Like Charlis St.,If the night is no special means,He really can’t walk。

Because those guards,Will not let him be like other people,Leave Charles Saint。
But the night is also not panic.,Because he will“fly”!
His“gas”not much,The distance that can be flying is not long,But the ability to fly the cliff is still。
Before climbing the cliff,Is to keep physical strength to find nearby islands。After all, swim at sea,It is quite dangerous,Human Haiwang,It is not vegetarian。
But now the cliff,There are Tiger to meet these fish people,No need to keep back at night,The power used to fly on the ocean。
Follow,Night is in a dummy look at everyone,The whole body is stirring with transparent waves,The body also started slowly floating。
Passing with nights,There is also Charles Saint, who is chased by him.。
“We have already made what you said.,Hurry and put down Charlis Saint。”
An intelligence head,Seeing floating half empty nights,It is also an urgent shouting。
Other slaves ran and ran,Just save Charles Saint,There is also this dare to hold“Tianlong people”Dock,They also have a conversion。
But now things,But some are unexpected.。No one will think of this dream.,This ghost,Actually“fly”what!
“I didn’t want to kill this fat pig.,But I have a certain safe distance.,Will give this fat man to you。”
Night is early,I have always thought about it.,How to run it yourself。
Obvious,Those who are playing them more,Will“Monthly”Guy is not a few。And the far attacks they have,Only cannon and guns,Once the night is flying over a distance,These are not a threat to him。
Night with Charles Saint,Fly to a paragraph,Consciousness is after enough,In the hands of fat pigs,Throw only a few of them“Monthly”Chasing dog leg。
Several people chased,See Charles Saint that is underning,Nature also know how to choose。
“You will die for me.!”
But I didn’t think of the night.,This Charlis Saint fat pig,Actually still a monk。
Instantaneous moment from night control,That is, the moments of the night will throw him out.,Actually, I can fill it out from my arms.“Sea floor stone”Bullet’s pistol,And a few shots in the night。
“Royal Sword!”
Facing the hit bullet,Night is also used again.“Wind wall”God’s skill!
But because of the distance,and“Sea floor stone”The bullet is comparative and hard,Night“Wind wall”There is no fully defense,Just transfer bullets to the track。
Several bullets are boused,But there is a bullet,Still inevitably hit the shoulders of the night,A blood flower blooms in him.。
“One,Your fat pig is killing,Chopping!”
Body injury,Let night 失 失 平 平,And the pain moments make him annoyed,Directly pull the knife and pull out a wind blade,Going to Charlis Saint。
“Tianlong people”Can’t kill?Navy general chasing?Trintea!Just, if he responds fast enough?,Maybe it’s all possible.。
See the wind blade of the torn air,Fly to yourself。Charles Saint is also scared by the gods.,Before thatcp3What consequence,Can he still remember。
Several originals are still intended to be hurt in the night.,Want to catch it forwardcp,See this scene,Also busy“Monthly”Rapid to Charles San。
Seeing that it is like a dragon roll.,Just watched Chasers Saint,Can’t repaycpIt is also using the legs.“Feet”,Attempt to offset the sniper。
But the sick of people of people,It’s so good。Although the card is now just“Sporadic”,But at the time, the night was anger.,Power is much better than the past。

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