Performance reform to enterprise management into new vitality

This newspaper (Reporter Zou Mingqiang correspondent Xie Jiang Gao Hong Cao Min) "Basic Wage + Performance Advantageous" Performance Assessment has promoted the reform of Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield Assets Management Center. From this year to now, the center has been optimized by human resources, and 61 external employees are reduced. The asset management personnel will decrease in approximately half; the income of employee is significantly increased, and the value of asset preservation is strong.

Ou Lin, the head of the PCs, the Ministry of Pine Guest House, Sinopec, Jianghan Oilfield Asset Management Center, said they in accordance with the principle of "timely feedback, continuous incentive", according to the principle of "timely feedback, continuous incentives", and employees can know every day. How much is the performance income on the same day.

The new performance appraisal allows everyone to become "I want to do" into the "I want to do", and inject new vitality into management. In order to achieve the value added value of state-owned assets, in September 2020, Jianghan Oilfield established an Asset Management Management Center as an asset operation management of oil field.

More than 100 employees should manage more than 8,000 business assets and must have corresponding management methods and measures. To this end, the center is focused on the performance appraisal, and the enthusiasm of mobilizing various departments, the operation of each project team, and launches the new implementation rules, so that the performance appraisal is truly "baton" to improve human resources management.

Performance assessment insists on tilt to the creative department, key position, on-site first-line, with fewer people to manage more assets, maximize human resources, tap more assets.

Asset Management Network is a first-line position, the asset management is good, the effectiveness is not high and the netcher has direct relationship. The number of mener performance salary and the rental contract is signed, and the rent collection is hooked.

This guidance mesher not only wants to rent out assets, but also rent a good price.

In response to the influence of the Jingzhou Four Factory Comprehensive Market, the bocal tenant lost one-third, the head of the peripheral project team, Cai Xueming led the netbook Chen Jiazhen and Chen Chunli actively looking for business super, farmer’s market management team and strength merchants for overall rents, and finally I introduced the right merchant to the station, realizing the asset operation to be lost, and the total cost is 330,000 yuan per year.

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