Promote Asia-Pacific prosperity and win-win in open development

  On November 12th, President Xi Jinping pointed out when Beijing in Beijing, attended the Asia-Pacific OECD informal meeting and issued an important speech, to promote the implementation of 2040 vision, build open inclusive, innovative growth, interconnection, Cooperate a win – win situation in the Community.

Xi Jinping’s speech, "promotes the economic recovery of the epidemic, realizing the common prosperity of the Asia-Pacific people and the future generation", in order to promote the unity and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, mutual benefit and common prosperity indicated the direction.

  Many people in the Asia-Pacific region are the most growing and potential areas of the world, located in the forefront of the world economy. Since last year, new crown pneumonia epidemics spread globally, threatening the health and life safety of the Asia-Pacific people, and has caused serious impact on the social and economic development in the Asia-Pacific region.

In the face of various challenges, open is the lifeline of Asia-Pacific cooperation. Whether it is promoting global cultural affinity and economic recovery, or the Epperpacity of the Asia-Pacific region, members of the Asia-Pacific members need to open the banner, adhere to open cooperation, open innovation, and open share.

  First, members of Asia Pacific should adhere to open cooperation. To defeat the epidemic as soon as possible, it is the most important task of current Asia Pacific members. To this end, the level of prevention and control cooperation should be further enhanced, promote vaccine development, production, fair distribution to ensure the availability and aggressive of vaccines in developing countries, bridge the "immune divide", and strive to promote the Asia-Pacific region and global epidemic situation Control achievement greater results; at the same time, it is necessary to actively expand the opening, advance trade and investment liberalization, maintaining the stable industrial chain supply chain, ensuring that the Asia-Pacific region continues to be the world’s most vibrant and interoperable regional economy, and achieve linkage development . Second, members of Asia Pacific should adhere to open innovation. Today, the world’s situation is serious, and the new round of scientific revolution and industrial change is a history of significant breakthroughs, and global challenges are highlighted.

All parties should work together to build an open, fair, fair, non-discrimination, and strive to break the barriers of the liquidity of innovative elements such as knowledge, technology, talents, and promote international technology exchange cooperation with more open thinking and initiatives. Promote technology with economics and economic depth to promote development, support enterprises to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation, and strengthen innovation achievements. To strengthen intellectual property protection, rather than engage in knowledge blocking, manufacturing and even expand the scientific and technological divide.

  Again, members of the Asia Pacific should adhere to open sharing.

Today, in today’s rapid development, everyone has developed together, and sustainable development is good development.

All parties should bring real benefits and more healthy well-being, benefiting from regional people; support global cooperation, responding to climate change, extreme weather, natural disasters, etc. Challenge, we will build our sustainable planet; jointly maintained the international order based on the United Nations Charter, adhere to the core value and basic principles of the multilateral trade system, and increase the support for the least developed countries, and build a balance Development models, let the Asia-Pacific people and even the people around the world share open development results, working hard for the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

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