Shandong must strive to go out of the new path of the big river ecological civilization

People’s Daily November 29th (Zhang Dynasty) November 26th to 27th, the fourteenth plenary meeting of the 11th Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Jinan.

On November 28, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee held a press conference to introduce the spirit of the Plenary.

At the press conference, the Secretary of the Party Group, Director of the Shandong Provincial Ecological Environment Office, said that Shandong should strive to force the new path of the Dajiang Dahe Ecological civilization construction, focusing on the three aspects of "guaranteeing ecology, pollution, and maintaining biodiversity". Work.

One is to deepen the ecological protection repair and fight. Adhere to the governance of the grassland sand system of lagoom forest, strengthen the Huanghe Delta, the Yellow River Dry Budrive, Key Region Ecological Protection Repair.

Implementation of the Huanghe Delta Wetland Ecosystem Protection Project, continuously implement ecological hydration, high quality and creation of Huanghekou National Park. Optimize the landscape of land space protection, ensuring that 1222 environmental control units in the Yellow River Basin of Shandong Province fully implemented the "three-wire one".

Promote key tributation to build a "one rheet of a wetland", which significantly improves the ecological face of the basin.

The second is to deepen the prevention and control of pollution. Implement a new round of "four minus four-income" action plans, resolutely curb the "two high" projects blindly horses, and implement the decontamination and decreased carbon coordination. Implement the urban rain sematching flow pipe network, black odor "two clear" projects and sewage treatment plants.

Grasping the use of human and animal stains and straw in the Yellow region, in 2023, comprehensively eliminating the rural black yards in the Yellow River Basin of Shandong Province.

Carry out the environmental comprehensive management of the river road and the beach area of ??the Yellow River, and the 6037 voltages in the Yellow River Basin of the province have established a one, establish a file, strengthen control, and complete the completion of the 2023 year. The third is to drive biodiversity recovery. In-depth implementation of the Biodiversity Survey of 9 biodiversity in the Yellow River Delta (2021-12030) ", and 2022. Implementation of United Nations Development Program Biodiversity Financial Program, exploring financial systems that facilitate constructing biodiversity protection. Building an Oriental White Pelican, Knife (Yellow River Soldier), Biological Diversity of Wild Soy Output Plants, Improve River Delta Biodiversity.

Song Ji Bao said: "We firmly believe that by implementing the provincial party decision The laurel, full of vitality, and vitality. "

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