worker.
"…" Wang Wei looked embarrassed and faltered, but fortunately, the fitting door opened and someone came out from the inside.
Gao Xiaoxiao wore the black dress she chose. Because she had a flower bud, she showed a white face and a long neck. She looked like a little girl who had just left the university campus. Where are the traces of pregnant women?
"Oh, it turns out that Mrs. Han is also." Mr.wong immediately said with a smile and also resolved the embarrassment.
Gao Xiaoxiao leng leng also failed to recognize who this man is at present and smiled politely at him.
One side of the shopping guide lady immediately greeted her with a sweet compliment, "Madam, this gift is really suitable for you. You are a natural hanger with white skin and good figure."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Although she thinks she has a good figure, she is not worthy of the word "hanger"

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