The 8 cities in the Chengdu Plain Economic Zone jointly promoted straw ban

  Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Suining, Leshan, Meishan, Ya’an, Zhengyang 8 municipal government signed an agreement to jointly promote the burning and comprehensive utilization of straw and comprehensive utilization of Chengdu Plain Economic Area. In terms of strengthening regional inspection law enforcement cooperation, the eight cities will carry out cross-regional straw breeze joint inspection law enforcement in adjacent areas, fully utilize advanced technological means such as drone, satellite remote sensing, strengthen straw damping supervision, and find timely discovery Investigate the illegal act of open-air incineration straw, supervising the implementation of the ban on the ban. In terms of strengthening environmental quality information exchange cooperation between regional environmental quality information, 8 municipalities will formulate regional environmental quality information sharing systems, establishing regional environmental information notification mechanisms such as air pollution due to open-air incineration straw, and timely notify regional major environmental information.

  Strengthening the comprehensive use of straw, turning waste into treasure, is the foundation of eliminating straw incineration. According to reports, in recent years, Sichuan food production continuous harvest, crop straw production has also increased year by year, as of now, Sichuan’s straw theoretical resources 36.83 million tons, can collect resources 30.9 million tons, including 8 city straw in Chengdu Plain Economic Zone The theoretical resources are 14.23 million tons, and the resources can be collected by 12 million tons, accounting for nearly 40% of the province.

  Comprehensive use of straw.

  It is reported that in recent years, the Chengdu Plain Economic Zone has introduced various policies, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw continues to increase.

In 2019, Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Suining, Leshan, Meishan, Ya’an, the comprehensive utilization rate of Ziyang straw reached%,%,%,%,%,%,%,%, 8 city overall integrated interest rates reached 93%, high The level of 91% in the province.

  Chengdu: 6-level banned bag, strengthen the inspection of the inspection of the straw banned anti-linkage, Chengdu construction "comprehensive coverage, grid clear, grading management, hierarchy, responsible, responsible to people" menstruation management system, At the same time, it is established "City-County-Town-Village-Group-House", the six-level banned burner inspection supervision system and emergency management system will focus on the inspection of key regions such as urban super-wind direction, adjacent areas.

  Deyang: Union Mianyang Suining, Strengthening Regional Association Defense Control This year, Deyang City, Jianyang City, signed "Notice on Strengthening the Comprehensive Burning Work of Key Areas", clearing the key area, unifying burn requirements, establishing the city, county And the three-level joint inspection mechanism. In June last year, in the United Mianyang City, Suining City signed the "Atmospheric Pollution Control Association and Prevention Association Agreement", with the district and counties of Mianyang and Suining, the town (township) jointly carried out straw bumps. In 2020, the Deyang set up 6 municipal supervision teams, more than 200 county-level inspection teams, 3,800 towns (hometown), group patrols, basically eliminated the phenomenon of straw open incineration.

  Mianyang: 17 departments linkage, improvement of banned work system on April 25, Mianyang City is based on the 2021 ozone pollution prevention and control attacking and straw breeze work video session, clarifying the body’s responsibility and ecology of party committees at all levels The job responsibilities of 17 industry departments including the environment, agricultural rural areas, and the requirements of open-air incineration throughout the year, the whole domain, and full-time period, and further improve the banned work system.

  Leshan: Strictly prevent spring farming "first fire" and "junction area burning fire" Leshan City organizes more than 1,300 straw inspections, effectively woven straw against burning supervision grid. Since April, more than 4,000 inspections have been accumulated, and 7 of the penalties, and the incineration of the incineration of the educational open air.

At present, Leshan built 27 sets of straw banned video surveillance systems, and realizes 24 hours monitoring in key areas.

  Meishan: "Empty World Car Man" all-roundly monitored Meishan City Comprehensive Application Science and Technology Means, and realizes "empty space car" all-round monitoring. At present, 324 atmospheric microscopic monitoring points have been built, each micro-site is equipped with a grid, and the effective interaction and whole field coverage are implemented. Newly purchased particulate laser radar navigation car real-time monitoring, combined with satellite remote sensing, drone, ground microcontroller, and realizing precision control of straw bumps.

In 2020, the environmental air quality of the county in Meishan City has reached the national secondary standard, and it entered the rules of the standard city. Suining: Guidelines for the development of the production subject to develop the circular agriculture Suining will use one of the most direct and effective ways to deal with straw, guide the production subject to develop circular agriculture, and build 20 large-scale straw use enterprises, and straw use cooperatives 65. In 2020, the city implemented the subsidy fund 10,000 yuan.

  Ya’an: In October 2020, the national ranking first according to the National Ecological Environment Department, in January, 2020, in 168 key cities across the country, in Ya’an City, September, October monthly ranking Less the country, second, first, respectively.

In 2020, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in Ya’an has reached 91%, fully completed the target task. At the same time, Ya’an City, the county has established a special supervision of straw bicycles (inspections and visits) groups, and implemented "daily guestrictions, weekly news, periodic merchants, monthly reports". Qianyang: "Blocking" "Squak" combined, build a "banned" defense line, rigorous law enforcement supervision, handling the roof of incineration straw behavior, "First Fire" party from the review department, forming effective shock, building a ban Anti-line.

In 2020, Jianyang City has struggled to invest more than 2,300,000 yuan for straw "five-way utilization", the whole city’s comprehensive utilization rate, increased by nearly 2% year-on-year. (Li Tingyu).

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