Shanxi Du Railway Changyuan River Bridge Double Line River Bridge due to heavy rain flood

  The Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan October 14 (Reporter Xu Xiong) reporter learned from the China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

The railway department said that after the double line of the Nong Tong Pu Railway is opened, the operation order of each train will gradually be recovered. On October 6th, the bridge end of the Changyuan River Bridge in the Nanshan Pu Railway, the Nanshan Bridge in Yanxian, Yanxian, Shanxi Province, was heated, and the sleeper is suspended, contacting the net, Nantong Pu Railway, two-way lines Interrupt driving. After the danger, the railway department immediately launched an emergency plan, set up a site rescue headquarters, accumulating more than 9,000 personnel, 205 large-scale rescue equipment, and quickly organized the implementation of rescue.

The repair personnel overcome the river water, the work is narrow, the weather is cold, the rainfall, the stone transportation is difficult, and the day and night are struggling, and the uplink line is smoothly robbed at 21:20 on the 8th; In addition to filled the road, the rails are also stored, and the contact retriever is returned, and the bridge pier is reinforced, it is finally rushed on the 14th. (Finish).

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