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The steward nodded repeatedly.

Shuiyun Park left Liu Fu in a carriage and looked at the two silver tickets in her hand. She felt that this situation would become more and more. Let’s not say that the official was clean and honest. This means that it is a daily wind. "Lin Han, you let the dark guard check the profit of Liu Fu’s capital shop, but there is still its unclear inflow."
"Well, you really decided to deal with them." The cold voice outside the car was very weak.
"Lin Han, I seem to have never asked you where you came from and why you want to stay with me." Shui Yun’s voice is not light or heavy.
The car was quiet for a moment before listening to Lin Han’s opening "You asked"
"Then you’re still not going to say it." Shuiyunjin seems to laugh.
"I’m still that sentence, I won’t hurt you." Lin Hanyin was even lighter.
Shuiyunjin didn’t speak again. The carriage drove slowly and soon arrived at Xinglin drugstore.
Shuiyunjin told Gu Yan to prepare for the opening of the day, then changed the women’s clothes and took another carriage back to Wangfu.
As soon as I got into the carriage, Shuiyun Park was surprised. I saw the traffic outside the gate, and the carriages were lined up neatly. Everyone in and out of the gate was expensive, and most of them were familiar faces. What was the situation?
"Little lady, you can come back. The old report asked the handmaiden to wait for you." Ruqin saw Shuiyunjin hurriedly come running.
"What day is it today?" Shui Yunjin was a little curious.
"The old prince said today is a good day" Ruqin smiled happily.
"What’s a good day?" Shui Yunjin is even more curious about how she left for half a day.
"Little lady went in and knew that the old prince was waiting for you," Ruqin said, holding up Shuiyun Hibiscus and walking towards it.
约茶In the palace, 3322 people visit Lanwangfu in groups, which is a royal family and has always been low-key, and it is rare to have a chance to see it. Naturally, they will not miss the opportunity.
Shuiyunjin went straight to the old prince’s courtyard and walked into the room only to find that it was full of people. The older and older princes were almost all peers and some older courtiers, even the old duke of Zhuang.
"Yunjin come and sit beside Grandpa" The old prince made a big smile when he saw Shuijin’s face.
Shuiyunjin first blessed the people, and then walked beside the old prince and sat down.
"Today, Grandpa is happy to invite these brothers and old friends to come over for a drink. go to the opera, by the way, let them all meet you." The old prince saw a circle and all lang spoke.
Shuiyunjin raised her eyebrows slightly to see her grandfather. This is to think.
"You old things can see clearly that this is my granddaughter-in-law, who is more intimate than my grandson. After being an elder, you have to help me protect her and let her be wronged. My old man won’t allow it." The old prince stared and swept the crowd again.
At this time, everyone still can’t see that this is to support Shuiyun Park to bully. It is not simple for a little girl to be so valued by the old report. It is not easy for the emperor to love her again. Who dares to find her trouble?
"Your fault of justifying a fault hasn’t changed much over the years, but it’s getting heavier." Someone joked.
Everyone laughed.
Lan Lao Wang’s young battlefield fighters are upright, distinguished and distinguished. His words are that Chang Yongguo is also shaking and shaking, and they have been friends for many years. Naturally, it is harmonious to get along.
At this time, the old prince’s mind was white. She didn’t expect Grandpa to call so many people to support her and pave the way. I want to come to Huangfuda and tell him everything. There is nothing to hide from Grandpa in this house. I’m afraid the capital will be heated again after today.
"I know that your granddaughter’s wife is rare and precious, but she is also my granddaughter’s wife. I can still think about those dishes. What are you going to do today to give us these old things to eat?" The old duke of Zhongzhuang suddenly opened his mouth with a laugh. The first two sentences were dissatisfied with the old prince’s show-off, and then he shouted at Shuiyunjin.
It’s Shuiyun Hibiscus who feels that Zhuang Lao, the duke, is full of thick haze and has dispersed. At the moment, seeing his sitting posture casually, his eyebrows also have a smile. I think he already knows, and it is knowing that he really relaxes.
"If I don’t give you an old thing to eat, I’ll call you here today because I’m greedy for you." The old prince frowned and gave up.
Shui Yun-jin smiled, but she could understand Grandpa Bai’s meaning. The old duke of Qianzhuang always kept everything from him, and he was always partial to Zhuangguifei. He even complained to her. If it weren’t for himself, his two daughters wouldn’t all be lying in bed, and now his mother princess wouldn’t be implicated. How could he be unhappy if the burden buried in his heart for many years was unloaded overnight?
"Grandpa, I’d better go to the dining room and have a look. You’re sitting." Shuiyun Park got up.
The old prince nodded and sat with a bunch of old men, which was really interesting.
Shui Yunjin walked out of the room and climbed up before someone made love to her. She also replied that it was strange that she didn’t see Huangfuda "What about you?"
"The public and Chu Shi Xiao Gong are waterside pavilions. It’s too noisy." Ruqin laughed.
Shuiyunjin pie mouth, they will hide at leisure. "Mother princess can wake up."
"The princess has woken up," Ruqin said with joy. Now Lan Wangfu is not comparable to the other day.
Shuiyunjin wanted to go back to the waterside pavilion and went around to the front yard.
Princess Fang Lan sat on a soft couch and looked ruddy. I think she has been asleep these days, and besides her excellent physical recovery, several distinguished women are sitting in the big chair next to her.
Shuiyun Park was blessed before, and Princess Lan waved Shuiyun Park to sit beside her. "You came back just in time for the excitement in the house today. Please help the mother princess watch more."
Shuiyunjin nodded "Mother Princess can rest assured"
"The princess really got a good daughter-in-law, who is capable and intelligent. No wonder the old prince is so fond of her," the woman praised.
"Princess is really blessed" Princess Lan’s gentle face is full of smiles. This daughter-in-law is very much in her heart.
Shuiyunjin sat for a moment and got up to leave.
Didn’t go far to see Huangfuyi walking slowly towards this side is not as usual to help people.
"This is to pay my respects to Grandpa."
"There are too many people who have been there" Huangfuyi smiled.
"Let’s go to the waterside pavilion. It’s quiet there." Shuiyunjin joked.
Huangfuyi nodded with a smile is obviously think they are too no hospitality way
Two people walking slowly.
When I came to the waterside pavilion, I suddenly felt that I was together today
Will see the waterside pavilion courtyard around the table sat a Huangfu Da Ling Xiaoyao Chu Chengxuan aside from Chen and Huangfu Yun stare big eyes to outdo each other.
What makes Shuiyunjin feel strange is that Huangfuda can sit with Ling Xiaoyao. Is the sun rising in the west today?
"Don’t come over, what are you doing?" Huangfuda looked at the silly place, where the sound of water clouds and hibiscus rose slightly.
ShuiYunJin during this just before she approached a warm hand jerked a blink of an eye she sat HuangFuDa leg.
Immediately provoked a burst of discontent cold hum nature is ChuChengXuan and HuangFuYun hum the biggest.
Huangfuyi smiled and followed the crowd nodded before sitting at the table.
"hibiscus feels very strange why I am here." Lingxiaoyao’s voice is moist and light.
"Real also didn’t feel very strange" ShuiYunXi corners of the mouth smile a little weird.
"Is the old report invited me to" LingXiaoYao this is for water cloud park solution of confusion.
Shuiyunjin really doesn’t care who invited him, but how much vinegar Huangfuda will drink and then send all the jealousy to her.
She looked at his eyes and saw that his face was light, his eyes were light and he couldn’t see any emotion, so she smiled ingratiatingly. "How can Grandpa invite so many people?"

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