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There is Qin Zuo.

She doesn’t know how dark she is looking at Xie Right’s back.
It’s like every time he turns away.
Straight to the side, it is as light as a clean and comfortable voice. "You don’t really mean that."
Yi Xi one leng somehow tilted to the next leaf.
I don’t know when the person next to me put his mobile phone on, and his beautiful amber eyes looked at him as if he had seen through all her thoughts at a glance. His lips were slightly raised and his tone was gentle. "Some things can only be seen without prejudice."
"What do you mean?"
Leaf next smiled and shook his head and motioned for her to look back.
Xie Right and Qin Zuo came out in tandem.
The expression of the former is inscrutable and you can’t see the slightest emotion.
The latter looked back at her with an expression on her face, her eyes were horribly calm, and the shirt was tightly held in her hand.
Xie Right glanced at her and said to Qin Zuo, "Let’s go and I’ll take you back."
"No, I’ll go back by myself."
Qin Zuo left the door and left.
What’s going on?
Even Yi Xi is stupid at this moment.
Xie You looked at the left door for a moment and turned to the stairs. When she passed by, she picked her up from the sofa. "And you come with me."
Seeing that Yixi was called rude by friends, two figures disappeared from the stairs, and somehow Ye Yi couldn’t help laughing.
Laugh gently, suddenly quiet, and the gas is particularly abrupt
Tuned to one volume, the dialogue of the TV play suddenly became loud.
"Nothing is more important than you."
"There is nothing to worry about."
The smile on his lips gradually converged and he stared at the hero and heroine holding hands in the play and lost their minds.
I wish you could talk as much as you want, but no matter what I do around you and me, you seem to feel safe.
Since if there is no way to turn back, let her be.
Either way:
My girlfriend is pure natural
Chapter 1 Breaking up
"Lei Hao, let’s break up."
"You really decided." I nodded my hand and looked at Yu Fei in front of me.
"Well," Yu Fei’s expression was very firm. She took out a ring from her bag and handed it to me. "I’ll give it back to you. We’re even."
I stepped on my cigarette and looked up at her and said, "Where are you going?"
"I have always wanted to be a dancer in America, but I don’t have the opportunity to try it now." Yu Fei said very seriously. From her words, I could feel that she was sad, but her expression was smiling, so she didn’t know what to say.
The two of us are just like this. It’s still raining in front of the milk tea shop. The boss is packing up and preparing the door. It’s very cold this day. What’s the matter? The boss looks at the two of us and wakes up stupidly and kindly. "Let’s go. Let’s go home if there’s anything wrong with the young couple. Don’t catch a cold outside and send money to the hospital."
The boss kindly asked me to smile at him. "Let’s go and I’ll take you home." After half a day of silence, I turned to Yu Fei and said that Yu Fei said nothing and nodded and followed me away.
I didn’t look at her all the way, she didn’t look at me, she didn’t wear much, and I didn’t wear much, but I still took off my fur coat to put it on her, but she refused. Maybe I realized that I didn’t continue to do it when I saw her refuse.
We have known each other for three years, and we have known her since the last year of college. It is a famous flower in college, and I am an insipid diaosi. However, it is a diaosi like me who has attacked her who was originally called Hua.
However, on this stormy night today, she finally broke up with me. I think the reason for breaking up should be that I am too passive, always fooling around and too slutty. Since I left college, everything I have done has been wrong, and I sometimes wonder if I am possessed by evil spirits.
桑拿按摩However, every time things don’t go well, I like to drink and watch hot girls dance in bars. Every time I get drunk, Yu Fei brings me back from the bar. All these things are forgotten. The most serious thing is that I got up the courage to propose to her last night, and she agreed to propose to me.
She promised to make me happy. With this excitement, I went to the bar to drink again to celebrate my successful proposal. However, it was this time that I finally drank something. I was drunk and drunk. I slept in the same bed with a strange woman and was seen by her. I didn’t know what would appear in the hotel bed at that time. I didn’t know what she would appear at the door. I was confused and I didn’t know how to explain it.
Now that she is tired and wants to break up, I think it’s right. I thought about it before, but I may have relied on her for graduation for two years. I haven’t achieved anything except collecting a box of cigarette cases. Even buying her a gift base is cheap stuff.
I walked all the way to her door. She took the key out of her bag and hesitated. Then she looked at me and said, "Go home when I get home."
I’m afraid to say anything to keep her. I just nodded my head. She is a good girl and I’m not a good man. To be exact, I can’t delay her. I left her house with this idea.
Crying I heard crying and she cried. I can imagine her squatting and crying. Only when I can’t see her will she show her vulnerability.
However, I didn’t have the courage to comfort her. I could move on. I lit the last soft white sand and walked on this rainy night.
I didn’t stop the car because I wanted the heavy rain to wash me awake, and I didn’t hurry to walk home because I wanted to walk in this quiet street.
The wind blows my face like a sword, and I don’t feel any pain. The downpour falls on me, and I don’t know whether the water on my face is rain or tears.
In this way, I wandered around all night on this rainy night, and I was tired. I walked towards my place.
It’s early. I often go to the bag shop and buy two bags. I finally gave the only one, Grandpa Mao, and now I’m really poor.
Ninety I showed up with all my assets, and I ate the meat bag in my hand after a few mouthfuls, and then I walked towards the rented place.
I went downstairs to take out my key and open the door. I was surprised that the door was suddenly opened. I found that the key in my hand had not been inserted. Who was it?
A woman came out of my house with a bag on her back and a cold face. I have to say that this woman is beautiful. I have been staring at her and looking at her.
Women look at me strangely as if they were monsters. It’s definitely not a good look.
I looked up at the house number 52 immediately after I came to my senses. I repeated that 52 was correct. I’m sure it was correct.
"Who are you?" We both shouted at the same time.

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