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Gao Xiaoxiao looked at her son with a bulging face and said, "… er, your father has been too busy with the parent-teacher conference recently … will Mommy go to the parent-teacher conference?"

It’s strange that Xiaobai has been asking his father more and more frequently recently. It was only once a long time ago, and it seems that it’s only been two days this time.
"Good" Gao Xiaobai said that he didn’t ask any more questions and continued to chew food with his mouth moving.
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled and thought of Gao Zhenning’s words yesterday and said, "By the way, we went back to Chongcheng to sweep grandma’s grave on a small white night. Remember to ask the teacher for leave for two days when we get to school, okay?"
Nodding with a white dot means knowing.
Section 9
Generally, Gao Xiaoxiao is used to letting him handle such small things by himself.
After dinner, Gao Xiaoxiao looked at it at 6 o’clock.
Han Shao didn’t go home yesterday, and I didn’t call her today, so I think she will go home.
桑拿会所Thinking of catching the train late, Gao Xiaoxiao decided to go back to the villa early and pack his bags.
Han Shao usually goes home after 1 o’clock, and there is plenty.
After the decision, Gao Xiaoxiao said to Gao Xiaobai, "Little White Mommy won’t come back to sleep tonight. You can pack your own bags and I’ll pick you up at the kindergarten in the afternoon."
Gao Xiaobai nodded sensibly. After Gao Xiaoxiao left, he climbed the sofa and skillfully took out the small mobile phone network.
The two words that suddenly appear in the search box are "Han Han"!
Gao Xiaoxiao took a leisurely bus back to Xiangxiyuan, took out his key and opened the fence door, only to find that the main house door was unlocked.
Strange. Did she leave in such a hurry yesterday that she forgot to lock the door?
"Where did you go?" The sudden sound startled Gao Xiaoxiao.
The sofa in the living room is put aside with one hand and the back of the sofa is slender, and the legs are crossed like an elegant cheetah waiting for an opportunity.
There is no light in the living room, and the afterglow of the sunset is projected through the French window, which makes his facial features more three-dimensional, and the perfect lines reveal a handsome look.
The sleeves of the white shirt were rolled into the arms without a tie, and three or four buttons were loosened, showing the fabric texture and dividing the chest.
On weekdays, the dragon sees a man without a tail, but he came back so early today. It seems like waiting for a long time …
Gao Xiaoxiao back a cold smile and say "hello" "come back so early today? No date? "
Han Shao is going to be sold by Xiaoxiao, but if Xiao Bai sells it, sell it, right?
You will be my special assistant.
"Well, I haven’t eaten yet" because I can’t see his expression clearly in the backlight, and I can’t hear any emotion in this sentence.
Gao Xiaoxiao simply opens the living room and flashes the lights.
"Do you want me to order dinner for you? Jinsheng? " Gao Xiaoxiao walked over and smiled at him.
He knows that he can’t cook himself. Maybe that’s why Han Shao almost never eats dinner at home. At noon, the company orders food for him, and it’s also called Jinsheng.
Han Shu squinted. "Have you eaten?"
"Well, I’ll come back from dinner with Huanyan outside." Gao Xiaoxiao can be a liar now, and he will come back with his mouth open …
Looking at Han’s expression, she added thoughtfully, "Do you want me to order dinner for you?"
Han Shu got up and walked directly to the stairs, and his tall and straight figure showed a sense of alienation. "I can’t rest in my building."
Gao Xiaoxiao said "Oh". Although he felt that his mood seemed to be a little bad, he still asked, "Can I take two days off on Tuesday and Wednesday?"
Han Shu stopped and turned slightly to look at her. "Are you unwell?"
"No," Gao Xiaoxiao blinked. "I have an appointment with Huanyan to go abroad for two days."
Happy face is happy face.
Han Yan hooked his lips and smiled. "Pay attention to safety on the road."
Chongcheng is a small county town in the south, surrounded by mountains in a basin shape, but in June it is already more than 20 degrees hotter than D city.
Gao Xiaoxiao calls Huanyan after packing and changing laundry.
Although Han Shao has never been interested in her affairs, she still has to report it just in case, otherwise it will be in big trouble.
"Xiaoxiao" soft and elegant woman comes from the other end
"Huanyan, I’ll take Xiaobai back to Chongcheng late, and I won’t be back until Thursday. If someone in Korea asks you, remember to cover for me."
"Okay, no problem." Chang Huanyan readily agreed.
After a few casual chats, the two often suddenly said with a smile, "Oh, by the way, Xiaoxiao recently received a fashion brand ase and asked Shoot to’ pro-dress’ for publicity. The reward is quite good. Didn’t you say that kindergarten is very expensive? Do you want to bring Xiaobai to try it?"
"No," Gao Xiaoxiao refused without thinking. "Xiaobai is only four years old and I can earn it myself."
"So? Well, anyway … You don’t have to work too hard. Just call me if you need it. We both have some savings, and we don’t usually get there. "
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled. "I know. Thank you for smiling."
Huanyan is that she worships the city from childhood to Datong and is also a best friend. She makes a living in D city, but she just graduated from college and is now an editor of a fashion magazine.
She really doesn’t know if she can hold on without a smile these years …
It is enough to have this confidant in life.
Chang Huan Yan sighed, "It’s really … what are you thankful for? Come back on Thursday, let’s have dinner together and go to bed early."
"Good night"
Gao Xiaoxiao got up on time at 7: 30 the next morning.
Give Xiao Bai a morning/all first. Sure enough, the little guy has got up, and his mouth is vague. It should be breakfast.
After hanging up, Gao Xiaoxiao went out of the bedroom after washing and changing into a company black suit, wearing black-rimmed glasses and a backpack.
The door of the opposite Korea is closed, so I should have gone out in the morning.

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