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Wang Yuehuan smell speech stare blankly before and after clear thinking combined with just less Ming attitude and what he said is probably white. It seems that he is misunderstanding less Ming.

But she won’t apologize, because compared with the domineering and rogue attitude at home, what she did to Shao Ming just now is nothing.
"That’s like living under the same roof and eating food. Who can be better than who?"
The so-called gathering of things is like Wu Sen and Wu Jiao’s brother, sister, psycho. Then if Shao Ming’s second brother can do something to instruct the driver to cheat, Shao Ming will do something.
Wang Yuehuan once again looked at the man in front of him with an unreliable face, just like his second brother, who was short of two goods.
Shaoming ""
Later, he thought that this misunderstanding had been solved, and the girl should always treat him better. Who ever thought that a brother wore a pair of pants and sent him away?
夜网论坛What a girl! Why don’t you be so witty?
Liujingjing saw Shao Ming beaten over her mouth and smiled. Wang Yuehuan should be short of breath. As a result of Lin Tingfei’s car accident treatment, she occasionally listened to one ear and knew how much the family had gone too far. She understood Wang Yue’s happy mood
Less Ming take a look at smile Liujingjing more depressed.
It’s just that the scholar is justified in meeting the soldiers, and he can’t tell if he can really care about two women as a pure man.
I changed hands and handed the business card back to Wang Yuehuan. I said, "You can keep the business card. If you need any help in the future, I will do my best."
A card returned to Wang Yuehuan. Shao Ming didn’t refuse her the opportunity to turn around and walk away.
"What’s wrong? Who wants your business card?" She made a face at Shao Ming’s back and stuffed the business card into the trash can.
The beautiful white fingertips have sunk into the mouth of the trash can. When you loosen your fingers, the card will fall off and turn into a pool of rotten mud. People don’t even look at it, but suddenly it occurred to me that Wang Yuehuan took it back with a turn of her wrist.
That’s right. No one can tell what will happen in the future. She is under pressure not only from Ning’s family, but also from people with mental status like Wu Jiao and Chen Jiao Yang. If they are lawyers, maybe one day they will.
Wang Yuehuan took back his arm and put his business card into his carry-on bag at will.
"Sister Huan, you have to go to the office in 296 to get your belongings and extra life, and you have to go through the liquidation procedures. If you still want some of her diagnostic data, you have to hand them over there."
Liu Jingjing was amused by Shao Ming and Wang Yuehuan with a smile on her handsome face, and her good mood probably lasted for a whole day.
Wang Yuehuan is five or six years older than Liu Jingjing and they usually treat them like little sisters.
She patted her arm and laughed and said, "Jingjing, thank you."
Liujingjing’s face passed and she hesitated. I don’t know if I should tell Wang Yuehuan. Today, Lord Wu asked her to come over.
"I didn’t invite you to dinner because I had an appointment later," Wang Yue said with a laugh. "My little Ran seems to be out of time for the time being, but I can thank you instead of her."
Liujingjing hurriedly motioning with his hand, "It’s very kind of you, Huanjie. It’s not a big deal."
Being invited to dinner disturbed Liu Jingjing’s hesitation in thinking, and when she and Wang Yuehuan walked and talked, the office door was separated. When she went out for a long time, she remembered it again and made a decision instantly.
Turning around and going back to find Wang Yue Huan, she felt that she should tell her that Lord Wu was mainly looking for her today, but she didn’t take two steps to see Wang Yuehuan who had pushed open the door and walked into another office of Lord Wu.
Liu Jingjing was afraid of provoking Master Wu before she was bad. She went back to the nurse’s desk and found her mobile phone. She planned to send Wang Yuehuan a clockwork message about the cause and effect.
I happened to catch the head nurse looking for her, and it was too late for Wang Yuehuan to wait for Liujingjing’s information to be sent out.
In front of the door of Wang Yuehuan’s room 296, I seem to have heard someone say that this room is an oncology archives room, some materials and flatbed cars.
Raise my hand. No one in knock knock promised Wang Yuehuan that it was probably the doctor who went to wash his hands and pushed the door and walked into her plan to wait for the management archives to come back.
But it turned out that when she was wrong, 296 roots were not the archives but the doctor’s office. By the way, just now Liu Jingjing also said that it wouldn’t hurt to let her go to the 296 office and wait for someone to blame her for her carelessness.
Wang Yuehuan continued to walk a few steps and looked around. There was a familiar feeling about the layout of this office, as if I had seen something similar somewhere.
Next to the sofa clever sitting Yu Guanghu caught a little shadow Wang Yuehuan finally remembered.
Wu Sen’s office is from layout to some small details, and there are desks, pens, balls and limited oncology departments. She has never seen anyone except Wu Sen.
Wang Yuehuan bounced up from the sofa and frowned. His right eye suddenly jumped violently, and his heart was flustered and uneasy, like rolling the Yellow River and flooding in an instant.
She took a few quick steps to stay at her desk to keep calm. Perhaps she was suspicious. Wu Sen was not so persistent. She told him that Wu Jiao didn’t want to marry Ning Tiannuo. He didn’t need to pester her again and again.
Raise your hand slowly as if to open the final card that determines fate. She lifted the name tag of the medical staff at the button table.
Dr. Wei, the chief physician of Wusen Oncology Department, introduced the burning pain. Wang Yuehuan was clear, her eyes were restless, and she was almost crushed by the present reality.
This is really Wu Sen’s office.
As if she had caught a hot potato, Wang Yuehuan snapped the famous brand back to the desktop, panicked and retreated, and the office atmosphere seemed to have turned into a death. icehouse felt like Wu Sen’s body, and the cold breath was like a ghost.
She walked quickly to the door, and the mobile phone rang with a short message indicating that Wang Yuehuan was so startled that she almost jumped up in situ.
When she took out her mobile phone, Liu Jingjing sent her a text message, just like the death knell closing the door to open the door. Wang Yuehuan felt that she would die completely if she took another breath.
"Huan elder sister, I didn’t think to let you come to the hospital in person. Things can be taken away at any time without formalities. I can block a block for you, but I didn’t call you until Lord Wu insisted on it. 296 is his new office."
When Wang Yuehuan looked up slowly after reading the text message, this moment seemed to be limited to elongation, and the man’s face at the door made her heart ache with fear. Who else but Wu Sen?
The white light on the mobile phone screen reflects Wang Yuehuan’s face. Her face is tighter than paper, and her fingertips tightly buckle the mobile phone screen as if it were her last lifeline. She dare not relax at all.
"Hello, Master Wu"
Despite the panic, she tried her best to keep her line stable, although she knew that it was never good for Wu Sen to find her, but she didn’t dare to mess herself up.
Wu Sen looks up at her and looks at her pupil as if she Wang Yuehuan is his prey. If he stays where he is, she will foolishly bump into his gun.
Wu Sen didn’t speak quickly but changed hands and locked the office door.
As surprised and surprised as Wang Yuehuan’s rabbit, he threw his eyes at the redness of his eyes.
This time, Wang Yuehuan felt particularly bad, even worse than the feeling that the same hospital was almost felt by Wu Senqiang a few months ago. However, before Wu Sen Road was understood, she messed up first and warned herself not to mess up or mess up. The sky was filled with despair, and she almost gave up on herself.

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