Pudong Development Bank Changsha Branch Tour Guidance Group promoted party history learning education

People’s Daily Network Changsha November 10th Power Party History Learning Education, Pudong Development Bank Changsha Branch pumped 10 comrades to set up five party history learning education tour guidance group (hereinafter referred to as "guidance group"), carrying out patrol guidance for the jurisdiction.

The guidance team strives to be a "three", "the" guideller "" inspector "" demonstration ", strengthens the tour guidance. At present, the full coverage of 34 party branches has been implemented, promoting the implementation of the subject responsibility of the party branches, doing due diligence, urge non-packaged, guiding the leadership, helps not replace, good results.

First, when the "guideller" deployed by the higher level. As a leading group of Shanghai Changsha Branch of Shanghai Changsha Branch, the guidance group is coordinated with the party branch, and strives to make a first step, learn a deep layer, and the members of the guidance team consciously learn about the important speech of party history learning education, important instruction spirit , Seriously study and read the total, branch "Party History Learning Education Implementation Plan" and other documents, and learn to understand, and then carry out tour guidance.

The tour guidance group continues to enhance the skills of supervising the supervision and work, and make a good conduction for the insidic guide to ensure that the problem is discovered, and the guidance is improved.

The tour guidance group and the party branches often communicate, timely, punish, guide, take the initiative to help the idea, want to countermeasures, and promote the guidance, to guide the service, do not include the office, in place is not available, Help not add chaos, truly transfer the pressure, and transfer the superior deployment requirements. Second, it is a good "supervisor" from strict.

The guidance group strictly works quality, for the problems of the guided branch, criticism criticism, and the situation is directly connected to "one hand", and require limited time rectification. Dare to be a public, sang a black face, a leading cadre who pays attention to the degree of importance, reminding the notification of the notification, for example, reminding a part to report the work of the party history to study and work in time.

The guidance group refines the guidance and measures to promote all tasks to grasp, go to the real, go to the depths, ensure that they do not leave, no form, and achieve real results. The third is to be a "demonstrator" at the above rate. The tour guidance group put its own construction, with higher standards, better style, better image, and actively actively and effectively carry out tourism work.

Take the lead in the requirements of grassroots reduction, always tighten the string of wind, strictly abide by political discipline, political rules, and other discipline regulations, strictly abide by the spirit of the central provisions of the Central Committee, and effectively carry forward the party’s fine style. During the tour guidance work, there is something to leave, do not leave the post, every time you carry out the on-site tour guidance, you have seriously formulate work programs, clear work tasks, do not engage in formism, do not do surface articles, do not increase the grassroots burden, with rigorous and pragmatic Work style, establish a good image of the tour guidance group. (Zhao Shusheng) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see client download.

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