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Meng Yichen eyes moved back to her body light opening "no"

This is the truth. He has no feelings for Chuting, and of course he doesn’t hate it.
A word of no makes ChuTing heart have a kind of joy.
In fact, what she fears most is that he will hate himself. He has made her very happy by not hating her.
"Meng less I think we can try to get along and see what you say? I know you may have some objections to your aunt’s arrangement, but we can try. Maybe you will like me? "
Chuting heart feel irritable a red face after saying this.
This is probably the boldest confession she has ever said.
品茶论坛  title=Maybe it’s because no man has ever made her feel so excited.
But she met Meng Yichen, and Meng Yichen made her feel this way.
So she doesn’t want to be bound by the so-called woman’s reserve. Didn’t people say that there are some things that should be won, and you will never know if he belongs to you unless you fight for it?
"No, I won’t like what you do. I hope you don’t want me to wave," Meng Yichen responded coldly.
Chuting heart that young smiling face instantly froze.
Meng Yichen’s words are like a bucket of ice water pouring from the beginning to the end.
Bitter cold
Meng Yichen took a deep breath of the last cigarette and then screwed out the cigarette end in the ashtray. He got up and was about to leave.
Chuting heart suddenly stretched out his hand and took him.
"Let go" cold polar sound
She bit her lip tightly. "Meng Shao, I know I may not be the perfect woman, but I will try to make myself more perfect. You said you wouldn’t like me, but you and I haven’t tried to get along. How can you know that you won’t like me?"
Meng Yichen broke her hand and turned to look at her. "I don’t need to try myself. I feel clear in my heart that I won’t like you even if I try."
He took his hand and left her with a cold back.
Chuting looked at his cold back and stayed away from him, and all his words poked at her heart.
She has never felt so bad.
What makes him so sure that he won’t like her even if he tries to date her?
What’s more, he hasn’t even tried!
Pecans in the living room looked at ChuTing heart to find their own son to also full of joy.
"Mom, I’ll go back first." Meng Yichen picked up the sofa back coat and turned out of the door.
Liu Wei didn’t say anything when she saw Chu Ting’s heart coming in from the garden.
Her little face is full of loss.
Pecans quickly waved ChuTing heart to your side.
"Ting Xin is bullying you!"
ChuTing heart nai shook his head, "aunt, I think you may be disappointed. Meng and I don’t like me."
"Why don’t you be so discouraged? You’re so good. That little guy doesn’t like who you like. His elm head doesn’t begin to understand so quickly."
Seeing Chu Ting’s heart still depressed, Liu Wei added, "Ting Xin, I want to chase you with other men. You’ve never chased anyone, have you?"
"Aunt, how do you know?"
"It’s not hard to guess that you are so good in all aspects and you want to know that there are many people chasing you. I think you and Yichen still need an opportunity."
Opportunity …
Chuting heart slightly hanging eyes thinking about pecans are these words.
Yu Villa del Mare
Yin Anran had just finished repairing the last photo when the words rang.
"Xiao Yan"
"Are you asleep, Little Dye?"
"Not yet. What’s wrong with young aunt? What can I do for you? "
The head ChuTing heart lightly sighed a sigh full of nai.
"Small dye your President oh is Meng Yichen you are his secret daily have you seen a woman to find him? Or does he have a heart woman? "
Yin An dyed the mouse hand and stopped.
"Small dye small dye you?"
Yin Anran suddenly return to absolute being should be a light.
She listened to ChuTing heart and she said things are with Meng Yichen.
Chu Tingxin said that she likes Meng Yichen very much. She said that she tried to associate with Meng Yichen, but she was rejected. She said that she had never been so attracted to any man, just like a 17-year-old girl with that kind of heart-pounding feeling …
Aunt told her a lot.
Yin An dyed his eyes slightly drooping and listened quietly without saying a word.

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