Travel European Chinese Chinese hot discussion 19th Sixth Plenary Session: The ancestors (biusing) have made us more

[Font:] China New Network Beijing November 15th (Jin Xu) The sixth plenary meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China ended successfully, this is an important meeting with midburns, and the overseas Chinese are widely concerned. .

Multi-traverse-European overseas Chinese said that in order to start, in the future, it is believed that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the ancestors (births) are growing and prosperous, bringing more development opportunities.

  Gaulin, the President of the European Tongxiang and Chamber of Commerce, said that the 19th Sixth Plenary is an extremely important meeting with great historical conference.

As a part of the Chinese children, overseas Chinese needs to work with the people of all ethnic groups in the country, and they are brave, and courageous, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the great revival of the Chinese nation.

  "The new blueprint is inspired, the new journey is in a hurry. Historical Sichuan flows endless, the spirit of the spirit of the Fujian Chamber of Commerce, said Guo Zhuo Ming, the executive president of Germany, said that although in overseas, the overseas Chinese Plenary is full of expectations, for the Chinese Communist Party The great history and the achievements of the ancestors (born) countries are very proud, I believe this meeting will open a new mileage for China.

  Li Jing, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce in Northeast Europe and Chamber of Commerce, said Li Jing, the president of the Beijing Chamber of Commerce, "" In the overseas, my body will go to the Chinese nation to stand up, to the rich, and then the extraordinary journey, generation of overseas generation Overseas have played their own unique role, enthusiastic support for the development and construction of the ancestors, adhere to the peaceful unity of maintaining the ancestors (biusing), in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. "Italy (China) North Hua Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Italy Liaoning Overseas Chinese He Chunxian, director of the Chinese Association Preparatory Meeting, said that the Sixth Plenary Session will be encouraged by overseas Chinese, and it feels excited. In the face of the superimposed impact of the world’s hundred years of unrequited changes and new coronal pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese Communist Party coincides with two major internationalities, co-ordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and overcoming a variety of serious natural disasters, the party and national undertakings have also obtained New major achievements.

The ancestor (biusing) is increasingly strong, so that overseas Chinese are frowning.

  Yan Shuai, Vice President of the Finnish Chinese Friendship, said that in the face of sudden new coronal pneumonia epidemics, China’s series of epidemic prevention measures are effective, reflecting the party and the country’s "people-centered" development philosophy.

"Whenever, the motherland has always been the mountains of overseas Chinese. We must actively play their own advantages, talk about Chinese stories, establish a Chinese good image, actively participate in domestic construction, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." Director of the Executive President of China’s Peace Rehabilitation Association said that the meeting was comprehensively shoulders the great mission of the pre-inquiry, and it reflected the high political consciousness of the Chinese Communist Party attached to and be good at using the historical law, and remembered the initial mission, and the confidence and confidence. Watch.

At the same time, the publication of the publication of the Party Central Committee has adopted a series of initiatives to adhere to the "one country and two systems", and firmly implement the "Patriot Governor".

I believe that Hong Kong can follow the pace of the development of the country and have a better prospect.

  Zhang Danyang, secretary general of the European Northeast Tongxiang and Chamber of Commerce, from the past 100 years, from the end of the year, from a small to large, from weak to strong, the Chinese Communist Party leads the people from a victory to another victory, I believe you will lead the future All Chinese children win more great and greet in the new era.


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