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There is no place for soft and hard ink Sina some anxiety in the heart with a sigh. Good hand took Wen Ya and held her in his arms. His right hand put Wen Ya’s brain and followed with a sigh. "Wen Ya, what should I do with you? How did you become as smelly as a stone in the toilet … "

Wen Ya was so wronged when I heard that "I’m not …" Will this person speak or not? Wen Ya tears didn’t hold back and fell.
Ink Sina froze and stared at Wen Ya crying, and the tone of pain in my heart softened a lot. "I’m not scolding you … Don’t cry." See Wen Ya, tears can’t stop soaking his shirt front. Ink Sina picked up Wen Ya after seeing suspicious eyes around him and frowned.
Wen Ya feet off the ground instantaneous consternation took the ink SiNa neck.
The body of the Chapter three hundred and twelve You deserve it
Mo Sina was satisfied with Wen Ya’s performance, and then he said "Hold on" and hugged Wen Ya Street for a gallop.
Wen Ya DengYuan eyes looked at ink Sina ink Sina elbow chair smiled and looked at Wen Ya "what’s the matter?"
Wen Ya’s right hand pressed his heart and I don’t know if I just ran too fast with Mo Sina or because I was staring at Mo Sina now, Wen Ya always felt that his heartbeat was out of rhythm.
"It seems that you are all right now?" Mo Sina is getting closer and closer to talking. "It seems that there is still a certain point in running when others say they are sad."
Wen Ya stare big eyes some incredible looked at the ink Sina he also smile "can you tell me now? Why do you cry? "
Zhou Zhang, the National People’s Congress, is like a psychopath, holding his own street and running to know what he is sad about. Wenya unbelievable looking at ink Sina.
Ink Sina Wen Ya is not going to cooperate with sneer at one opening again. "Now are you going to let me take some measures to force you to say it?"
Why do you pull your tie when you talk? Looks like … What to do? You can’t see people move. Generally, Wen Ya looks at ink Sina warily, with a face of alert.
Ink Sina by getting closer and closer … Wen Ya am utterly confused hurriedly close your eyes and explain the things just now.
"So you met two ex-boyfriends?" Make Wen Ya consternation ink Sina finished didn’t find out where the key! Wen Ya stare big eyes some angry "do you really understand what is the situation …"
"Did you make these two men cry?" Ink Sina narrowing her eyes inside the dissatisfaction signal is strong.
Wen Ya felt that it was better to forget it or not to explain why Mussinan ignored what she was talking about because he could understand and misinterpret her meaning
She must have been crazy just now to produce ink Sina in her heart, to understand her thoughts and to blurt them out.
Wen Ya wiped away her tears. She was so sad and ashamed just now in front of South Moses. She must be crazy! It will be so long before two people really have a new love.
No matter if Mo Sina indulges her, they can’t go back to the past again.
Wen Ya transform face let ink SiNa froze in situ, his face looks a bit hesitant, this woman is what’s wrong with a different person.
As others say, a woman’s heart is like a needle in the sea.
Ink Sina frowned and stretched out his hand to catch Wen Ya, but Nai Wen Ya waved off the ink Sina to muzzle Wen Ya and smiled at the ink Sina as if someone had just cried.
Recently, Wen Ya cried too many times in front of Mo Sina, and she was tired of herself. Probably because she persisted stubbornly for too long, she would show such a tired look when she met Mo Sina. It was all her fault. She had already made up her mind not to rely on people.
Mo Sina looked at Wen Ya discontentedly. "What are you crazy about?" How can she be so indifferent after all he has done to please this woman?
Wen Ya looked at ink SiNa that bored expression in my heart a quiver trying to cheer up and looked at ink SiNa "nothing … I am a little uncomfortable, I just remembered that there are other things …"
"Wen Ya, you smelly girl!" Wen Ya’s defense of ink Sina was not finished, and a malicious voice interrupted her thinking. Wen Ya actually got a slap before he looked at his face.
It’s not this routine to be polite before the enemy.
Wen Ya cover her cheek and stared at that hair send Chen Ping, her dear aunt.
Chen Ping bared her teeth before "Wen Ya, you made all this, didn’t you?" Her eyes were full of hatred, and she didn’t see the ink Sina around her. She couldn’t wait to tear up Wen Ya immediately.
Wen Ya glanced at the ink SiNa see before he began to block the ink SiNa.
喝茶约茶  title=She came from behind too much, but now Chen Ping is her enemy.
Chen Ping took a puzzled look at Mo Sina behind Wen Ya, and the expression of resentment was instantly replaced by panic. She stepped back and made a defensive gesture. "Wen Ya, don’t be too oppressive … just your broken body is comparable to a bus, but a woman can really catch a man’s heart … You are just a woman who sells her body to him now!"
It seems that the Wen couple are still stubborn and don’t know how to converge!
He was about to get angry when he suddenly saw Wen Ya’s little body look different today, although Mo Sina couldn’t wait to give Chen Ping a good lesson because of the sudden slap just now.
But now he feels respect for Wenya and should be a man behind her.
Section 135
Think like this ink Sina gaze is looking at Wen Ya, he won’t leave the accident, this time he became her stubborn stubborn, but if there is an accident, he will never stand by.
Wen Ya listened to Chen Ping’s words and suddenly smiled. "Aunt, what you said now is really impressive. Bus? I gave this sentence back to my cousin Wen Qingqing intact. She enjoys this title much less than I do. Every time she takes the initiative to send it to the door. "
"You smelly girl!" Where did Chen Po expect that being so clever and gentle would open her mouth turned out to be mocking her daughter Chen Ping, trembling with anger, because the company is currently facing various difficulties. Chen Po pointed to Wen Ya and became angry from embarrassment. "You girl don’t know how to be grateful, so forget it. I put up with hardships to raise you, and you became such a baiwenhang."
"Oh?" Wen Ya interrupted Chen Ping and changed her words before Chen Ping in the past. She looked at Chen Ping with a smile, as if she was worried about everything. "Aunt, I gave you this sentence intact. It’s wrong." Wen Ya looked at Chen Ping with an expression. "You are such a scum who killed her brother. It’s just an animal that the company has a tax scandal … and you deserve it! My only love is that my father’s company has been ruined by you! I didn’t do it, but I really want to say that you deserve it! "
The body of the Chapter three hundred and thirteen We are relatives.
Chen Ping didn’t expect that Wen Ya, who was always a little white rabbit in front of her, showed a fierce look. She froze for a moment and cast a timid glance at Mo Sina.
If there is no ink SiNa backing Wen Ya probably wouldn’t be so strong? Chen Ping suddenly knelt in front of Wen Ya and began to cry. "Aunt Wen Ya knows that I did something wrong, but you have to know that we are all family after all."
Chen Ping’s transformation was too fast. Wen Ya looked at Chen Ping’s vigilance and stepped back two steps before kneeling in front of her. Naimo Sina was behind her, and her face turned red and she immediately stopped.
It is said that the weasel is not kind enough to pay a New Year call to the chicken. Is Chen Ping’s appearance probably similar to crocodile tears?
Seeing Wen Ya indifferent, Chen Ping was even more in tears. "Xiaoya, your uncle is your only relative. I did something wrong before, but we are all relatives. Now the company has such a big problem that it is likely to close down. Anyway, this is all your father’s hard work. Are you so unfilial to watch your father’s company close down?"
Wen Yazhen has never seen such a shameless person.
She was trembling with anger, and her mouth seemed awkward because she couldn’t quarrel. Now she pointed to Chen Ping and was speechless.
Chen Ping crying that call a sad if it weren’t for Wen Ya has been carefully hide Chen Ping even Chen Ping long ago to hug Wen Ya thigh more deadly crying "this is your father’s company, how can you watch him go bankrupt? I know you are a kind child. We must have misunderstood you. Aunt, you go home with your aunt. Let’s sit down and talk about the family. No matter what happens, we must stick together and be together. "
Chen Ping’s words listening to Wen Ya’s ears at this time made Wen Ya feel sarcastic. She didn’t expect Chen Ping’s impudence to come to this point.
Chen Ping is not stupid. She is bad for Wen Ya, but Wen Ya has ink Sina backer. If she doesn’t eat Chen Ping’s company debt, she will face bankruptcy. She has no face, so she can’t save the company. That’s enough. Wen Ya’s soft-hearted roots can’t achieve great things. Don’t worry.
Chen Ping didn’t choose to kneel before Wen Ya until she saw no one around her, otherwise she couldn’t afford to lose face on weekdays.
Wen Ya wanted to speak. Chen Ping was in a hurry to interrupt Wen Ya. "Your uncle already knew that he was wrong … we shouldn’t have done those excessive things to you, but you can forgive me if we are family …"
"Aunt, don’t say any more." Wen Ya is polite to call Aunt Chen Ping.

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